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Stranded, A Sci-Fi Point & Click Adventure Now Out For Linux, It's Odd

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I just came across Stranded and it was one of those game I had to instantly buy to check out, with interesting results.

My Thoughts
It's a sci-fi point and click adventure with no hand-holding and confused me from the get-go.

The first issue for me is there seems to be no full-screen. it loads a tiny window, that when maximised only goes so-big with the rest of the screen black, not very immersive.
It is built using "Ren'Py" looking at the .sh launcher script, if that means anything to you guys, anyway onto some game-play.


At first I thought it was a little boring, with no narrative that I could see, no save feature (so far that I have found), but then little things happen to hook you back in.

A lot of my time was spent walking in circles going "WHAT, WHAT AM I DOING, WHAT IS THIS?!". Although it still managed to keep me interested, I needed to find out what was going on.

The game also gets prettier at night with lovely glowing plants and objects, now that really made the game more interesting, it's funny how little things like that bring you back in.


Then something happens and the games asks me "Do you want to start over?" I pressed No and the game quit, I am left wondering if I completed it or if I was meant to say Yes, either way to get to that point I would have to spend another 20 minutes walking around doing the same thing.

Basically, the game leaves me going "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON".

You can grab it DRM free from their website and join me in scratching you head, they use the ever-so handy Humble Store widget, it costs a measly $6.99, so it won't make your wallet weep, but it will hurt your head. Article taken from
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DrMcCoy 19 Mar, 2014
QuoteIt is built using "Ren'Py" looking at the .sh launcher script, if that means anything to you guys

Ren'Py is a visual novel game engine, build in Python. It's actually quite popular for these type of games, at least with non-Japanese developers.

It powers, for example, the Winter Wolves games, like Loren the Amazon Princess and Planet Stronghold, or the Hanako games like Long Live the Queen, and Christine Love's games, like Analogue: A Hate Story and Hate Plus. Also, Dysfunctional Systems, which just reached its Kickstarter goal for a second chapter.
Liam Dawe 19 Mar, 2014
Oh I know, it was meant more as a comment to let people know. As I know Linux users like the details.
DrMcCoy 19 Mar, 2014
For some reason, today I'm very good at misunderstanding other people. :)
Mambo 20 Mar, 2014
So Ren'Py can be extended to do point and click, that's new.

I've only played Katawa Shoujo. Maybe the first chapter of Analogue too, enough to know that wasn't going to be a very cheerful story.
entropy 20 Mar, 2014
Heavily inspired by "The Dig"?
stan 20 Mar, 2014
  • Supporter
I can’t say your first impressions make me want to buy it :)
Looks nice though.
Liam Dawe 20 Mar, 2014
Quoting: stanI can’t say your first impressions make me want to buy it :)
Looks nice though.
I can't say I feel like I got my moneys worth with it sadly, a bit too odd.
avarisclari 24 Mar, 2014
I actually know someone who worked with this developer on Incursion. It didn't end well, and supposedly he gave the idea to the developer. From what I saw and how I know the guy, he's telling the truth. I know I shouldn't bring hate, I'm just letting you know. Still, while I can't personally support the guy, if you want the game, then do it.
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The comments on this article are closed.