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Posted by , 8 July 2014 at 9:41 am UTC / 3596 views
The next game in the Natural Selection series titled Natural Selection 2:Combat has been shown off some more recently and we have the videos ready for your pleasure. The game itself is quite similar to Natural Selection 2 only it's more of a streamlined FPS experience rather than a hybrid game. Personally I just hope it has better performance and doesn't die if you enable the Steam overlay like NS2 does.

The game is not being made by Unknown Worlds, but by a new developer named Faultline Games, and they confirmed to us Linux will get a version.

Anyway here are two new videos to sink your teeth into for NS2:Combat

Devour teaser

Warning this one is an hour long as it's a Q&A session

It does look good and if they streamline the already quite fun NS2 experience it will be a great FPS game. I've played a number of games in NS2 were no one wanted to be the commander, so with no commanders in NS2:Combat it should be more fun for those that just want to run around and shoot.
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Cestarian commented on 8 July 2014 at 5:19 pm UTC

Lol @0:27 in the first video, that looked like an anus...

Last I checked NS2 wasn't performing too well on Linux and still in beta.

I liked playing commander sometimes, but it's hard and intense, I needed a break from it sometimes, and I didn't know anyone who would go with me and play commander instead.

Playing a commander in this is one of the most fun strategy gameplays I've ever been through though. I should do more of it. But I also have a problem with modded servers (I always just wanted to play Vanilla and I think they removed the mod filter from thes erver browser which is why I stopped playing)

FutureSuture commented on 10 July 2014 at 11:08 am UTC
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This looks like it should be a mode in Natural Selection 2, not an entirely separate game/purchase.

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