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Indie Developer Threatens Gabe Newell, Game Removed From Steam

By Just Burt - | Views: 21,821
UPDATE: Mike has quit Code Avarice due to his tweets, so now hopefully it will be possible for the game to come back to Steam. No need to punish a whole team for one persons mistakes who longer has anything to do with the game.

Original Article Below
In a case of common sense going out the Window, Mike Maulbeck developer of the game Paranautical Activity that was only just released in full on Steam has been a bit of an idiot. I only sent word to GamingOnLinux last night about the game being released, and now I'm sending word about this.

He may have removed the tweet, but the internet saw it, screenshot it, and sent it to Valve who quickly cancelled relations with the developer and removed his game for sale. Probably not the best idea with his screen-name mentioning murder either.

There have been plenty more tweets about this, but this confirmed PA is gone:

Welp. PA no longer on steam. I'm done making videogames now. It sucked while it lasted.

— Mike Murderbeck (@SpooderW) October 20, 2014

Personally I wasn't a big fan anyway, since the developer decided to call it quits and cut off the big feature list it was supposed to have. To then idiotic (let's call it what it is) outbursts like this is not what we need.

Threats, even ones people don't mean just shouldn't be made. What ever happened to common sense? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


Mike Murderbeck (@SpooderW) October 20, 2014

All of this because Paranautical Activity's carousel banner section on Steam said "Now in Early Access" instead of "Now released". Valve are a company, made up of humans. Humans make mistakes, so to then go on a twitter rampage and say you're going to kill Gabe...*sigh*.

Source Article, also thanks to the comments on my other article pointing the situation out. What a shame.

For anyone still interested, it's on Desura & from the developers directly. Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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GoCorinthians Oct 21, 2014
Steam dayONE FTW! lmao...no more! No Steam no deal!
Styromaniac Oct 21, 2014

We're superhuman.
flesk Oct 21, 2014
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  • Contributing Editor
I get that he's frustrated but given recent events I really don't think that any sane person should be writing death treats on the internet. Regardless of their intentions.
toor Oct 21, 2014
Metallinatus Oct 21, 2014
Well, what can I say? There are smart people, there are stupid people, and then, there is this guy....
Maokei Oct 21, 2014
Talk about shooting himself in the foot.
Morph Verse Oct 21, 2014
Owh grief!, this reminds me of Phil Fish going ragefest on gamers because people recorded his game on Youtube.

And suddenly he did not wanted to make a sequel of Fez because he felt unjustified.

But this guy!, what is going on here!..
pd12 Oct 21, 2014
Wait, does that mean my copy of PA just automatically uninstalls itself from Steam? NUUUU
dev, Y U NO THINK?

Oh wait, it was only < 300MB phew. And it's on HumbleBundle still.
I mean, I still have to try it properly after those Unity bugs got fixed in the upgraded Unity version a while back.
Eike Oct 21, 2014
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  • Supporter Plus
I don't feel this is about biting the hand that feeds you.
You shouldn't bite anyone's hand like this.
And no, it's not different on the internet.
lucifertdark Oct 21, 2014
I thought Phil Fish was the biggest dumb-ass I'd ever heard of but this guy takes the biscuit, he's lucky he's not looking at the walls of a prison cell right now & not just being viewed by the gaming world as a complete twit. :D
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The comments on this article are closed.