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Quest for Infamy, A Point & Click Adventure Released For Linux

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Quest for Infamy is a fantastic looking love letter to old school point and click adventure games with RPG mechanics and turn based battles thrown in for good measure. The game is now available across a few different stores for Linux and the reviews are good.

It's another game to come from Kickstarter that hasn't delayed the Linux release, so these developers seem like a pretty safe bet. They even offer up a demo, so no need to waste money if it's not for you or if it has glaring bugs.

Return to the glory days of role-playing and adventure with this humor-filled fantasy epic, styled in the vein of classic PC RPGs, where you play the charming villain. Blending turn-based combat and spellcasting with puzzle solving and adventure, players can choose from three character classes—brigand (strength), rogue (stealth), or sorcerer (magic), each with unique storylines and adventures—in one of the largest retro role-playing experiences ever. A spiritual heir to yesteryear's heroic quests, adventurers are invited to explore a world of hand-drawn wonder, as they wind their way through trap-infested dungeons, battle slavering beasts with swords or custom-made spells, and steal entire town's worth of treasure from unsuspecting townsfolk. Being bad has never felt so good!

- Classic fantasy Adventure/RPG packed with adventure, puzzles, combat, and spellcasting
- Play as one of three anti-heroes with unique quests: Brigand, Rogue, or Sorcerer
- Lie, cheat, and steal your way through tales of charming villainy with multiple endings
- Use swords, spells, or wits to blaze a path to victory: Styles vary with every play
- Hand-drawn world seamlessly blends role-playing and adventure
- Over 50 NPCs and 200 rooms to explore and interact with
- Customize your own spells, skills, and adventures

You can grab it on Steam, Humble Store & Desura for Linux. Article taken from
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Sslaxx Jul 11, 2014
Just a few notes to repeat what I said on the FB posting:

* It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries.
* More importantly, the Steam version does NOT require the Steam client running in order to play it.
FrasierCrane Jul 11, 2014
In the Humble Store it says that it's only available for Windows.
Liam Dawe Jul 11, 2014
Quoting: FrasierCraneIn the Humble Store it says that it's only available for Windows.
Not for me:
Plintslîcho Jul 11, 2014
Beautiful, the game now being available for Linux too.
I'll give the demo a whirl. Looks definitely interesting.
FrasierCrane Jul 11, 2014
Quoting: liamdaweNot for me:
Yes, in the widget it says that it's available for Linux, but on the Humble Store page directly it's only available for Windows.
dibz Jul 11, 2014
I'd have liked to see a configuration tool released with it since the default settings they use for AGS aren't well suited for me.

To anyone else that prefers to play in a window, along with a window that's not ginormous due to their scaling setting, add/change this in acsetup.cfg under the existing [misc]:

Apopas Jul 11, 2014
Quoting: dibzTo anyone else that prefers to play in a window, along with a window that's not ginormous due to their scaling setting, add/change this in acsetup.cfg under the existing [misc]:

With gfxfilter=Hq3x or Hq2x it has better graphics but it hangs in fullscreen mode in my system with old intel graphics :(
Crazy Penguin Jul 11, 2014
Quoting: liamdawe
Quoting: FrasierCraneIn the Humble Store it says that it's only available for Windows.
Not for me:

Where did you find that widget? I was looking the site up and down, but didn't see it. xD

I love the games of this company but this release chaos is a shame.

At their shop they don't tell you the system requirements, or if the linux version and steam key is include. In the Humble Store we have only a Steam Key and a DRM-Free Windowsversion. In the Humble Widget - which is different to the Store - we have a DRM-Free version for Linux & Windows, but no word about a Steam Key. On Desura there was only a Windows version available in the beginning. After a while they added the Linux version.

Thanks again for the Widget, but after wasting a lot of time to figure out where I can get an DRM-Free version for Linux plus a Steam Key I gave up and added the game to my $5 Sale List.
Happy-Ferret Jul 12, 2014
Only tried the Mac OS X demo yet.

Is the Linux version wine based, as well?
s_d Jul 13, 2014
Hey folks, really sorry about the chaos and dysfunction on release here... part of it is an artifact of turning new builds to fix problems up until the day before release, as I only get a day or two to pack up a gold build and hope for the best. :(

Really the best I could manage was to get both builds, and their DRM-free counterparts, built & tested to be functional, and then get the Steam and standalone Desura versions uploaded. For Desura... standalone uploads like to time out constantly, and you have to use their client tool to prepare the auto-patching builds for upload. That client crashed partway through the process for nearly a whole day!

Believe it or not, I got them uploaded in time, but Desura has a human approval process for those builds, so somebody in Australia or at Linden Labs actually installed my builds before approving them, which is actually kind of cool, but also means that I should have tried hard to to have been done earlier so they would get posted on time. Anyway, those are the only two builds I have control over, though. For Humble, I basically hand off a URL to the download, pray, cross my fingers, and wait. Since I'm not religious and don't believe in luck, that's pretty much down to waiting. :(

Also, learning that Humble Widget pages and Store pages are different? Who knew?! Fun thing to learn on launch day. I'm pretty sure that we're going to ensure that a Steam key appears in each store or pre-order page, but I (personally) have no access to that so I don't know how that key generation works, what it involves or when it will happen. I promise to verify. Another team member has been working with Humble. I know that the whole team is working non-stop to address people's issues (in fact, our background artists are answering gameplay questions in the forums!).

I'm truly sorry I let all you folks down, I did the best I could at the time. If it's any consolation, I'm serious about making it right, and I'll try to answer questions here and help you folks get sorted.
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The comments on this article are closed.