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As a big Star Wars fan I approve of this. STAR WARS: DARK FORCES is now officially available and supported on Linux and is available from GOG.

It's probably using DOSBox or something like that, so it's not exactly native, but with old classics who cares.

About the game
The New Order of the Empire stretches its evil clutches across the galaxy, consuming planets with devastating results. Through many struggles, the Rebel Alliance has learned of a new Imperial battle station, the DEATH STAR, with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

The evil empire is secretly building a massive army to complete their arsenal of domination and render their reign of terror unstoppable. Kyle Katarn, a formal imperial stormtrooper must join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, and re-take the empire from the inside, one battle at a time.

Unlike many other Doom-based games, Dark Forces attempted a realistic approach: The missions followed a specific storyline, sometimes cut up by scenes to progress the narrative. Each mission had its own briefing and objective. The levels were designed to represent actual bases, mines, facilities, and other known places from the Star Wars universe, like Star Destroyer interiors, Jabba's ship, Coruscant, etc.

Fully interactive environments - morphing walls and floors, moving platforms, and conveyors, 'realistic' lighting and atmospheric effects.

Arm yourself with 10 different weapons to fight twenty various types of enemies, ranging from rank-and-file Stormtroopers to the vicious Kell Dragon.

Explore the virtual Star Wars universe up close and personal as you blast your through 14 exciting missions
Climb catwalks, look and shoot up and down, jump off ledges, wade through garbage.

Will you be picking it up? While I am a big Star Wars nerd, I personally won't. It's just too low-res for me to enjoy it now, or is that me being silly, is it really that much of a classic? Educate me! Article taken from
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Hamish 20 Jan, 2015
The main thing that turns me off about Dark Forces is its lack of a proper in-level saving system.

Dark Forces II was one of the games I grew up with, but it sadly does not even work in WINE. Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy had their source code released a few years ago, which means that they run fine on Linux although as far as I am concerned they are far weaker than their predecessors in terms of ideas at the very least.

Still, it just might be worth giving the original another try at some point.
Waikano 20 Jan, 2015
Already own it on just waiting for Steam to carry on Linux (note I bought the complete Jedi Knight series a while back before I planned on gaming on Linux).
Von 20 Jan, 2015
Wait, isn't it a dos game? You can run almost any of those on dosbox. (And the one from is most likely using dosbox.)
sub 20 Jan, 2015
Quoting: HamishThe main thing that turns me off about Dark Forces is its lack of a proper in-level saving system.

Dark Forces II was one of the games I grew up with, but it sadly does not even work in WINE.

Hmm, according to WINE's AppDB Dark Forces II should work ok.
stan 20 Jan, 2015
GOG’s DOSBox "ports" are terrible from what I have seen so I avoid them now. It seems they are doing a better job with Wine. But I’m also not very interested in such old games; I bought Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Classic but barely touched the former and didn’t play the latter at all…

I had never heard of this Star Wars game before today.
Metallinatus 20 Jan, 2015
HOLY HELL finally Star Wars on Linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This just made my year :D :D :D
Hoping KOTOR will be making a splash soon too ^_^
Hamish 20 Jan, 2015
Quoting: stanGOG’s DOSBox "ports" are terrible from what I have seen so I avoid them now.
Care to elaborate on that point?

I have not tried them extensively, but Duke Nukem 3D, Blake Stone, and Rise of the Triad all ran just about perfectly for me when I used them.
stan 20 Jan, 2015
Quoting: HamishCare to elaborate on that point?
I’d link to my review of Pinball Gold Pack on GOG but it’s not possible, so here it is…
Quote- Games start in fullscreen with a half transparent window and broken alt-tab! (Fixed by editing the .conf file for the game and setting fullscreen=false, windowresolution=1280x1600 and autolock=false.)
- Aspect ratio is completely wrong. (I couldn’t fix that.)
- Keymap is qwerty instead of my system’s keymap (fixed by setting usescancodes=false).
- Very poor (8 colors?) intro and menu graphics in Pinball Fantasies.
- You have to make launchers for the games yourself. only launches Pinball Fantasies when you click on it.
- Graphical glitches in Pinball Illusions (blinking text, and white rectangles on the side during the game if you play in fullscreen mode).
- Slowdown when a certain instrument is playing in Ignition’s highscore music.
- Sound volume too high (fixed by adding "mixer master 40:40" in the dosbox*_single.conf files just after the "[autoexec]" line).
I needed hours to fix all the problems that could be fixed… And I’m left with something that’s still broken.
Liam Dawe 20 Jan, 2015
stan, did you send a full bug report to them?
stan 20 Jan, 2015
Quoting: liamdawestan, did you send a full bug report to them?
I didn’t, since I’m not using Ubuntu or Mint… Now that I think of it I tried the game quickly on Xubuntu 14.04 to check if there was the same problems and think most of them were present, but honestly I don’t remember. (The half-transparent window thing is probably caused by a combination of the game using an unusual way to open the window and me using Compton.)
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