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Stellaris, the massive grand strategy game from Paradox is going through another update cycle and one little feature of the upcoming patch is the ability to accept refugees, but some people aren't happy about it.

It seems a delicate little flower on Twitter just couldn't take it anymore:
I wish I was making this up, but it's a real thing.

It was in response to this picture teased for the upcoming 1.5 patch release:
They have since added an option to only select accepting the same species.

The responses from Martin are perfect:
I love the way he ended that discussion. For those who don't know, Martin is the Game Director for Stellaris at Paradox. I already respected Paradox as a studio for their great games and great Linux support, but this is just icing on the cake.

They are having fun with it on their own forum too, as some more delicate petals just can't take it.

I think it's a fantastic feature to have and hopefully it will speed up my own planetary growth when other sides go to war, if I choose to accept them that is. Article taken from
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shirethrone 18 Jan, 2017
Does that mean that I can accept them and force them into slavery? That would fit my Empire really well :D
Teodosio 18 Jan, 2017
I love Martin too. He shares my views about political correctness! :D
Eike 18 Jan, 2017
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  • Supporter Plus
Especially love Martin's first answer!
iniudan 18 Jan, 2017
Quoting: shirethroneDoes that mean that I can accept them and force them into slavery? That would fit my Empire really well :D

Yes, but your treatment of their species and the pop ethic will affect how they prioritize where they choose to go first I would guess. Highly doubtful egalitarian would seek refuse with slaver for example, unless it is the last option before Soylent Intergalactic Mega Corporation (yes, I am actually making that one of my empire once 1.5 is out).
badber 18 Jan, 2017
Gotta love the response. I wonder what the tooltip for the "Closed borders" and the third options give as the description.
melkemind 18 Jan, 2017
I'm going to build a space wall to keep them out, and the Ragerian Dominion is going to pay for it! ;)
Segata Sanshiro 18 Jan, 2017
Since apparently all the content of Paradox's games reflect their views, then they must also be in favour of religious genocide, cultural assimilation, genocide of indigenous peoples, be followers of every major religion that has existed since the year ~800 concurrently, be fans of both Stalin and Hitler, colonialism, free trade, protectionism, etc.

Political correctness gone mad, something has to be done about these Marxist loons.
Asu 19 Jan, 2017
Brilliant. I love these guys!
Pangachat 19 Jan, 2017
There's an option on the screenshot, "Closed Borders" so what's the problem?
cue58 19 Jan, 2017
Quoting: Pangachatso what's the problem?
The problem is that certain political views have basically become a meme recently. Just like with any meme you have some people who are desperate to inject it into everything to show how much they "get it".
Some people just really want to inject their political alignment into the discussion every chance they get, just to show what side they're on even when the situation doesn't call for it.

Last edited by cue58 on 19 January 2017 at 8:22 am UTC
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The comments on this article are closed.