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Steam has Greenlit more Linux games!

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The next set of Steam Greenlights has hit as expected today and thankfully there are some good Linux titles in the list too!

Games confirmed to have Linux versions:

  • Battle Worlds: Kronos - This richly-colored turn-based strategy game blew through its Kickstarter goal and jumped quickly up the Greenlight charts with votes of excited strategy fans.
  • City of Steam - This free-to-play action RPG received a lot of visibility and votes from their beta at the beginning of the year, and now look forward to running another beta soon.
  • Cradle - This first-person adventure game caught the attention of Greenlight voters with its beautiful graphics, unique atmosphere, and compelling soundtrack.
  • Death Inc. - This beautiful and elegant strategy game has garnered a lot of positive press and votes with its unique art style and innovative gameplay.
  • Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey - The community clearly wants more from the popular Dreamfall series and quickly up-voted this game.
  • Frozen Endzone - The developers of Frozen Synapse bring the strategic depth of their first game into a new, original and innovative tactical future sports game, capturing the votes of fans and potential customers along the way.
  • Hammerwatch - This pixely hack-and-slash adventure game caught the attention of voters with their cooperative gameplay, character building, and modding support.
  • Legend of Dungeon - This colorful dungeon crawler has gained a lot of votes as well as critical acclaim from the gaming press.
  • Planet Explorers - Currently in alpha, this ambitious open world RPG caught the attention of voters with its ability for users create new content and change the terrain.
  • Shovel Knight - This action adventure game has been sweeping the Greenlight charts with a style reminiscent of platformer adventure classics. After blowing through their ambitious Kickstarter goal, the developers set higher and higher stretch goals, securing an incredible 14,749 backers.

Not a bad list at all, so the list of Linux games on Steam is just ever growing with more on the way and it's not looking like it's going to slow down at all!

I think my favourite in this list has to be Battle Worlds: Kronos, the game looks beautiful and it's great to see more quality turn bused strategy titles coming!

Along with that we also still have other Valve titles to come including DOTA2, Counter Strike: GO and a few others too!

What are you looking forward to from this list or did it disappoint you?

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Mike Frett 17 Apr, 2013
Battle Worlds: Kronos, looks like it might be a fine replacement for C&C Generals for me. Had my eye on Planet Explorers also, so it's looking pretty good. Maybe we can get out of this stall we've been having about Steam adding Linux games; was moving fast then slowed down last month or so unfortunately.
Cheeseness 18 Apr, 2013
I think this might be the biggest list of Greenlit Linux titles yet. It'll be interesting to see how quickly they become available, and how many will make use of Early Access.

QuoteAlong with that we also still have other Valve titles to come including DOTA2, Counter Strike: GO and a few others too!
Has there been confirmation that Dota 2 is coming?
Liam Dawe 18 Apr, 2013
Yes there was a podcast gabe did a while ago and he mentioned dota2 and Linux.

I don't see wby they would leave it out anyway.
Cheeseness 18 Apr, 2013
Quoting: liamdaweYes there was a podcast gabe did a while ago and he mentioned dota2 and Linux.

I don't see wby they would leave it out anyway.
Oh, I fully expect it to come. I just hadn't seen anything that confirmed it was being worked on.
Orkultus 18 Apr, 2013
Unity needs to stop being stupid and make a god damn unity web player plugin for Linux. You know how many of these games have demo's in the browser that we cant play? Being able to play a demo is the best way to determine wether you want to buy the game or not.
Cheeseness 18 Apr, 2013
I'd rather devs just shipped native demos. I don't need to run stuff like that in a browser.
Orkultus 18 Apr, 2013
True. Although i bought Interstellar Marines. Like the 50 dollar purchase, to help support them. They created their deadlock demo, and it was browser only. For months i have been asking them to just release a demo of it for Linux users to try it out. They wont do it. Ive owned the game since they made the kickstarter, and i haven't been able to test it out.
Xpander 18 Apr, 2013
agree with Cheese, hate playing stuff in browser.
Orkultus 18 Apr, 2013
It's just given that option to be able to play those unity games that ARE browser only. That would open a huge list of titles that run in Linux.
Cheeseness 18 Apr, 2013
Is running in a browser running on Linux? I mean, we don't count Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure or QuakeLive as Linux titles do we?
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The comments on this article are closed.
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