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Starbound The Awesome Looking 2D Sandbox Game To Enter Beta Soon!

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Starbound the ever increasingly fun looking sandbox game is due to head into beta around the 4th of December.


I have covered Starbound a few times (see here) due to being so excited over this one and having it on pre-order for both myself and my partner.

You know why these guys are awesome? Linux is supported through and through, they have shown off screen-shots of it under KDE and their beta FAQ they just put up states this as well:
QuoteWill the beta be available for PC, Mac and Linux?​
Yes! Yes they will.​

Although seriously all of you at chucklefish, it's Windows not PC *sigh*.

So folks mark the 4th down on your calenders, it's going to rock the house down. I am thinking of doing 'Starbound Saturdays' if anyone is interested in a server together. Depending on interest we may setup an official GOL Starbound server like our Minecraft one where it will be community run and we just pay for it for you.

If you aren't a fan of Steam don't worry they will also provide direct downloads as soon as they can:
QuoteHow will I download the game?​
Steam keys will be sent out to all pre-order backers via e-mail! We promise a direct download version of the game will be provided as soon as we're able to efficiently provide it.​

So don't fret!

I am thinking of doing a christmas Starbound key give-away too, so stay tuned to GOL on that one.

Also apologies for the news slowing down in the last few days, had rather a lot to get sorted so took it easy! More will come soon don't worry! Article taken from
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Chris 1 Dec, 2013
Nice one for PC, Mac & Linux. That was an epic fail. D;
CFWhitman 5 Dec, 2013
If you understand where the term came from, you can see why it's ended up being used the way it has.  Back in the 1980's the competing systems were the IBM PC (& compatibles), the Apple Macintosh, the Commodore Amiga, and the Atari ST.  While talking about the systems and which of them software was available for, people would shorten the names to PC, Mac, Amiga, and ST.  Of course after a while there were no Amigas or STs.  Then it was PC vs. Mac.

However, the original shortened terms were talking about different pieces of hardware, not different operating systems.  These days Windows and Linux both run on 'IBM PC compatibles,' and even Macs could arguably be referred to as 'PC compatibles.'  Therefore, even knowing where the term came from and acknowledging that a 'PC' could be a reference to an IBM PC compatible system, it's no longer appropriate to use the term because we're now talking about different operating systems running on compatible hardware, not different hardware systems.
Grlm 24 Dec, 2013
Is there a giveaway so far? would be so nice to get a key for this awesome looking game!
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