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A project that perhaps isn't as well known as it should be: LinuxGSM makes managing Linux game servers easy and they recently hit a fun milestone.

It supports running servers for games like 7 Days to Die, Barotrauma, various Counter-Strike versions, Don't Starve Together, Minecraft and a ton more. Starting way back sometime in 2012, the lead developer Daniel Gibbs emailed in to notify us that they recently hit a huge milestone for the project as it now supports over 100 different games.

There's a number of other ways to run game servers but the point of LinuxGSM is that each game is tweaked and tested by them, with an easy to run installer and script to manage all parts of it. Running updates, getting notifications sent to various places like Discord, Telegram, Email and more when it's having issues is simple to setup.

We actually use LinuxGSM here at GamingOnLinux, as it makes sorting out our 7 Days to Die server we put online for our livestreams (Twitch) super easy. All the handy scripts it comes with and the documentation they provide have taken away so much hassle it's crazy. It's basically my go-to any time I want to spin up a game server, it just makes it simple to do.

Perhaps next time you wish to boot a game server up for a tournament or to play with friends, knowing about LinuxGSM might make things a little simpler.

Interested? Check out the official LinuxGSM website. Of course it's all open source too, available to see on GitHub.

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Philadelphus Oct 21, 2019
Does it handle modded Minecraft servers too, or just vanilla?
Crendgrim Oct 21, 2019
Quoting: PhiladelphusDoes it handle modded Minecraft servers too, or just vanilla?
From their website on the Minecraft server page:
QuoteLinuxGSM installs the vanilla server by default. There is currently no method for LinuxGSM to install custom Minecraft servers automatically. Should you wish to install a custom server you will need to manually install the jar file and point LinuxGSM to it.
FinixFighter Oct 21, 2019
Great! Thanks for the news! :D
pete910 Oct 21, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Gave up trying to use it over a year ago due to a lot of issues, used for both UT99/2004 ect as well as Insurgency.

Which is a shame as when it does do as intended it makes life simple .

May give it a go again and see if its fixed the issues I had
dgibbs Oct 21, 2019
Thanks for the great article it really means a lot to get the word out about the project. LinxuGSM continues to be improve and grow all the time.
JimDeadlock Oct 21, 2019
I wholeheartedly give LinuxGSM a massive thumbs-up! I've been using it to host Rust for over a year now, currently running two servers. It has worked flawlessly the whole time and is very easy to manage. It can also automatically install/update Oxide plugins.

Fun fact: the official Steam instructions for installing a Rust server on Linux used to be awful. Now they simply point to LinuxGSM... it's that good.
razing32 Oct 22, 2019
Very interestign little thing
Good to know
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The comments on this article are closed.