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Humble Indie...Store?

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So the web has been abuzz with news of Humble Bundle doing a Humble Indie Store.

If i may direct you to a few-ish links; - click preorder - look down - I even saw that one before, I didn't put it all together!

Basically put<namehere> from any bundle and good chance the game will be available to buy.

Or try this in google "site:" and be surprised.

You can see there that you can buy the single games directly, yes even steel storm is up there (Alex aka motostep isn't very fond of the HIB guys anymore after his inclusion in one of the bundles..maybe this will cheer him up a bit?).

While apparently Humble has always provided a widget for selling games when you buy a game it all changes now to Humble Store according to IndieGameMag who tested it by buying a game. They contacted Jeff from Humble and got this response;
QuoteThe Humble Store is something we are working on

Also if I can direct your attention to these two links;
Looks like Trine 2 is gearing up for release soon!
This little number called English Country Tune currently only says Windows and Mac, is that the way it's going to be from now on, cross platform meaning more than 1 and not all 3 of us? Haven't seen this one before either so here's a trailer;
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And Splot doesn't say it's a beta so hopefully that is also gearing up for a release!

Over time it will be opened up to more and more developers it seems they are giving it a slow roll out, chances are we will see the Humble Store this year though.

While it may look like it's new news, one of our members actually predicted this will happen! This was in the chatbox/shoutbox/thing.
QuoteDec 20, 2011 - KIAaze:
2012: bundle of all previous bundles with minimum price? Humble shop? Humble steam/desura-like client?

Well done KIAaze you time travelling monkey!

So what does everyone think to this? Do you think it has the capability to put Desura and Gameolith out of business? Article taken from
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Cheeseness 11 Jan, 2012
It possibly has the capability, but I fear it wouldn't be healthy for Linux gaming...
Liam Dawe 11 Jan, 2012
What makes you think it won't be healthy for Linux Gaming? I still prefer [URL='']Desura[/URL] and [URL='']Gameolith[/URL] since I don't have a separate email for every game I have, i have a single login that displays all.
motorsep 11 Jan, 2012
Is it a joke? How can they sell Steel Storm for $9.99 and not pay Kot-in-Action!? Sounds like a damn lawsuit to me.
rioninja 11 Jan, 2012
I dunno about this. Personally, I'm sticking with Desura. There are already a handful of web stores that feature Linux games, such as Gamolith and Indivania. Some people like to purchase games that way, and I think it just comes down to preference, but I like the idea of having a client to manage everything. I think this is why Steam is so popular on Windows, despite the million other game stores out there. I think there is more than enough room for both types of business models to co-exist. I seem to remember one developer saying that his sales on Desura had no negative effect on his direct website sales, and I think it makes sense.

There is one thing that troubles me about the Humble Store though. There has been a lot of hinting that the HIB guys are asking for exclusivity from developers, which I think is pretty rotten if true. A lot of developers that have taken part in recent bundles have been strangely silent when asked about other distribution methods.
Bumadar 11 Jan, 2012
sounds like alex did not know about this at all........
motorsep 11 Jan, 2012
nope, I didn't. I just went over the HIB3 agreement and there is nothing that gives them power to be selling SS:BR on their store nor including it into any other promotions or bundles.
motorsep 11 Jan, 2012
alright, just purchased my own game through HIB store to have a proof of transaction. HIB is in big shit now.
Jeffrey Rosen 11 Jan, 2012
Hey there, some of those stores are intended to be private -- they were automatically created for all games in the Humble Bundle so that we could approach various developers to show them a Humble Store widget.

motorsep: I am working on refunding your purchase of your game, which is the only unknown purchase that I could find.

We certainly are not intending on selling your game without your permission.
Jeffrey Rosen 11 Jan, 2012
Quoting: "rioninja, post: 3085"There is one thing that troubles me about the Humble Store though. There has been a lot of hinting that the HIB guys are asking for exclusivity from developers, which I think is pretty rotten if true.

This is not true at all. We have had support for OnLive, Direct2Drive, Desura, Steam, and maybe another service I am forgetting.
Brandon Smith 11 Jan, 2012
Yea I figured there was no intentional foul play there. Would have seemed out of character to try to hurt an indie dev like that.
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The comments on this article are closed.