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Skyforge MMO May Support Linux In Future

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Skyforge a rather interesting looking free to play MMO has addressed questions relating to the possibility of a Linux port.

The "Community Manager" made a forum post addressing some questions and this was the top one:
QuoteToday's question: Will the game run on Linux or other non-Windows operating systems?

Answer: At this time Skyforge will be exclusively available on PC. However, it is possible that it could become available on other platforms and/or consoles in the future.

It's great that enough people are asking for them to address the issue of a Linux version, but it is the standard answer a lot of developer seem to give, so I'm not holding out hope.

I still find it highly amusing and annoying that someone can say Windows when discussing platforms as a question, and then say "PC" in the answer when they mean Windows. It just shows how deeply rooted "PC = Windows" is. It's something I fear we will never break out of, and it's why I now call it a dead horse argument.

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FergleFergleson 25 Sep, 2014
And someday, maybe, in the future, they'll get my money. (not a penny until then)

Styromaniac 25 Sep, 2014
This is pretty much the same thing Red5 had said about FireFall. Don't hold your breath.
BillNyeTheBlackGuy 25 Sep, 2014
Perhaps in the next 100 years going by that quote. XD
seven 25 Sep, 2014
Speedster 25 Sep, 2014
"Maybe" as in we're casually looking into it, in case SteamOS becomes a smash hit while we're still supporting this game...
Armand Raynal 25 Sep, 2014
QuoteIt's something I fear we will never break out of, and it's why I now call it a dead horse argument.

Disastrous, I agree. If even a game developper make this mistake, the world is a very sad place to live for us, between others.
From the developer response I highly doubt there will be a linux port ever. He dodged that question completely.

Edit: Looking deeper into the game it seems they made their own in-house engine for this. If they're that competent then if they should ever WANT to port to linux it seems to be something they would be capable of. But doubt they'll want to anytime soon.
Cimeryd 26 Sep, 2014
I'd say it doesn't even warrant a mention on this site. That statement is completely worthless. I believe Bioware said something similar about SW:TOR before they launched it, still nothing. Headline should read "Skyforge MMO tells Linux users to piss off, but may want our money some time a few years from now when they realise PC isn't an OS".
Deformal 26 Sep, 2014
just no. group is owner of Skyforge. And their touch to every game transforms them into pay2win. It might be good game or bad game, I don`t know, but there will be huge amount donate. At least at CIS countries.
Mohandevir 26 Sep, 2014
Aside from Champions of Regnum and from what I read there's a lot of critics about this game, it's really hard to find a good medieval MMORPG on Linux. Anybody has a clue why?
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The comments on this article are closed.