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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is a reasonable looking air combat sim that has recently released for Linux, so we decided to take a look and see how many times we get fragged.

Currently on Steam the user reviews are "Mostly Positive", so with that in mind here's our look at it!

Our thoughts
What I love about combat sims is when the controls are simple, and Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders wins in that department. It has simple mouse controls (or joystick and keyboard, your call), and simple throttle controls to allow you to do some slick manoeuvres. I don't mind more realistic controls, but if you just want to hop in and out easily, then this game is for you.

Performance is good, as expected from a game like this. I was able to hit a solid 60FPS quite easily, so that enabled me to enjoy it without any sluggish behaviour to be seen.

Don't come looking for an ultra realism shooter, as the graphics aren't the top of the crop, but they are still quite good. Good enough to fully enjoy on the desktop, as it's another game that's also on mobile platforms.

I played a bit of the campaign, and started at Pearl Harbour which was pretty awesome with planes, ships and submarines everywhere to take out. The sad thing is, the AI in the campaign is pretty crap, and even on hard I found it pretty easy, so the single-player really isn't all that great. It's okay, just not stellar due to the less than amazing AI pilots.

The online modes were surprisingly fun, and it's really easy to get into a game thanks to a game-list, and a quick-match button to throw you into it. There are currently no shortage of players either.

I managed to pull off show some pretty ace skills, and frag a few people, but in the end, as usual, I sucked.

It's good if you want some quick fun, but it certainly won't win any GOTY awards.

- 3 singleplayer campaigns with a total of 17 missions, recreating historical events from WW2.
- 5 tutorials explaining how to play the game
- online internet multiplayer and local LAN multiplayer
- 29 planes each with 3 different stat versions (meaning 87 planes, all included in the game, no DLC)
- 8 different play modes, accessible either in multiplayer or singleplayer (against AI bots)
- endless mode (survival) against the AI bots, alone or with your friends
- exploration mode with no enemies
- customizable plane weapons (10 weapons plus acrobatic smoke)
- customizable plane paint job
- support for gamepads and joysticks (simple or HOTAS setup)
- fully customizable controls

You can find Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders on Steam right now.
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EKRboi 9 Jan, 2015
Sounds like it could be fun. I like that it isn't so much a sim. I've seen the term arcade used in the reviews on steam. I might have to pick this up when I get paid.
leillo1975 10 Jan, 2015
This game seems to be like Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (I'm still waiting to play, I have an error that makes I cant start the game.). I think that this can be a good alternative.
aristorias 10 Jan, 2015
I say how it is. wine + Il2-Sturmovik 1946 is far far far FAR better than this ugly arcade bullshit.
Just because there is a linux release doesn't mean it's worth being supported.
seguleh 10 Jan, 2015
@aristorias: true. Il-2 Sturmovik is absolutely best combat sim, even for more arcade-oriented players. And it works like a charm with Wine (it`s OpenGL app). Plus many mods as "Dark Blue World" for offline players (which boost in-game graphics) or many single players scenarios (my favourite was campaign for Bf-109E in Africa) gives best flight and dogfight experience i`ve ever met. Even WarThunder - very good arcade game - cant compete with Il-2 series. Flight and damage model are incredible, U can simply feel machine U're flying. Especially in first "Il-2 Sturmovik" game. However in '1946' edition with mods, U have over 200 planes U can fly (with some strange german "wunderwaffe" like "Lerche" lol ;))
Shmerl 11 Jan, 2015
A pity it's another Steam only release.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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