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Natural Selection 2 FPS/RTS Updated With Lots Of Fixes

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The developers of Natural Selection 2 have been hard at work on improving all aspects of the game, they have released build 260 which is helped by a community modder to get fixes put into the official game, they need to hire this guy.


Whips will now unroot when teleported by a shift (Won’t attach instantly anymore after a use of Echo)
Reduced drifter turn speed
Mucous membrane now heals a maximum of 65 (down from 104) per application, depending on target armour
Reduced heal wave effectiveness by 15%
Reduced whip slap range by 1 meter
Reduce drifter armour to 20, from 80 (increased health to compensate)
Stormcloud will now affect drifter turn rate slightly


Fixed mouse over sound randomly being played as gorge
Fixed missing goowallnode.model file not found error causing consistency failures
Fixed a rare issue where backspace could mess up the server browser when bound to chat
Fixed bug causing communication status icons to be offset from a player
Fixed bug causing view model to spazz out when stomped/stunned
Fixed Exosuit damage effects remaining on screen while spawning
Fixed red command structure icons showing when in a Gorge Tunnel with hints on
Fixed bug allowing bots to move around while evolving/spawning
Fixed console spam under normal conditions when playing with bots
Fixed exosuit claw not leaving a decal when hitting world geometry/props
Fixed death messages being cut off in the kill feed
Fixed a missing hookup preventing female marine sprint sounds from playing
Fixed Skulk Xenocide sound continuing to play if the player dies before a successful Xenocide
Fixed bug causing a script error when ‘spawn alien’ or ‘create alien’ was typed in console
Fixed the leaf clipping through the wall in the main menu
Fixed black void on the right of the screen in the main menu
Fixed Shift’s not having flinch animations when damaged
Fixed file not found errors when loading a map
Fixed Lerk’s not having emissive properties
Fixed Lerk’s not being highlighted in Alien vision
Fixed dropship being highlighted in Alien vision
Fixed bug where a mature bombard whip would damage you twice when slapping you


Tweaked MAC build construct effect frequency to prevent excessive material loading
Added missing communication status icons offset for Onos and Fade, so they are no longer at model origin
Increased minimum distance-from-observatory to allow a marine to be beaconed (reduces instances of failure to beacon, and beaconing within the same room)
When spawning a clog, it will now spawn the correct model depending on your Gorge variant
Adding missing caustics effects to the main menu
Added waterfall sound effect to the main menu
Reduced excessive tree sway in the main menu
Contamination icon will now look like Contamination (win.)


Fixed hotloading of textures


Fixed a bug causing a failure of the playtesting GUI to refresh on report rejection


Generated new pathing mesh
Generated new reflection maps


Fixed some pathing mesh issues.
Fixed structures going under glass platforms in Atmosphere Exchange
Cleaned up commander view in Platform, Alley, West Corridor and Bamboo Pass
Generated new reflection maps


Fixed bugs in pathing mesh
Fixed a few flickering textures


Fixed some glass to be reflective biodome glass
Fixed signs near sub sector to use the correct names
Hid all the steam particle effects from the Commander view.


As you can see a lot of general fixes to improve most things in the game, can't wait to fire it up again soon and see how well it plays out now, it was fun before but now it's been polished up even more I bet it's fantastic.

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Ulukai 23 Nov, 2013
Can someone tell me if the issues with glibc and setting texture quality to high are fixed yet? The previous builds caused crashes / hangs because of that.
Anonymous 24 Nov, 2013
I hope that they have fixed the error that causes the game to just show a black screen when running on a systemthat uses a commainsteadof a point as a decimal separator. Last time I tried (2 weeks ago) it still didn't work for me unless steam was started with "LANG=C steam"
Anonymous 24 Nov, 2013
Quote from AnonymousI hope that they have fixed the error that causes the game to just show a black screen when running on a systemthat uses a commainsteadof a point as a decimal separator. Last time I tried (2 weeks ago) it still didn't work for me unless steam was started with "LANG=C steam" It works now! Great!
n30p1r4t3 25 Nov, 2013
Did they fix rage quitters and people telling you how to play?
SilverH 25 Nov, 2013
No I tried yesterday and the game still crashes like crazy... Couldn't even finish the tutorial (actually I could not play more than 1 minute of it).
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