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The Apotheosis Project is a traditional point-and-click adventure game where you control two protagonists with supernatural powers, and the game is now available for Linux on Steam.

The game has been developed by Midian Design and is published by Screen 7, who also brought us The Cat Lady and The Samaritan Paradox.

I wasn't sold on the game when I first saw it on Desura (Windows only) a while back, but I've enjoyed Screen 7's previous games, and The Cat Lady is one of my favourites, so I decided to give it a chance. After putting a little under an hour into The Apotheosis Project, I'm enjoying it a lot.

The most interesting part of this game is how you control two characters, who each have their unique skills and slightly different perspective on things. You can swap items freely between the two, as long as they're in the same room, and both can be used to solve most puzzles. The game has a convenient feature that lets you choose if you want to move both characters together or separately. There's also a point system in the game that increases a score each time you find some significant clue, which either move the story forward or is optional and only serve as flavor text.

There were a few issues at launch, but the game now runs well for me. At least as well as you might expect of an AGS game, since as usual I'm having problems with Alt+Tab, and the Steam overlay does not work for me. Steam achievements work fine though.

If you enjoy traditional point-and-clicks with lots of items and hotspots to interact with and many locations to explore, I think this game will appeal to you.

About the game (Official)

Penelope Barker and Aaron S. Reid are agents of the extra-governmental Pandora Global Corp, which works in parallel with the CIA. Unbeknown to them, they are also guinea pigs in an ambitious and dangerous project. The corporation is experimenting with a modification to DNA that is capable of altering the faculties of the subjects, thereby granting them powers beyond the ordinary.

Unaware of their condition, they set off on one of the missions intended to realise "Project Apotheosis", the implications of which are unknown to all taking part in it save Pandora Parlow, the president of the organisation. When they meet their contact and his colleagues, things escalate: the money in their possession is found to be counterfeit and they end up being taken to a place that strongly resembles a prison.

Now that they are locked up and no longer being administered the antidote, their powers will be reawoken and will enable them to escape, at least from the prison: escaping from the island will be much harder. A complete absence of equipment, the parallel dimensions that impinge on reality and a severe lack of help, given that the island is sparsely populated, will make the task seem impossible - until of course, YOU take control of the agents...

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km3k 16 Jul, 2015
It's interesting that there's no Mac support. I notice that on more Steam games that support Linux recently. Is it becoming a trend?
flesk 16 Jul, 2015
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In many cases it's because game development has become more accessible to very small devs, and because many of them work on very small profit margins (or in many cases actually lose money), it's too costly to invest in Apple hardware. As far as I recall, Screen 7's programmer, who is responsible for the Linux build, only has a Windows PC, but is able to build and test on Linux by using a VM.

Last edited by flesk on 16 July 2015 at 2:01 pm UTC
mortul 16 Jul, 2015
Quotewho also brought us The Cat Lady and The Samaritan Paradox

Haven't heard about 'The Apotheosis Project' before but I bought it after reading this.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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