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'HOOK' [Steam] is a game created by a single developer who was also responsible of another puzzler called 'klocki' (GOL article here). It has both overall and recent 'overwhelmingly positive' reviews by Steam users.

The premise is extremely simple: by pressing a series of buttons (the dark circles) you will pull the rods attached to them via the strings, and once you do this with every one of them you'll finish the level. But the challenge comes from choosing the correct order: you'll be exercising a lot your perception and attention to detail, because if you're sloppy the mechanism will get stuck and you'll need to restart the level. If I had to risk an analogy, basically it's like disassembling a device.


I must say that at the very beginning I thought the concept of the game was going to be extremely simple and boring, but by the tenth level it not only proved me wrong, but also I was completely hooked with it (no pun intended). There is something completely satisfying about hearing that particular sound when you manage to successfully remove a rod from the level, and the fact that it completely vanishes from the screen gives you a great notion of progress.

Also, if by this point you aren't still convinced to give it a try, you can check the prototypical version on Kongregate, where you can play 25 levels for free. Therefore, along with the 50 levels of the paid version, you'll have roughly one and a half hour of addictive fun, and by the end, I can assure that you'll wish it had a level editor to keep extending the lifespan of the game...

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Leopard 25 Jun, 2017
I've grabbed it from Google Play Store yesterday for free. That is fun
no_information_here 25 Jun, 2017
I played this a few months ago. I thought it was great.

There is always a balance for puzzle games to keep it challenging but not frustrating. I thought the dev did a good job with that.
MayeulC 25 Jun, 2017
As a (student) electronics engineer, I must say that this picture looks both very familiar and very alien

I'll be sure to check it out one of these days!
natewardawg 25 Jun, 2017
I played this game about a year ago. It was a lot of fun and one of the more relaxing puzzle games of it's kind. It's also an easy 100% achievements if you're into that sort of thing.
Janne 26 Jun, 2017
Um, not for me. Played through the Kongregate version now. There's just no challenge; you can walk through the levels in less than ten minutes. The only trick is getting the timing right for a few levels, but that feels less like a puzzle and more like a simple reaction game.

The visual design is great. I just wish there was more of an actual, well, _puzzle_ to it.
khalismur 26 Jun, 2017
Great puzzle game for relaxed sessions.

Last edited by khalismur on 26 June 2017 at 7:45 am UTC
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