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Retrobooster has just released onto Steam and brings with it skill based old school gameplay as you pilot your ship through caves trying not to bounce off too many walls and explode, oh and it's bloody hard too.

I've had the pleasure of attempting to play it for a few days before release, and when I say attempting I mean I am the worst pilot in the history of pilots. Most of my time in Retrobooster has been spent bouncing off walls, crushing my fellow man as they await to be picked up and watching my score go several thousand into the minus section. It's really quite fun though and after you play it for a while you do actually start to sort-of get the hang of it and you can pull some pretty slick manoeuvres if you have reactions times faster than a sloth like me.

I didn't go into it expecting much, but was delighted to see really nice graphics of which I absolutely love the boosters when you get close to the ground with smoke everywhere like a real space shuttle taking off, and the little details matter to me too like when you're about to land little landing legs slide out.

The gameplay is great and really does take time to master the controls properly, as the amount of times I've smashed into the ground as I forget I have reverse thrusters is way too high.

See a video of me failing at being a pilot below:

Overall I think anyone should be giving Retrobooster a go, so check it out on Steam and let us know if you're a better a pilot than me. There is also a demo you can find here to try before you buy.
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Half-Shot commented on 12 July 2014 at 5:42 pm UTC

Surprising good sound effects; these devs love their particles

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