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Update: Turns out it's not, as the author of the commit emailed me:
QuoteNo, Batman is NOT being ported to Linux as far as I know. Those shaders were captured from apitrace, which was captured with Wine. There are bug reports in FDO bugzilla with attached apitraces of Batman on Wine. That's where I got the shaders for my private shader-db.


So this is not the port you're looking for, move along, move along.

Still, it's nice to see open source drivers being improved in such a way, with the use of Windows games in Wine still helping to improve the general Linux experience. It just goes to show how useful Wine is to developers as well as gamers.

Original article below:

A recent commit to Mesa [Link] that improves performance in radeonsi was emailed in, as it mentions Batman: Arkham Origins [Official Site] in a list of tested games, where all of them are native on Linux apart from that one game.

This is of course highly speculative, but it could be a good indicator of something to come.

See this part in particular (emphasis mine):
QuotePERCENTAGE DELTAS Shaders PARAM exports (affected only)
batman_arkham_origins 589 -67.17 %
bioshock-infinite 1769 -0.47 %
dirt-showdown 548 -2.68 %
dota2 1747 -3.36 %
f1-2015 776 -4.94 %
left_4_dead_2 1762 -0.07 %
metro_2033_redux 2670 -0.43 %
portal 474 -0.22 %
talos_principle 324 -3.63 %
warsow 176 -2.20 %
witcher2 1040 -73.78 %

It's interesting how that list is all native Linux games, apart from Batman: Arkham Origins.

It's possible this was a test in Wine, but originally I thought it was a Virtual Programming port, since the improvement lines up rather well with the improvement to The Witcher 2. I spoke to VP and they assured me it's not them. Other porters didn't respond to my request for a comment.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with this. I will keep an eye on it. I shot off an email to the author of the commit to see if they can shed any light on it, but I doubt it.

Thanks for the note about it ziabice! Article taken from
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Feist 20 Oct, 2016
Quoting: Mountain ManOrigins was easily the worst of the Arkham games, but I still would have loved to see it on Linux.

I actually enjoyed "Origins" more than I did the latest "Knight".

Arkhams Origins, was imo. a fairly mediocre Arkham game, it followed in the footsteps of "Asylum & City" and did a rather decent job of it. Arkham Knight, on the other hand, had the Batmobile that failed to provide much positive to the series, story developments/ending that I felt was weird and ill fitting and finaly enough bugs & performance issues to fill 3 other games.

I don't know, maybe my feelings were in part becuse I had low expectations for the first non-Rocksteady Batman game, so it was pretty easy to surpass them. On the other hand, I had great expectations for Rocksteadys triumphant return to the franchise...and those failed in a rather spectacular fashion.

Last edited by Feist on 20 October 2016 at 3:40 pm UTC
PublicNuisance 20 Oct, 2016
Quoting: LinasIs this the same Batman game that doesn't even work properly on Windows? Was it ever fixed?

Arkham Knight was apparently far worse but I played Arkham Origins on Windows as recent as last month and it was still terribly buggy. The first mini boss would actually dissappear from the screen for seconds at a time and then reappear. Not to mention FPS drops were fairly common.
Beamboom 20 Oct, 2016
Ah damn, it's Arkham CITY I thought of - not Origins. Then I stand corrected - it was Arkham City I thought was the best of them. :)

But it should not be a huge surprse it was wrapped, imo, due to the improvement percentage that matches the other wrapped game.
ismaelbonato 20 Oct, 2016
:'( !
manero666 20 Oct, 2016
I'm glad that they're working with a Unreal Engine 3 game.
Most of these games suffer many issues on Wine, especially using Wine Gallium Nine!

Some of them, such as Batman Arkham City or Red Orchestra 2, freeze my entire PC, leaving me with a hard reboot as the only option.

View video on
MayeulC 20 Oct, 2016
Haha, I actually spotted the same, did a bit of research, and figured out it was likely a wine version. Well, maybe next time? :D
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