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The 7 Days To Die Saga Continues, Still No Linux Version

Posted by , | Views: 12,498
The developers behind 7 Days To Die do like to tease us and then repeatedly go silent now don't they? Here's the latest on what's going on and it's not good as usual.

I have for the second time been banned from a forum of theirs due to their community moderators complete inability to moderate a discussion and this moderator proceeded to blame the entire Linux community which is a very sad thing:
QuoteSince the Linux crowd can not act in a mature manner, any further insults, derogatory comments, and slander will be met with severe repercussions, there will be no further warnings on this matter.

If you remember I kicked up a bit of a stink with the developers for how let down I personally felt along with the thoughts of their many Linux Kickstarter backers for their complete and utter silence on the Linux port. They said on their Kickstarter they hoped to have the Linux version out in two months which of course didn't happen.

Once they took notice of how unhappy I was they finally responded in that linked article above were for some reason one of their programmers stated they had to do the Linux version in their spare time...what? Again this only came up as I kept at them to keep their promises. I still struggle to fathom why a developer has to work on something in his spare time that was one of the projects original goals.

Here's a moderator stating that fact again:
QuoteActually, you're ticking developers off and making outrageous and unsupported claims tends to fuel the exact opposite reaction. The developers are trying to work around 3rd party code that isn't available/working on linux. One developer was kind enough to say he would put addition effort forth IN HIS SPARE TIME and you pooped all over him.

So, getting a developer to be honest is ticking them off? That's new. I'm also not entirely sure how I "pooped all over him" either.

They have now locked the entire Linux topic on their Steam forum and banned me from that stating this to me personally:
QuoteYour stink is having the opposite effect of that you would like achieved. You are being detrimental to all those who wish to actually see this ported and working on Linux.

Only I can see that FYI on my banned panel. I completely disagree, as it forced them to actually be open with the Linux community which paying customers including myself deserved.
Here's a nice picture to also show the childish message I personally got from the moderator on 7 Days To Die's official Steam forum:
"Stink on this", just wow.

Yet another ban later and more stink and what happens? They have now given the reasons for the delay!
QuoteLinux bugs are in fact worked out of the game and it is very playable, but broken code in a 3rd party .dll (the Steam wrapper for Linux) is keeping it from release. If we released it as-is and Linux users couldn't host a game there would be backlash. With that, we can not release a port without proper Steam support, as large portions of our game depend on it.

So originally it was an API preventing a 64bit version, but now they are stating it's their entire Steam wrapper plugin. They seem to like changing their mind.

The moderator also stated this:
QuoteTFP are hoping the company coding the 3rd party wrapper get more in-gear and complete the portion Linux relies on. In the meantime they are considering switching the wrapper (for *all* platforms - Windows, Mac and Linux) to a different one if that doesn't happen.

So, this plugin developer for all we know may take another year to bring their wrapper to Linux. Just how long will they wait and keep Linux users waiting?

I'm not sure why a developer would leave it nearly a year to decide to possibly change what plugin they use that is preventing a platform getting its promised version.

So, how exactly is my personal frustrations with them along with a large amount of other Linux users "detrimental" when it does get them to open up? I'm confused as it has given us the exact desired effect in forcing them to be honest. Something all developers should be to their paying customers is honest from the start.

This whole situation stinks and "The Fun Pimps" will not be getting a penny from me in future. I suggest you steer away from anything developed by "The Fun Pimps" since it's quite glaringly obvious they don't care since they have to be forced into updating us. I've spoken before about Bad Ports and Why the porting method doesn't matter, but this has to be the first time I've actually wanted to steer people away from a developer. Such a shame I personally really wanted to play the game and was terribly excited when the Kickstarter came out (I even backed it!).

I know it's hard in times like this not to get angry, but we (Linux gamers) should always remain polite to developers no matter how strongly you feel about something.

Update: It seems that same moderator Red Eagle is now claiming more Linux users are throwing insults and talking down about Linux due to the claimed user-base size from Steam's hardware survey (which we tell you every single time not to use as an actual statistic!), see my comment here.

That moderator needs to be fired. At least the other moderator JAGA is actually trying to help and get answers for the community. The worst thing you could do when you have a platform waiting on a promised version is have a moderator constantly talk down to customers waiting. This is just shocking.
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Bad Penguin 8 June 2014 at 8:59 am UTC
melriefI'm asking for clarifications at their Linux Update (June 6, 2014) thread on Steam, let's see what they answers. If it's really the Steam wrapper the problem, then probably there is a ticket opened to Valve and that could confirm what they are saying.

Looks like another thread is closed. Interesting fact at the end is that they have no clue about how many copies/users they have per supported platform.
liamdawe 8 June 2014 at 12:20 pm UTC
It seems the moderator that banned me is again talking down to users in another topic:

This Red Eagle keeps claiming people are throwing in insults as they have lost faith in a developer. That's not an insult it's an explanation of personal feeling, this guy cannot be for real?

He's also now spouting how small the Linux user-base is as a reasoning for it.

This Red Eagle needs his moderator powers removed.
kozec 8 June 2014 at 7:54 pm UTC
liamdaweIt seems the moderator that banned me is again talking down to users in another topic:

This Red Eagle keeps claiming people are throwing in insults as they have lost faith in a developer. That's not an insult it's an explanation of personal feeling, this guy cannot be for real?

He's also now spouting how small the Linux user-base is as a reasoning for it.

This Red Eagle needs his moderator powers removed.
Red Herring is obvious troll, but I see more problem in fact that TFT are plainly lying to that other moderator guy. He is only working way to get information from them and even that only way looks pretty broken.
jdub 9 June 2014 at 1:30 am UTC
I just question the logic of using a 3rd party wrapper without full cross platform support with a full cross platform game. Can someone explain this to me?
PJthePlayer 11 July 2014 at 1:55 am UTC
Sorry to res an old thread but I created an account just to add my experience with this same moderator "Red Eagle LXIX." He's the most unprofessional, disrespectful and flat-out immature moderator of a forum I've ever encountered. Here's my experience with him:

I posted in the 7 Days to Die forums explaining an event in which cheaters logged in to a server that I own and terrorized other players. I did not name the players or their steam IDs as I learned previously on the official 7DTD forum (NOT the Steam discussion page) that that's against the rules... a rule I unintentionally broke on that forum because I was unaware of its existence.

I simply asked what is being done to address this problem. Other members of the forum immediately praised my topic.

Here's the topic:

Steam Moderator Red Eagle LXIX proceeded to ban me from the forums and locked my topic. No questions asked... no warnings given. Not only did he ban me from the forums but the manner in which he did it came off as highly arrogant and disrespectful. Here is the reason for my ban that he provided:

"Take your vacation time to learn Steam's rules, then you won't be shocked when the Official forum of a game hosted on Steam has similar policies... See you in a few days."

I think that his disrespectful tone is unbecoming of an individual who is supposed to be representative of the Steam community. I'm pretty sure he banned me simply because he disagrees with my perspective and is overly protective of the developers that made him feel special by making him a mod.

Unsurprisingly I googled his steam name and found other forum posts with people complaining about his rude and unprofessional behavior (like this one). Also surprising... I noticed he's friends with a couple people that have VAC bans... did I hit a sore spot perhaps?

What concerns me is the fact that someone like Red Eagle LXIX has the authority to ban people. At the very least he could have been professional about it and said something like "I'm going to have to temporarily ban you for breaking rule X and rule Y. Please do not do this again."

The bottom line is that I was trying to do the right thing. My server was harassed by cheaters and several players were terrorized by the cheaters. My goal was to prevent that from happening to others. I feel my ban from the Steam discussion page was unwarranted (but I don't really care about it... who gives a crap about the discussion page anyway) and I feel that Red Eagle LXIX has no business being a Steam community moderator given his unprofessional and antagonistic behavior. He wields his administrative privileges like an 8 year old with a magnifying glass that just figured out how to burn ants. He apparently trolls the forums looking for anything that remotely resembles an excuse to ban someone. I submitted a ticket to Steam support requesting that his moderation rights be revoked. I bet it's not the first one.
dubigrasu 5 September 2014 at 9:44 am UTC
Well, at least Linux is back on their oslist and some Linux related additions have been made in the last few hours.
GNUzel 25 September 2014 at 8:13 am UTC
Shame. Just accidentally saw a "Let's Play" and I thought it looked good. Was ready to buy it until I saw it wasn't for Linux. Don't think I'll be buying it if and when it is, either. Ales, at least there's Beasts of Prey that looks good.
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