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Unreal Engine 4 really does do a good job at showing off what can be done with it, and this video is no different. They also mention official Vulkan API support.

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Some amazing looking games have been made for it, and I hope we see more on Linux. It will be interesting to see if many bigger developers look to use Vulkan in Unreal Engine.

Is anyone here using Unreal Engine on Linux? How is the editor working out on Linux at the moment? Article taken from
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Sslaxx 17 Mar, 2016
Well, looks like it might be more promising than I thought in that they actually show in-editor stuff. Hopefully it'll be as good as they claim.

Last edited by Sslaxx on 17 March 2016 at 9:05 pm UTC
Teal 17 Mar, 2016
QuoteHow is the editor working out on Linux at the moment?

ElectricPrism 17 Mar, 2016

I would love a FPS benchmark comparison ASAP, I'm especially excited about the performance boost to Ark when they build their Vulkan Interface.

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 18 March 2016 at 12:19 am UTC
Rhythagoras 18 Mar, 2016
I played around with the Editor briefly several months ago while I was shopping around for an engine to use in a project. It compiled fine on my system and seemed to run fine. I ended up deciding to work on a 2D project instead, so I didn't explore a whole lot of it. It is a fairly impressive editor and I was happy to see that it ran on Linux at the time I tested it.
SketchStick 18 Mar, 2016
I was evaluating engines yesterday and found myself a bit underwhelmed with UE4, at least for my purposes it's a massively complex codebase that had tons of features I didn't need and the performance wasn't great for the art style I needed. I opted to build my own engine and just picked up a rendering library that would play nice with custom shaders...
niarbeht 18 Mar, 2016
I'm not gonna care too much until UT4 ships with Vulkan available for Linux. I mean, sure, OpenGL 3 looks okay (last time I checked) and OpenGL "worked", but it'd be nice to see it working properly on Linux with Vulkan.
bubexel 18 Mar, 2016
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here a video full about UE4 vulkan on mobile phones

Last edited by bubexel on 18 March 2016 at 8:05 am UTC
ljrk 18 Mar, 2016
UE4 is the best free (beer!) engine available for *big* action games on Linux, I'd say. It's complex though, but that's also one of its strength.

On Linux, the editor works... -- no virtual monitor suppprt sadly though and it sometimes can be glitchy or even crash. On Windows it doesn't have glitches but it sometimes crashes there too ^^

Unity Editor has been more stable here though -- Props for that!
Pecisk 18 Mar, 2016
Quoting: niarbehtI'm not gonna care too much until UT4 ships with Vulkan available for Linux. I mean, sure, OpenGL 3 looks okay (last time I checked) and OpenGL "worked", but it'd be nice to see it working properly on Linux with Vulkan.

UT4 supports OGL 4 too, quite well I might add.
Arkona 18 Mar, 2016
Hi to everyone! This is my first message here :) although I'm reading this site for years.

I'm Linux and Mac user. I don't use windows at all, but I have impression that I will have to do it soon.

I'm currently using UDK on Linux and Mac. I really love Unreal. My Mac laptop is not enoughly powerfull for this kind of work, so I'm using it on Linux. Conclusion is that it works, but it's not perfect. I can do most of the work for now, but it can't finish compiling the project at all. At last, I never succeded. It craches sometimes, but not to often, it's not so much a problem. I have impression, that Unreal on Linux needs not so much work to be finished product. If it's not finished soon, I will need to buy some windows to myself, and I don't like the idea at all :(

I worked for some 10 years for some company writing applications for Widnows and Linux using Qt, and I was writing c code for Arm microcontrollers. It's probably really strange, I'm not a gamer at all :) but I so much love virtual worlds in games, especialy nature and open world. Sometimes I spend lot of time watching twitch. Also, it's probably funny, but I really hate programming and I was so happy to see that I don't have to do it in UDK. :) I'm artistic person, and I can draw, write beautiful scenarions, and even compose the music. I recently quited job that I mentioned to do my own busines, and my dream is to create games.
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The comments on this article are closed.