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Hello Games continue fixing up Linux issues for No Man's Sky in Steam Play

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While not available for Linux, No Man's Sky can be run through Steam Play and it appears Hello Games continue to keep an eye on it.

In a recent article, I highlighted the fact that the developer put in a fix for SteamVR on Linux even though the game is not supported there. Not only that, NVIDIA (certain generations anyway) needed a fix applied to get it working properly.

Here we are less than a month later and it appears that manual fix for NVIDIA is no longer needed. Not just that, their latest experimental update released yesterday notes that it fixed "a Linux driver issue.". If you wish to try it, use the password "3xperimental" on the Beta tab of the games properties on Steam.

After my testing, I can confirm at least for me the game seems to work quite a bit better. I've actually been able to stick a few settings one notch higher with the game looking better and still performing well above 60FPS the majority of the time.

Very interesting. While they're not the first developer to tweak and fix for Steam Play, they are the biggest I've seen so far keep an eye on it and actively seem to try and make it better for us. This pleases me. Support is the biggest and most important factor, regardless of how you play games on Linux you're paying just like anyone else.

If you plan to pick up a copy for Steam Play, it's on Humble Store and Steam.

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Corben 13 Sep, 2019
This is so cool! Time to sink more time into it :D
Thank you so much Hello Games.

I'm just wondering though, do they know that lots of Linux gamers are playing No Mans Sky, or did e.g. Valve approach them?
RichardYao 13 Sep, 2019
Steam gives statistics on which platforms are generating sales. As for the driver issue, I recall an nvidia engineer saying something on discord about trying to contact them about the issue.
Kohrias 13 Sep, 2019
Nice! Highly appreciated!
scaine 13 Sep, 2019
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And Steam Play sales are confirmed to count as Linux sales, so the platform stats should be fairly accurate for purchases too.

I might dip back into this game. It's a huge amount of fun and ran flawlessly (literally) under Steam Play last I tried it. I have about 40 hours already.
KuJo 13 Sep, 2019
I already sunk 81 hours on the game. And there is so much more possible now after the Beyond-Update. I might double the time. :)
FurbyOnSteroid 13 Sep, 2019
Well the new build makes mesa-aco crash it seems like. As soon as it's done loading into a world, the screen stays white for a bit before it crashes the gpu. Tried many things but it seems to be an experimental build issue here. Other games run fine and even the stable build doesn't seem to have issues here. Hm.

mesa-aco 19.3 btw

EDIT: Alright, after a bit more testing it seems to be a proton 4.11-3 (and perhaps older versions) issue. If I use the Proton-GE 4.15-4 version, the game loads just fine. Maybe the next proton release will fix that.

Last edited by FurbyOnSteroid on 13 September 2019 at 10:59 am UTC
einherjar 13 Sep, 2019
Does Multiplayer coop work well with steamplay?
Perhaps it is something that I can play with my son.

Is there any motivation in the game, to do things? Or is it just "Sandbox: Do something or not, doesn't really matter"?

And thanks hello games anyways. Support for Linux is always appreciated :-)
Corben 13 Sep, 2019
Quoting: einherjarDoes Multiplayer coop work well with steamplay?
Perhaps it is something that I can play with my son.
Yep, Multiplayer just works.

Quoting: einherjarIs there any motivation in the game, to do things? Or is it just "Sandbox: Do something or not, doesn't really matter"?
No Mans Sky has a story you can experience, and there are certain abilities you can learn and master. To be able to do certains things, you need to e.g. find or craft the materials first, and to be able to get those you need to do other things first etc.
It depends on if you like exploring a lot, as imho most of No Mans Sky fascination is coming from exploration.
Also there is a lot of hidden lore, and even more with the latest update, which is not obvious at all. But iirc if you once made it to the center of the galaxy the "story" is over (I didn't complete it yet, so don't take my word for it).
Nanobang 13 Sep, 2019
I'm actually worried that if I buy No Man's Sky I'll never play anything else ever again. Their improving the Linux performance isn't helping. :P

Last edited by Nanobang on 13 September 2019 at 12:09 pm UTC
autonomouse 13 Sep, 2019
I've been desperate to try this on my valve index, but VR just does not work (starts on desktop instead of on headset). Sooo annoying, especially when I keep hearing how great is supposed to be. Please don't make me reinstall Windows Hello Games, please!
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