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Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN

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This is rather unsettling to see, Humble Bundle has now officially joined with the massive media site IGN.

A small cut from their official announcement:

Announcing our biggest bundle ever: Humble Bundle is proudly joining the IGN family! We will continue to bring you all of our humble products, but with more resources and help from IGN.

I'm not entirely sure why Humble needed to join with anyone, considering the amount of money they were pulling in they must have been pretty secure. I'm sure they have their reasons, but something about this doesn't feel right to me. A media company controlling one of the biggest online stores and an occasional games publisher, it feels like a conflict there.

Gamasutra has reported that IGN executive VP Mitch Galbraith said that they don't plan to change anything, "If it's not broken, don't fix it", but then John Graham from Humble said "We want to stick to the fundamentals in the short term.", the key there is "short term". How long will it be until IGN start throwing a bit of weight around to change things up?

In the end though, it could end up being positive. There's no denying how big IGN is, so their extra resources could well help out Humble in a lot of ways.

Honestly, I would be really surprised now if we ever saw a proper Humble Indie Bundle again, I certainly doubt that Humble would ever be getting Linux games ported like they used to. We are more likely to see even more bundles from bigger publishers, likely more console bundles too.

See the full announcement from Humble here. How do you feel about this?

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WorMzy 13 Oct, 2017
*shrug* I've refused to buy anything from HumbleBundle since the Giana Sisters fiasco.
YourPalMark 13 Oct, 2017
Sad indeed.
Liam Dawe 13 Oct, 2017
"This game is an 11/10, by the way here's a link to the game on our store page" -

How long before something resembling that happens eh...
voyageur 13 Oct, 2017
Sad is the only word indeed :/ Well, that sorts out my hesitations on trying the monthly bundle…

(that and checking out how to close the account when things turn IGN)
PublicNuisance 13 Oct, 2017
I will keep my eye on things as most will. If they continue to give me a place to purchase DRM free Linux games then I will shop there but if they cease to do that then I will take my business to GOG and Itch as I already do since no one place has every game I want.
Hamish 13 Oct, 2017
Last Humble Bundle I bought was Humble Indie Bundle 14 back in 2015, with my interest in them having already dwindled well before then. For me they stopped being a large part of my gaming life a long time ago. And I used to buy every Humble Indie Bundle they produced.
harfield 13 Oct, 2017
And that my friends is why I'm still supporting Steam... I was always very skeptical about this "humble-charity" background... In the end they just want the maximum amount of money they can grab and that's about it! So when they were small, they were pro indie / Linux games, pay what you want crap and so on, now the bundles are just another way to present sales...
rea987 13 Oct, 2017
Expectation: Now they can seriously invest more for DRM-Free, cross-platform gaming with all fresh additional resources they have.

Reality: Humble Bundle Windows app for wider DRM implementation.
Beemer 14 Oct, 2017
Games reporting site buys gaming store site. Gee - minor conflict of interest perhaps? Is this the start of GamerGate v2.0? 14 Oct, 2017
I am sad.
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