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Posted by , 18 January 2013 at 7:55 pm UTC / 3864 views
Pixel Kingdom is an RPG/Defense game for PC, Mac, Android(Free), and iOS(Free). If the funding goal is met, the game will be on Linux.


You need to pledge at least $10 to secure yourself a copy of the game. They need a total of $5,000 to finish the game and are currently sitting at $1,320 with 24 days to go so they could easily reach it with your help!


  • Infinite Levels - Yeah I know right it's crazy! The game will never end. You will always be able to go to the next level and constantly upgrade your units! Gameplay will become harder as you progress and you will face stronger types of enemies.
  • A large variety of Units - You are free to mix and match to unravel which units work well with one another!
  • Tons of unlockables - Unlock new gear as you progress in levels and collect gold. Want all of your knights to have flaming swords? You got it.
  • Achievements - Well duh everyone loves achievements.
  • Secret Items - Monsters have a chance to drop rare items! Perhaps you may get lucky and acquire one of the Seven Sacred Rings that provide a permanent buff such as bonus damage, mana, gold, etc.
  • Exciting Environments - Fend off a horde of Goblins on the grassy plains! Survive an onslaught of Spiders in a dark cave! Take part in a castle siege and slay any foes that dare to cross your path! 
  • Awesome Art Style - You can probably tell I am a huge fan of pixel art. What inspires me is the amount of detail people can create with such little space to work with. This is what I live by and strive to make my pixel art better every day!
The game is made in Unity3D I asked the developer if we can expect Linux the same day as other platforms:
QuoteThe game is being made with the Unity3D game engine. Most likely not the same day as other platforms, but probably within a week or two.
When asked what is stopping same day Linux support:
QuoteWell it's going to be a busy day already with launching on Android and iOS, getting the in app purchasing to work correctly. PC, Mac, and Linux will be tackled right after, with a few variables changed because they will not have an in-game shop.
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