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How do you like your eggs in the morning? We love it when we pay extra and then they're thrown at us.

Today's news is sponsored by Radiant Entertainment, who've decided that five years after their Kickstarter that a Linux version of Stonehearth [Official Site] would be "more work than our team can handle". From their post about "Leaving the Nest":

I’m afraid it’s more work than our team can handle at this point. We’re going to cut this feature, and apologies to all of you who backed for this explicit reason. If there is no other way for you to play this game other than on Linux, and you backed for this reason only, please reach out to us via Kickstarter and we’ll see what we can do to make it right.

Linux (and Mac) support was a stretch goal too at $200K (although "only" $20K was specifically for it after the previous goal), so they  took extra money to make it happen, which is why it's quite frustrating. Mac fans aren't being left with egg on their face like us though, since they're still getting a version. They've also said they will cease support for the game as a whole after January 2019.

It comes as no surprise really, since Riot Games (League of Legends) actually acquired Radiant Entertainment back in 2016 and Radiant Entertainment themselves said in the linked post that Stonehearth is "not a priority from Riot’s overall strategic perspective".

We would urge anyone who backed it for Linux support, to act sooner rather than later if you want that refund.

They don't hold the crown for broken promises though, that is firmly on the head of Stainless Games for Carmageddon.

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Eike Jul 6, 2018
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: HoriAhh, yes, crowdfunding.
Sounds good, doesn't work.
Just like preorders.

Both worked very well for me - in the very few cases I did it.
I've preordered The Talos Principle, because they had a very good full working demo (and I got Serios Sam BFG for free with it).
And I kickstarted The Journey Down part 3, as they already had shown twice that they are able to do it, and writing a point and click is not the kind of bottomless pit as some other genres.
Liam Dawe Jul 6, 2018
There's a number of times Kickstarter has helped some fantastic games, the amount that screw up like this is still the minority thankfully.
Tuxee Jul 6, 2018
Quoting: HoriAhh, yes, crowdfunding.
Sounds good, doesn't work.
Just like preorders.

Depends. I have backed about a dozen games on Kickstarter, which apart from one (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) delivered: Distance, Wasteland 2, Distance, Torment: ToN,... They were never on time, but that's something I've come to expect.
Seegras Jul 6, 2018
There's a rule regarding software projects: First show me the code.

Unless that's there, it does not exist. Because 90% of software projects fail. Of course, most of these projects you won't hear about because they're internal projects of some company or other. But that's where you learn: First show me the code.
rustybroomhandle Jul 6, 2018
Ahh yes, confirmation bias.

No, when a crowdfunded project fails to deliver, it's not a negative on the whole concept. Personally I have had very few crowdfunding disappointments.

That said "We’re going to cut this feature" ?? Seriously, an entire platform for which you had a stretch goal is a "feature"? An fov slider is a feature. A button that spawns a dozen dancing gnomes is a feature. A port is not a "feature".
Teodosio Jul 6, 2018
It's 'caveat emptor' guys, task ownership of your purchase choices.
soulsource Jul 6, 2018
What should I say?
There are two options, basically: Either developers frequently make and test builds for all platforms they are planning to support, or they don't. In the first case they are likely to release for all platforms they were planning, in the latter case those platforms for which they didn't make and test builds frequently will not be supported in the end (unless they invest extra time/money to effectively port their game).
Nanobang Jul 6, 2018
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  • Supporter
Quoting: GuestThe recent reviews on steam seem to be a wall of disappointment

Huzzah! (Fuck the oath-breakers).

QuoteHow do you like your eggs in the morning? We love it when we pay extra and then they're thrown at us.

Nice turn of phrase, Liam. Puts me in mind of the sort of thing I see on RPS!

Last edited by Nanobang on 6 July 2018 at 11:14 am UTC
afettouhi Jul 6, 2018
Ahh another one to the list of canceled Linux ports. The one that pisses me off still the most is the missing Linux port of Wings Remastered. Funny thing about that is that actually made a Amiga OS port of the game.
razing32 Jul 6, 2018
Glad I did not buy this and just left it on a wishlist.
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