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At GOL we're big fans of community building and so sometimes it's good to give a shout out to others doing fantastic work for Linux gaming. Consider this your: "beginners guide to watching more Linux and gaming content across your favourite places".

Before getting into it, just a reminder that we are on both YouTube and Twitch - so be sure to click on those buttons to like, subscribe and give over your firstborn.

Every single one included in our lists below creates their content on Linux, so you should feel right at home if you're both new and old to the Linux community. Not all the channels cover just gaming so keep that in mind, we're just listing what we think do interesting work.

Here's a small curated list of YouTube channels worth following:

As for Twitch, for those of you who like to be part of something as it's happening here's a few good channels to watch as well:

Feel free to share others in the comments, articles like this are a good time to share some knowledge around and help others find something they might be missing.

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alexbrrsclnt Mar 10, 2020
For those who know Spanish (or want to learn :P), come to meet the little great community Jugando en Linux

A few links:
- Youtube
- Twitch

- leillo1975 youtube channel with lots of videos about Simracing
- Peka youtube channel with gaming and other stuff
- LordGault youtube channel also with linux gaming content
- GaultGame Twitch channel also linux gaming

Last edited by alexbrrsclnt on 10 March 2020 at 11:15 am UTC
dpanter Mar 10, 2020
A few more, mostly non-gaming. I'm mentioning these for the general purposes, things like BASH and coding can be very useful to the GoL audience even though they might not be directly gaming related.

tutoriaLinux 137k subs, 180 vids
DevOps, coding, guides, tips & tricks, things like that. Not super active uploader.
Youtube Description:
Spoiler, click me
Linux and Unix tutorial videos, ranging from basic Linux shell commands for beginners to videos plumbing the depths of the /proc filesystem, OS-virtualization, network security, and other topics for the aspiring professional System Administrator.

I started making these videos for a friend who was trying to learn the skills he needed to be a Linux sysadmin. Since then, I've expanded to cover even more topics, tools, theory, practical projects, and career advice.

I try to have a balanced mix of theory and practice, because neither extreme -- extreme theory and extreme practicality -- is useful:

- it's useless to know a bunch of commands without understanding the system underneath, and
- it's also useless to understand how everything works theoretically while being unable to apply any of that knowledge to solve real problems.

sneekylinux 9.3K subs, 1300+ vids
Looks at lots of different things, newcomer tips, distro tests, software tests, live streams, some games. An older gentleman, calm and relaxed. Really likes puppylinux.
Youtube Description:
Spoiler, click me
All things nice and Linux, and yes i do not have a computer that Use's windows, and i don't need one..super duper..

theurbanpenguin 60K subs, 1000+ vids
Tutorials, databases, coding, RedHat stuff. A seasoned veteran offering chill help getting into Linux in many areas.
Youtube Description:
Spoiler, click me
Welcome to the YouTube channel of The urban penguin. The Urban Penguin is your comprehensive provider for professional Linux software development, training and services. Every day decision makers are barraged with information on Windows vs. Open Source. Making a decision on which platform to bet your business on is a critical decision and significant investment. We offer industry-leading cost-effective business solutions using the Linux platform. World-renown Linux expert, Andrew Mallett, believes in the Open Source platform. Let The Urban Penguin help you make the best decisions for your software development and business needs.

edit: might as well mention that I stream now and then, super casual and totally sporadic. :P
dpanter Twitch

Last edited by dpanter on 10 March 2020 at 11:08 am UTC
Tchey Mar 10, 2020
Alright, i wanted to make a list for the french gamers...

I just noticed that i am the only one i know about with a channel for Linux games, in french. The ones on my list are all in english, i just checked. I am tiny, 500+ subs.

There are others in french, focused on Linux, but they do tuto, how to install Linux, Linux specific games like SuperTux...

Not simply "playing on Linux" in a large scale, like any other generic games channel. We do have several "indi games" channel in french, but they are NOT targeting Linux, just "indi games".

Last edited by Tchey on 10 March 2020 at 7:59 pm UTC
Zlopez Mar 10, 2020
  • Supporter Plus
I would recommend to use LBRY instead of youtube. I'm watching TLG and Lunduke on LBRY.
vipor29 Mar 10, 2020
My channel is Linux city deals with mostly gaming in Linux .link is on my bio
Bloombery Mar 10, 2020
For Russian players

Games for Linux
Games for Linux Youtube
LetZ PlayZ
gamer station on linux
PLAFON on youtube

Benchmark Winows vs Linux

Last edited by Bloombery on 10 March 2020 at 2:22 pm UTC
Sputnik_tr_02 Mar 10, 2020
Tyler's Tech is also worth looking into.

Dude reviews distros on real hardware and also focuses on the gaming aspect.
Cyril Mar 10, 2020
Quoting: TcheyNot simply "playing on Linux" in a large scale, like any other generic games channel. We do have several "indi games" channel in french, but they are targeting Linux, just "indi games".

You mean "they are not targeting Linux" right?
CJOR Mar 10, 2020
Sorry for the self promotion.
If you speak spanish and you have problems with gaming or streaming in GNU/Linux, maybe I can help you.
My Twitch channel is on my profile.
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