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The advanced open source game engine Godot [Official Site] has managed to secure funding from Enjin Coin [Official Site], which should go a long way to wards hiring a second developer.

It's not a small amount either, they're throwing $1,500 a month to help with Godot development! The folks at Godot are now getting just short of $6K a month, with their goal at $7.5K to hire a second developer. I've no doubt they will hit that within the next few months, likely once Godot 3.0 has officially released as I imagine that would give them a boost.

You can find the announcement here about Enjin Coin supporting them.

On top of that, right before the Beta Freeze for Godot 3.0, thanks to one developer Godot will now have a feature called 'Onion Skinning'. It's a feature that allows you to essentially see a ghost of previous frames of an animation, so it gives you a good idea of what it's doing. This feature will work in both 2D and 3D and here's an example:

See the blog post here from the developer who developed this for Godot.

Finally, they also need help with translations. If you're keen to help out, but don't know a lot of programming, this is a fantastic way to get involved and bring the game engine to more people. You can see their hosted translations site here, where you can dive right in.

The final 3.0 should hopefully be before the end of the year, with a Beta due sometime soon.

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Samsai 27 November 2017 at 10:05 am UTC
Well then, these cryptocurrencies are actually good for something.
Doc Angelo 27 November 2017 at 11:06 am UTC
Notable difference between the well known Bitcoin and Enjin Coin: The company Enjin already created all of the 1,000,000,000 ENJ and already sold most of them to people who hope that the currency gains value over time. They think of those people as investors.

As I see it, they want to make money with promoting a cryptocurrency that is supposed to be used for buying and selling ingame items, aka microtransactions. From their "whitepaper": "Using ​Enjin ​Coin will ​promote ​a ​culture ​of ​passion, ​collaboration, ​and ​pride by ​giving ​players ​more ​control over ​their ​game ​content."

The difference to other "in-game currencies": If you buy something in typical games, the money is gone and you have the virtual item. You can not convert it back. ENJ coins are meant to be converted back to real money. In other words: Items and ENJ coins have a real world value. Or as they also put it in their "whitepaper": "Earn ​Enjin ​coins (money) ​playing ​games."

With that in mind, I wonder what the community here thinks of Enjin and their coins. Take a look at their website:

Myself, I think it is really good that there are no strings attached for Godot. The money is also a good thing for hiring additional devs for Godot. But I rather would like to have a different Platinum Sponsor boasting about being a partner of Godot. I really dislike microtransactions. I've not seen any game that was more innovative or had better gameplay because of microtransactions. The fact that this time the items and the coins have real world value is only making it worse for me. Way worse. And I have to say that I am rather wary of Enjin after reading about them.

Last edited by Doc Angelo at 27 November 2017 at 11:23 am UTC. Edited 5 times.
elmapul 27 November 2017 at 1:14 pm UTC
Godot is the project that we should be throwing most money at.
and we are not =\
Asu 27 November 2017 at 1:55 pm UTC
godot needs a serious integration with the mobile sdks...
natewardawg 27 November 2017 at 4:28 pm UTC
The Godot engine is one of my favorite open source projects. Juan Linietsky, one of two of the original creators, has been offered a job by just about every major game engine company out there, but turned them all down so that we can have Godot. If at all possible, if you think you'll benefit in any way by this engine it's worth supporting on Patreon
Purple Library Guy 27 November 2017 at 6:07 pm UTC
Doc AngeloNotable difference between the well known Bitcoin and Enjin Coin: The company Enjin already created all of the 1,000,000,000 ENJ and already sold most of them to people who hope that the currency gains value over time. They think of those people as investors.

They may think of those people as investors, but they are not investors, they are speculators. In my opinion cryptocurrencies basically exist purely for speculation (well, as they currently exist--the blockchain technology itself isn't the issue, there's nothing to prevent a country issuing currency in crypto form, or for a cryptocurrency to otherwise have some form of backing, but generally so far they don't). They are currently growing because pure speculation has become such a big part of our financialized economy. And any given cryptocurrency will exist as a going concern with noticeable "worth" for precisely as long as there is buzz about it, prompting people to think that if they get some, somebody else will potentially pay them more than they paid for it. As soon as people stop being interested in a cryptocurrency, it is worthless. And if the general trend for the world economy to be full of bubbles and financial speculation ends or is interrupted, in some sort of crisis a la bigger 2008 or some collective realization that financial elites are looting the economy and hollowing out the tax base, cryptocurrencies will also see a very major crisis, with a lot of people left holding stuff they thought was worth something except it ain't no more.

So it's nice that some of the money this company gained from floating this speculative instrument is going to something that's actually useful like Godot.
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