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Posted by , 26 August 2014 at 5:38 pm UTC / 7690 views
Hello once again folks, it's time for another SteamOS update.

Today Pierre-Loup announced that the SteamOS update 133 has been pushed to the Alchemist Beta.

Besides the normal security fixes, this release features a newer Linux kernel (no specifics) that boasts more network drivers and better Intel graphics performance. On top of that this release also features the Nvidia 340.32 drivers which fixes some of the white screen bugs when switching between modes.

Personally I'm happy to see a newer kernel be released, but I'm still waiting for Valve to introduce Steam Video/Music. What do you guys think?


Quotelinux - updated Linux kernel to the tip of steamos_kernel branch, with additional network drivers and Intel graphics performance improvements.

• nvidia-graphics-drivers - updated NVIDIA graphics drivers to version 340.32, which fixes white screen issues when switching back from desktop mode.

• intel-vaapi-driver - added Intel VAAPI driver for Steam In-Home Streaming

• acpi-support - latest upstream security fix

• gpgme1.0 - upstream security fix for CVE-2014-3564

• krb5 - upstream security updates CVE-2012-1016, CVE-2013-1415,

• libav - latest upstream release, fixes CVE-2011-3934, CVE-2014-2263,

• libva - fixed build due to missing m4 directory

• libva - Updated libva from latest jessie package

• lzo2 - upstream security fix CVE-2014-4607

• nss - upstream security fixes CVE-2014-1492, CVE-2014-1491,

• openssl - upstream security fixes for CVE-2014-3512, CVE-2014-3511,

• vdpau-video - latest upstream release


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Mohandevir commented on 26 August 2014 at 6:42 pm UTC

Great news!

Nvidia driver 340.32 comes with Maxwell support. My GTX 750 TI is now fully supported and I don't need to install the driver manually.

Now, if a fully operational XBMC could happen, everything would be fine.

Cestarian commented on 26 August 2014 at 7:31 pm UTC

I'm still waiting for them to release it... This and Steam Controllers are the reasons we don't have an official release on Steam Machines yet.

edqe commented on 27 August 2014 at 4:30 am UTC

MohandevirGreat news!

Nvidia driver 340.32 comes with Maxwell support. My GTX 750 TI is now fully supported and I don't need to install the driver manually.

Actually I have GTX 750 Ti and SteamOS has supported it for a long time already.

There's still some irritating mouse movement problems in SteamOS Big Picture GUI. It mostly happens when you click something in menus and try to move mouse in the same time.

Long way to go but I'm sure Valve is getting there one day.

lave commented on 27 August 2014 at 7:06 am UTC

as soon as this stuff is ready im gonna build a small, low energy, totally passive unit that i will install at the back of my tv to serve as home server, htpc and inhouse streaming gaming unit. currently intel bailtrail would be what id look for with something like an J1900 celeron processor and a built in DC power connector (something like this).
the delay of steamOS doesnt upset me tho.. 14nm process is coming and will allow for more processing power in a passivly cooled unit.

Mohandevir commented on 27 August 2014 at 10:09 pm UTC

Yes, it worked with 331.20 but it's not the best driver for the Maxwell architecure. This is why I wrote "fully supported". 340.32 should include a performance boost too.

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