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Good news everyone, it looks like the SteamDB info from before might actually be true about Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II coming to Linux. The latest information points to it being from Feral Interactive.

I was notified about this in our IRC today (thanks mirv):
QuoteChanged UFS
rootoverrides/0/addpath: Feral Interactive/Dawn of War 2/VFS/User/AppData/Roaming
rootoverrides/0/os: MacOS
rootoverrides/0/oscompare: =
rootoverrides/0/root: WinMyDocuments
rootoverrides/0/useinstead: MacAppSupport
rootoverrides/1/addpath: .local/share/feral-interactive/XCOM2/VFS/User/AppData/Roaming
rootoverrides/1/os: Linux
rootoverrides/1/oscompare: =
rootoverrides/1/root: WinMyDocuments
rootoverrides/1/useinstead: LinuxHome

You may now begin throwing your money at your screen (please don't buy it yet). Disclaimer as always: SteamDB is by no means official or actual confirmation, but good supporting evidence.

I have reached out to Feral Interactive for comments.

I hope it's true, as it's yet another title that would excite me as an RTS fan. Article taken from
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seven 6 Apr, 2016
every 6 or 7 days there has been "movement" in the steam database for DoWII en retribution, i can hardly wait to play these games again

i really really really wanna play these games again

all hail to Feral
(and hurry up feral)
seven 6 Apr, 2016
i wish they also port SpaceMarine to linux

that would be so awesome
adolson 6 Apr, 2016
XCOM2? Someone did a lazy copy-paste.

QuoteYou may now begin throwing your money
No! Wait for release so Feral actually gets paid, dammit.
Liam Dawe 6 Apr, 2016
Quoting: adolson
QuoteYou may now begin throwing your money
No! Wait for release so Feral actually gets paid, dammit.
It was meant as a figure of speech which obviously didn't translate well, I have edited it.
kshade 6 Apr, 2016
Neat, it doesn't work too well in WINE for me.
kshade 6 Apr, 2016
The single player is actually fine, and the game runs well, but multiplayer disconnects after a few minutes.
Kuduzkehpan 6 Apr, 2016
again good job Feral but one question Will it be Cross-platform multiplayer ?
Lakorta 6 Apr, 2016
Quoting: seveni wish they also port SpaceMarine to linux

that would be so awesome

Me too, especially since it doesn't work with wine.
neowiz73 7 Apr, 2016
this is cool, I've played it before back when it came out on windows. nothing like seeing a 2004 title get ported :P
I would rather see Total War: Warhammer to be honest. but I'm not complaining, I'll maybe give Dawn of War a test run since I already own it.
boltronics 7 Apr, 2016
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II works great in Wine already, so can't imagine they have to do much other than package and test it.

It's so frustrating that we keep seeing games that work perfectly in Wine already get ports months or years after the original release. If it was a day one release with a native port and also happened to work great in Wine, that I could understand. But when it's already been out for over a year and everyone knows it works great with Wine, what's the point?

Instead, I'd be happier if they spent some time porting the other Warhammer games that have known problems. eg.

Kill Team:

Space Marine:

Although probably Kill Team isn't too far away from working at this point, after having waited all this time.
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The comments on this article are closed.