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LIMBO caused quite a stir when it was released for Linux being wrapped in a custom wine wrapper by Codeweavers, but that saga looks like it's coming to and end.

On SteamDB it has new info:
QuoteChanged App Config
launch/2/config/oslist: linux
launch/2/description: Launch
launch/2/executable: limbo

That's not all though, Icculus also posted to a now deleted post on reddit we have the image below:

Good news for full native fans, but the custom wine version actually worked fine for me.

Ryan Icculus GordonWe started on this way before 2014. This has actually been on the backburner for quite some time; Limbo is one of my favorite games ever, and I really wanted to get a non-Wine version of the game running.
I'm very happy with how the game is running at this point; I'm just waiting for final approval from Playdead to flip it to the public branch and replace the Wine version on
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hardpenguin 6 Jun, 2014
Quoting: liamdaweAlso to point this tweet out now:
QuoteDD and KF both have bugs that I intend to fix. Sanctum2 is still in beta, GoatSim hasn't shipped.
In icculus we trust :)
scaine 6 Jun, 2014
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Quoting: liamdaweIcculus would be paid to port yes, that doesn't mean he is paid to support it with any single bugfix and developers don't want to work for free. We all have bills to pay you know.

It is down to whoever hires Icculus to keep him on, it's not down to him, so you shouldn't blame him for buggy ports.

The problem is that Icculus' name is being associated with these horrible, sub-par experiences. I don't know what the commercials are between him and the companies asking him to port their games. As the customer, I don't actually care - I just want glaring, game-changing bugs to be fixed.

But that's not happening.

The tweet points to good news, but I'd love to know why he's intending on fixing those bugs. It's either because he's being paid to do so (in which case, why has it taken over a year?) or because he's worried about his reputation being associated to buggy games (in which case, how on earth did it get released in the state it was in the first place).

I love his work, as I say. It gives me access to game I couldn't otherwise play. But the polish is non-existent.
GoCorinthians 6 Jun, 2014
Good! Didnt played it at all, because wine got me hard!
GoCorinthians 6 Jun, 2014
berarma 6 Jun, 2014
This game played very well for me from the start despite being non-native, native should be even better.

Even in this nice case the wine wrappers still have a potential problem. It's an additional (big) layer of complexity that will fail at any moment even when it's been carefully packaged. I like to keep my games to play them again after some years. Wine games are more prone to stop working and they'll be harder to fix.

To those thinking that wrappers are good, I'd suggest developing only for GNU/Linux, then wrap the games for Windows. That way they can have the best of both world in Windows. We don't need so much goodness, just the native.
BillNyeTheBlackGuy 6 Jun, 2014
Yeah, I think I'll stick with the wine port instead. His DD port doesn't work well for me at all.
Hamish 6 Jun, 2014
These young punk kids complaining about icculus is actually rather insulting given the fact that HE MADE LINUX GAMING! Without him there would be no Valve, no Humble, no Indies, nothing. Zip. Zero. Period! Learn some history before slagging the man off, and actually go beyond your own little myopic existences and see the world around you.

And has already been said, it is really up to the developers themselves to keep engaging his services. For instance, he has been keeping his ports of Postal and Postal 2 updated for over a decade since RWS actually cares about their customers, including Linux and Mac users, and keeps bringing him in to port over updates. The over burdened comment may in fact be true however, especially since updating the Postal 2 port should be another thing on his list at the moment.

As for LIMBO, if this is indeed true and a native version appears in my Humble Library I might just take some time out of my life to play it.
scaine 6 Jun, 2014
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Young punk! From your profile, I think I'm older than you! Haha!

Seriously though, while I'm not disputing what Loki/Ryan contributed the past, I'm talking very specifically about my experiences with three recently ported games - Killing Floor, Dungeon Defenders and Sanctum 2.

And I stand by my comments. KF is shoddy, DD is shoddy. Sanctum 2 is shoddy. You might think past form cuts him slack? Maybe a bit, but three times in a row?

The guy is a legend, and I'm sure he can do better. But he doesn't. I'm curious as to why and I reckon he really does just try to take too much on. There's been no updates on a basically unreleasable Sanctum 2 beta for weeks now and no response on his bugtracker to a single of the many reported bugs.

As Liam notes, you have to pay the bills somehow and maybe juggling multiple projects is one way to do that. But if he keeps pumping out half-assed ports, he's going to end up really destroying decades of reputation.
Hamish 6 Jun, 2014
Quoting: scaineYoung punk! From your profile, I think I'm older than you! Haha!

Oh, I am sure you are, which is why I love saying it. ^_^

It is not the acknowledgement or even the complaints about the problems that bother me, but the patent lack of respect that was expressed by some of the posters here. Because really, everyone involved should know better, and at least recognize some of his contributions a bit more.
scaine 6 Jun, 2014
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Maybe some of them are young. In that case, Ryan's prior art counts for nothing. Well, of course that's not true. That's like discounting war veterans because it happened before you were born.

But you know what I mean. They actually don't know what he's contributed. No excuse for a lack of respect of course, but if they're only judging him on the past year's worth of effort... well, that doesn't look so good.
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