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Vertiginous Golf is an unlikely mix of minigolf and a narrative that has just come out of Early Access and is making its début on Steam for Linux.

Take a look at the release trailer:

The game is developed in cooperation between Kinelco and Lone Elk Creative, and is published under the Surprise Attack label. With games like Particulars, OTTTD and Screencheat already on Linux, the label is starting to get a solid presence on our platform.

During its time in Early Access, the game has received a steady stream of updates based on player feedback. And when Destructoid had a look at the game last month, they came away with a positive impression:

QuoteI think it's safe to say that Vertiginous Golf is one of the most unique mini-golf titles I've ever played, and its steampunk setting is the real capper to such an off-the-wall and rich concept. I'm quite fond of its approach to narrative within a mini-golf game. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what this title has to reveal, as there's a surprisingly high level of mystery present. Even though I only got a small taste of the story, what I experienced left me wanting to explore of what the Vertiginousphere had to offer.

About the game (from their website)
Vertiginous Golf is a dystopian steam punk mini golf adventure game set in the skies above an alternate world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never-ending rain.

After suffering on the ground under a haze of smog and pollution, the people of Scudburough have been split in half by a lottery, with the winners heading up into the clouds to live in a floating city called New Lun-Donne. For those left below, they can get a temporary escape from the gloom through the Vertiginousphere, a device that allows them to rise virtually into the cloudy paradise to play mini golf on challenging obstacle courses floating in the sky. But something is amiss in this nation of two cities. Another voice is trying to break through the propaganda messages of peace and prosperity… the voice of an insurrection.

In development for two years with 14 months of that in Steam Early Access, Vertiginous Golf is a game that defies expectations and has a scope that belies the relatively tiny development team. It includes close to 100 challenging holes across Story, Classic and Developer courses as well as local and online multiplayer, a fully-fledged course creator and extensive customisation options for the player’s avatar, clubs and their mechanical hummingbird companion.

Key Features
  • Dystopian Steam Punk Mini Golf: Chip and putt your way through beautiful golf courses floating far above the smog-covered streets below
  • Uncover a mystery: play through the story mode
  • Local and Online Multiplayer: Enjoy a leisurely round with friends or battle it out in the arenas or race tracks
  • Mechanical Hummingbird Companion: Look through its eyes to explore and unlock the secrets of the green
  • After-touch Control: use the jewel encrusted beetle to control your ball once it’s in motion
  • Be Kind Rewind: Make good use of your limited rewind power to redeem yourself from a bad shot
  • Get Creative: design your own fiendish courses in the map editor and share with the community
  • Extensive customisation: Tinker for hours with the look of your clubs and hummingbird

Vertiginous Golf is available from Steam, where you can also buy a 4 pack to play with friends. There's also a Humble widget, which will give you a Steam key, but at the moment there are no DRM free Linux builds available for purchase.

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Speedster 7 May, 2015
Friend 1 "I'm bored, what should we do tonight?"
Friend 2 "How about playing a few rounds of dystopian steam punk mini golf?"
Friend 1
muntdefems 7 May, 2015
Well, well, well... Look who's in the new Humble Weekly Bundle! ^_^
flesk 7 May, 2015
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  • Contributing Editor
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Quoting: SpeedsterFriend 1 "I'm bored, what should we do tonight?"
Friend 2 "How about playing a few rounds of dystopian steam punk mini golf?"
Friend 1

Haha, yeah. I imagine that's going to be a pretty common scenario. :)

I am pretty interested in it myself, but I think I'm going to work on getting rid of some of my backlog before taking a chance at something like this.

Quoting: muntdefemsWell, well, well... Look who's in the new Humble Weekly Bundle! ^_^

Oh, wow! That was unexpected. Looks like it's got pretty much everything Surprise Attack in it. And it looks like I'll be playing Vertiginous Golf sooner than I thought.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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