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Update 17/10/18: This patch is now live for everyone.

The newly formed studio, Planetary Annihilation Inc, has pushed out their first upgrade for the strategy game Planetary Annihilation: TITANS.

For those not clued up, Planetary Annihilation: TITANS is now being run by a dedicated studio that are going to give it a new life with continued support and plenty of updates. The original Planetary Annihilation is no longer available to buy, with a permanent discount to upgrade to TITANS.

This new "PTE" (public test environment) build is available to opt-in on Steam with no password required. Their aim is to focus on "speed and stability" before upgrading the main tech behind the game. With that in mind they've fixed some server-side crash issues, adjusted some balance issues along with some interesting AI changes. The AI, for example, will look to engage in more fights it thinks it can win as well as being better at gathering and using intel.

There's plenty more multi-threading for servers, improved crash reporting for all platforms, a number of adjustments to improve performance and so on. Overall, it might not sound like a big deal, but it's a good step forward. You can see the full changes here.

I've given the beta version a test for a few hours and it does seem to work fine. Really happy to see the game continue to live on, as it really is quite good. I actually forgot just how much I enjoy this game, watching hundreds on units travel across a world destroying everything in their path.

You can pick up Planetary Annihilation: TITANS on Humble Store and Steam.

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undu 16 Oct, 2018
Just tried it, in-game UI is still garbled on Mesa's AMD drivers.

And all support tells me is to use the proprietary drivers. :/
Liam Dawe 16 Oct, 2018
unduJust tried it, in-game UI is still garbled on Mesa's AMD drivers.

And all support tells me is to use the proprietary drivers. :/
They use Coherent UI and as I understand it they're quite outdated on that too, I imagine later versions might work better which is something they said previously they plan to update. Hopefully that will help. There is a launch command somewhere you can use that does give it a temporary fix, can't remember it at the moment though sorry!
syntonym 16 Oct, 2018
Just a few days ago I dusted off PA Titans to play a few multiplayer rounds with friends, but somehow invites per steam were not supported anymore. We couldn't get a (hosted by us) match running at all - I think I remember that it was trivial last time I played it. Anyone knows if there were some changes to steam integration?
aaronfranke 17 Oct, 2018
By the way, Coherent UI is Chromium-based, so if the UI is broken, Google might be to blame.
oldrocker99 17 Oct, 2018
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I was pretty happy with having supported PA on Kickstarter in '13 (seems so long ago), and it was delivered about, iirc, about 15 months later, and the next year, I got PA:TITANS for free. Those devs definitely are still taking care of their customers.
MayeulC 17 Oct, 2018
unduJust tried it, in-game UI is still garbled on Mesa's AMD drivers.

And all support tells me is to use the proprietary drivers. :/

I tried PA (non-titans) a few days back (with Mesa), everything was garbage in-game,but the UI was working fine in the main menu.

The old fix was adding --software-ui to the launch options. it might be worth it to try spoofing another GPU brand as well (maybe there are some unneeded workarounds for Mesa that cause issues, it wouldn't be the first time).
logge 17 Oct, 2018
Great news, I hope I can try it out soon. AI improvements? The AI was unbeatable for my poor skills anyway.
Tchey 17 Oct, 2018
I still don't like the GUI, and the planetoid maps are a bad good idea, and i don't like the studio because of what they did with PA and Titan back in time.
Liam Dawe 17 Oct, 2018
They updated it again, changes include:
- Improved AI neural data merging
- Fixed bug preventing the AI from attacking when it should have been
- Adjusted AI aggressiveness
Cestarian 17 Oct, 2018
QuoteThere's plenty more multi-threading for servers

Man, this site has all the important game news on it I've been waiting for this, I can't count how many times I've played a match that started lagging to the point of unplayable late-game when there are too many units.

Although sadly, the biggest update this game needs, is to be able to host servers locally and display them on the public server browser (again...) it's apparently impossible to make dedicated servers show up in the server browser, so only the official servers can be used for that, and those servers quite simply, in a word, suck.

The documentation for how to set up a dedicated server is also terrible, which doesn't help things (still managed to do it though, to connect to it I needed some mod called connect buttons or something; or to disable my firewall, implying that it needs some undocumented port to show up in my server browser, but I can't tell which)

Last edited by Cestarian on 17 October 2018 at 3:09 pm UTC
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