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Many hardware developers sadly don't provide official drivers for Linux, even when they do there's no decent interface for them. One user got "sick" of Razer's "lack of Linux support for laptops" so they made their own driver.

The Razer Laptop Control Project was created from this, with a focus on Razer laptops fan and power mode modifications and to eventually do everything Razer Synapse does but on Linux. While there is already Openrazer, that has a focus on the RGB lighting. We may also see RGB controls being added to this project too, according to what the developer has said. They've already been able to recreate Razer's "ambient RGB mode", which they showed off in a video and it actually looks very cool:

Video credit: the project developer.

Fantastic to see the community build up drivers where the official vendor has not, like with CM-RGB for controlling the AMD Wraith Prism RGB colouring on Linux.

It's amazing what some people can do.

Hat tip to nuudlz in Discord.

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TheSHEEEP Jan 7, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Awesome that someone from the community does it.
Sad that someone from the community has to do it.

On Razer, though: Are their products actually worth it?
From what I can see, their peripherals might be, but the actual laptops and desktops you could get way cheaper without the Razer branding.

Last edited by TheSHEEEP on 7 January 2020 at 4:28 pm UTC
nuudlz Jan 7, 2020
Quoting: TheSHEEEPOn Razer, though: Are their products actually worth it?

as you already said you can get notebooks with similiar hardware configurations. That being said is that Razer Blades come with their own specialties. They have a high built quality and look pretty sleek. I own one myself and especially in business environments they dont look weird like Alienware for example does.

But ye - they also have their downsides. I'd say: If you feel it, you'll feel it. If not, they're just expensive. :D
Corben Jan 7, 2020
Wasn't it Razer who wanted to create the best Linux gaming laptop some time ago, but went completely silent on that?

Oh yeah, it was reported here on GoL...
Cyril Jan 7, 2020
Quoting: CorbenWasn't it Razer who wanted to create the best Linux gaming laptop some time ago, but went completely silent on that?

Oh yeah, it was reported here on GoL...

QuoteWell - we're looking at it and we're inviting all Linux enthusiasts to weigh in at the new Linux Corner on Insider to post feedback, suggestions and ideas on how we can make it the best notebook in the world that supports Linux.

Well... ahah.
riddley Jan 7, 2020
Are they worth it? No. I've purchased 2 Blade laptops and both died very premature deaths. They also sounded like jets when playing any game. Obscenely loud.
BrazilianGamer Jan 7, 2020
Amazing job indeed
ElectricPrism Jan 8, 2020
Their keyboards are a low quality plastic that shine after use and really wear and tear hard.

As someone who has the money to virtually buy anything the "Visual Coolness" factor of Razer is the only appeal IMO. I am convinced their prepherals are close to shit.

I write this on a Ducky next to a DeathAdder Elite and let me tell you it has had all kinds of USB errors clogging up my DMESG -- it was worth the sale price of $30 I paid for it but my BenQ ZOWIE FK1 honestly outshines it in all mechanical areas other than visually.

Considering their laptops I assume are Nvidia only, that would be a strong reason for me also to not buy their products considering the AMD graphics are just so much nicer to use on Linux aswell.
tonR Jan 9, 2020
Not for me but perfectly great for Linux gamers and RGB enthusiasts. Still, kudos to devs.

Kinda off-topic:
Speaking about Razer, I've never buy any of their physical product (Mouse, KB etc.). But, I always use their e-wallets (a.k.a micropayment), Razer Pay in daily basis like to buy/order food, Grab (formerly Uber), online shopping, and regularly top-up my mobile phones (yep, I got 3 phone numbers) since Mac/April 2019 instead of went to hawker/groceries to buy top-up slip. Even many brick-and-mortar shops nowadays encourage customers using e-wallets.

Also, speaking of micropayment/e-wallet situation in Malaysia. "loanstreet.com.my" have perfect meme/picture on what's going on.

iiari Jan 9, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: CorbenWasn't it Razer who wanted to create the best Linux gaming laptop some time ago, but went completely silent on that?

Oh yeah, it was reported here on GoL...
I was thinking the exact same thing. I remember posting on those official Razer forums about that too...
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