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The 7DFPS Challenge 2014: A Linux Perspective

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Last month, hundreds of developers from around the world came together to challenge themselves to make first person games in seven days for the 7DFPS game jam.

In the first part of our two part recap, we took a look at what 7DFPS is and heard from some Linux game developers. In part two, we've put together a list of all the titles currently offering Linux support to save you time when looking through the entries.


Keep in mind that these were all made in very short timeframes and many are still works in progress. As time goes on, more developers may provide Linux builds and any bugs mentioned here may be resolved, so if there's something that looks interesting, keep an eye on it. To help with this, I've also put together a Twitter list of 7DFPS devs supporting Linux. If you know of anybody who's not on there, but should be, let me know!

Note also that some Unity titles will need executable permissions set on their binaries before they can be run (usually in the properties dialogue in most file managers, or "chmod + x filename" on a terminal).

A number of Unity games are also using the default font specified by Unity (Arial, I believe), which isn't bundled with games. These titles are marked with an asterisk.

The Games
The following list of games has been broken up in to categories based on the style of dominant gameplay. How accurate these assignments are is definitely debatable, but it does help make the list more manageable!

At the very bottom are some editor's picks.

7DFPS Vacuum by Philippe Mongeau (@phmongeau) using Unity
Collect garbage in your vacuum truck and use it to shoot opponents' trucks. Vehicle control is a little unwieldy, and it doesn't seem possible to defeat opponents. The idea is cute and the visuals carry that theme well.

Nullify by Andrew Price (@AndrewAPrice) using Unity
A 3D imagining of trail avoidance games like snake or Tron, with bonuses awarded for movement tricks. The mechanics are a little hard to read, but it's an interesting concept.

Dungeon Crawling
Fire of the Apes by Giuseppe Perniola & Giuseppe Masia (@sonountaleban) using SFML
Play as an anthropology student who awakens to find himself an ape and must escape a labyrinth filled with mummies. Retro styled, may require some additional libraries to be installed on Linux.

FPSnowballs by Jack Le Hamster (@jacklehamster) using Flash
A first person dungeon crawler. It's difficult to read exactly what's going on here, but there are counters indicating kills and creeps.

Abandoned by Mathew P using Unity
Explore a zombie infested rural environment and solve a mysterious puzzle. Animations are a little bit average, but there's some great atmosphere here.

COLT55 by Owen Deery (@owendeery) using WebGL
A surreal infinite wandering game with horses and giant worms. The music gives some great ambiance, and palette variations provide some vague sense of progression/movement beyond the endless rolling hills and mesas.

Colossus by Peter Verzijl (@peterverzijl) using Unity *
Explore the desert in search of the colossus fighting enemies amid sandstorms as you go. This game also has a WebGL version (exported from the Unity 5 beta?) as well.

HYPNoSIS by Raptor Jesus Games (@raptorjesusgame) using Unity
Explore an archipelago with a dog companion. The music is nice and the space is large. The game was originally envisioned to have puzzles, which would have supported the game well.

Nauticalith by Dave Gedarovich (@entropy_phi @zStinkLoser @am_bull) using Unity
Sail the sea and explore small islands, searching for food and treasure as you go in a perpetually raining world whilst balancing hunger and the need for rest. Ambient sound effects and music create an eerie atmosphere, and the developers have attempted to capture the "feel" of sailing.

Bird of Prey by Voxel (@voxel) using Unity
Fly above a broad landscape and eat peanut shaped rodents. The game employs an interesting mechanic where each wing can be flapped independently, and is done so in a way that makes soaring feel peaceful and easy.

First Person Soar by Spencer Winson (@spencerwinson) using Unity
Fly through a ruined city on a small island. The game employs an interesting mechanic where the pitch of each wing can be controlled independently. The environment here is interesting and enjoyable to fly through if a little small. Roll controls feel opposite to what I'd expect. Requires a dual stick game pad.

M.A.R.S. Extraction by demonixis (@Cyannick) using Unity
Escape from a facility by defeating enemies and collecting keys. The game employs Descent style "6 DOF" controls. Level design is neat and makes good use of windows to help with orientation/navigation.

RADE: The Radically Authentic Dogfighting Experience by Scott Slucher (@skslucher) using Unity
Survive against ever increasing numbers of enemies as destroyers, zeppelins and fighters overwhelm you. Gameplay is fast paced, frantic and well executed.

Spaceship Waltz by rezka116 using Unity
Defeat an enemy spaceship whilst undergoing EVA by systematically disabling its shields whilst renewing your air supply at planets. There's a nice concept here, but the game is very rough.

Tail Gunner by Gaudino Games (@GaudinoGames) using Unity
Fly as a tail gunner against increasing waves of enemy fighters, steering to avoid fire and keep allies alive. Very well executed and features achievements.

Backdoor by Enemby (@TheEnemby) using Unity
Escape your incarceration and hack nearby computers and devices. The game is a little rough, but the concept is decent.

Frail Shells by From Smiling (@fromsmiling @DualRyan) using Unity
Rescue Agent McKenzie and cope with daily life in the aftermath. Gameplay is light, but the underlying concept is well executed and moving.

Second Person Shooter by StevenHarmonGames (@StevenJHarmon1) using Unity
A game attempting to parody some elements of gamer culture that's beyond my ability to describe.

Gate by BoaHeck (@Bourbonbrick) using Unity
Reach the gate and be united with your loved one, battling fireball shooting eyes along the way.

Delta G Arena by Michael McCollum (@gnustoboz) using Unity
Control gravity and hop between platforms for as long as you can, keeping track of inertia and landing on specific platforms to receive bonus time. Arena size feels a little small for the kind of movement , but the mechanics feel well rounded for a 7 day game.

Flipget by RadJor (@RadJor64) using Unity
Navigate between small planets and platforms as gravity shifts to what you're standing on. Movement controls feel a little loose, but the concept is solid and pacing is great.

Grepr by Evan Todd (@et1337) using Unity
Pilot grepr drones to collect data nodes. Player shoots to reposition themselves where ever their shot lands. In later levels, the player takes on enemies. Well executed wth a strong visual style. Also has a *nix style command line menu.

SelfShooter by Jacek Przemieniecki (@jprzemieniecki) using Unity
Fire a weapon to transport yourself to where the projectile lands. Well executed with a nice progression of gameplay. Unity project sources are available.

Process Simulator
Cannon Simulator by Bundesware (@HernanBund) using Unity *
Defeat encroaching nutcracker soldiers with cannon fire in an obtuse simulator in the vein of Probably Archery and Surgeon Simulator. Possibly a little too complicated to work well, but still could be fun, especially in a multiplayer setting.

Endless by Luke (@LukeTheDev) using Unity
Avoid obstacles and shoot enemies in an endless runner. Aiming and movement feel a little rough, but the concept is fun.

1024 Pixels by Metaldemon (@MeTaLDeMoN1) using Pencil.Gaming
Travel to Mars and fight off aliens in this 64x64 retro shooter. Very polished. Perhaps a little too low res to be readable, but well executed and challenging. This game must be launched from a terminal by running

420BLAZEIT by Andy Sum (@JigxorAndy) using Unity
A parody of some elements of gamer culture. Consume Mountain Dew and Doritos to keep your hunger and thirst at bay and something something illuminati.

Alpacalypse by 14bit using Unity *
Fight off hordes of voxel styled alpacas. Movement is a bit sluggish, but it's got a nice style.

Downtown by luvcraft (@luvcraft) using Unity
Chase orange ball monsters around a maze on the surface of an inverted sphere. Movement is a little slow, but the core concept is solid.

Drones by Urban Logic Games (@DesignerBradley @MattMakesThings) using Unity *
A multiplayer zero gravity arena with a grappling hook mechanic. Players increase their thermal profile when shooting, making them easier to spot. Nice aesthetic, but mouse control is a bit crunchy.

Esc Ape by yanneyanen (@yanneyanen) using Unity
Play as an ape escaping the Extra Solitary Confinement prison. The game has a nice retro feel with sprite based enemies and a C64 palette. Mouse sensitivity is crazy high.

Phone Fighter by ReactorScram using Colorado Game Library
Defend your jet truck against an endless horde of touchscreen phones. Your gun will slow down if you miss.

Psycho Strafe by xra (@xra) using Unity *
Fight off hordes of enemy soldiers who will explode when shot. Challenging but satisfying.

PunchThem by fei using Unity
Players must evade punches from opponents and land well timed hits. Interesting concept. A little rough, but still neat.

Seven Day First Person Shooter by pohung (@pohungchen @spacetreasured) using Unity
Wait 7 days and shoot a person. I haven't waited seven days to see if a person comes.

Shift by Shawn Beck (@shawnbecktp) using Unity
The pocket dimension you are in is collapsing. Shoot turrets and robots whilst using your "shift" ability to evade obstacles. Very well polished.

Slop Slinger by ElementalZealGS (@ElementalZealGS) using Unity
A mess hall food fight in which you pick up food from tables and throw it at students. Includes a slow time mechanic. And the ability to eat food to restore health.

Unstable by cl3m0ns using WebGL
The game is destabilising. Fight past hordes of zombies, penguins and angry pixels to reach the end.

Untitled Giant Robot Shooter by dylanseaman (@chronotweeter) using Unity
Fight giant robot enemies amongst a minimalist city. Not much game here, but the developer is hoping to continue work.

USC: Ultimate Shove Club by Harrison Pink (@ColonialPink @joliemenzel @SIRrosen) using Unity *
A multiplayer arena in which players must stand at the centre of the map to gain points whilst using their Shove Beams to keep opponents away.

Bot Slugger by teh_bucket (@R_H_2 @teh_bucket1 @lindarthebard) using Unity
Defend your tower against waves of attacking robots by shooting them and building defensive turrets. Nice concept with an interesting aesthetic.

War of Toys by Evil Indie Games (@evilindiegames) using Unity
Defeat the red plastic soldiers by destroying their boxes, constructing cover from toy blocks. Very well executed.

Adams Drive 32 by René Rother (@primaerfunktion) using Unity
Infiltrate a mansion and escape alive whilst outwitting guards. Very well executed with a great atmosphere.

Datahit by DancingEngie (@KarmaAlon) using Unity
Play as a corporate assassin in a dystopian future who must identify and discretely eliminate targets whilst avoiding capture.

Strange Gravity by Ian Burnette (@itreallyisamre) using Unity *
Deal with out of control spore infestations on mini planetoids to save your lab before sunrise. Could do with some additional UI indicators for the status of planets and growth, but otherwise is a solid and well executed concept.

Haunt by SteamLUG (@HeroOhOne @beansmyname) using Godot
Play as surviving humans or a ghost that can kill on touch in an asymmetric multiplayer survival game. There's not much game here, but the developers are continuing with the project.

Tech demo
2014-7DFPS by HerrEmil (@IamHerrEmil) using WebGL
A WebGL experiment with mouselook and movement. The developer explains that they are still learning.

pwnfps engine by fanzyflani (@fanzyflani) using From scratch
A non-euclidean raytracing game/engine with a really nice look and feel. Requires compiling.

Video Vision by Softwave (@SoftwaveStudios) using WebGL
A WebGL experiment with mouselook, movement and collisions. It has an interesting aesthetic.

Defuse the Bomb by Riftrune (@HappyGameGuy) using Unity
Hunt for clues and then disarm a bomb before the time limit runs out. There's only one type of clue and it might be a little too obvious for what's intended, but there's the makings of a neat game here.

Duality (7DFPS Remaster) by SteelRaven7 (@SteelRaven7) using Unity
Swap between two dimensions to avoid deadly knights and progress through increasingly challenging puzzles. Great concept. Super challenging.

Endless Express by flrn (@florianvltmn) using Unity
Board the correct trains to find your way home. A simple puzzle that builds an interesting narrative.

Mosaic by Fmressel (@6oclock_games) using Unity *
Shoot to place cameras which allow you to see the wold you are progressing through. The lack of a consistently usable view offers problems, but the concept is good.

Photobomb by Milkbag Games (@owengoss @mattrix) using Unity
Connect disparate photographs with a virtual representation of a scene to identify the perpetrator of a bomb attack. Challenging and enjoyable with a sweet aesthetic and great execution.

Station Randall by Garden Variety (@gardenvarietyse) using Unity
Explore space station by interacting with computer terminals to unlock doors and solve puzzles. Not much game here but the premise sounds neat.

The Cabin by Jacob Vincent and Nicholas Efthimiou (@An0nx @Nicholobe) using Unity
Find clues to solve puzzles and escape a cabin. Very nicely presented with great atmosphere.

Where's Tango by David Pittman (@dphrygian) using SDL
Identify your client and save them from their assassin at a party by observing partygoer behaviour. It can be hard to keep track of characters at times, but otherwise well executed.

Possession by LokisSword (@lokissword) using Unity
Possess NPC bodies to guide an innocent past zombies and military. There are some NPC pathing problems, but overall, a solid concept with decent execution.

Editors' Picks:

Cheese: I'll avoid going into too much detail, but so far my favourites are Adams Drive 32, Photobomb, Duality, 1024 Pixels, Shift, Grepr and COLT55. RADE, Tail Gunner, Bird of Prey, First Person Soar, and Frail Shells are awesome too. Where's Tango, Psycho Strafe, Downtown and Flipget all feel like they've got great potential.

Flesk: My favorite of the 5 games I've played so far is Mosaic. It's frustrating for sure, but I like the idea of a platformer where being able to see your surroundings is non-trivial. 7DFPS Vacuum feels like it could be made into something very entertaining if the wonky physics are embraced and more is made out of the driving aspect of it, like being able to drive up walls. Turning a traditional puzzle game into an FPS like Where's Tango really appealed to me, but it's too hard to keep track of people, so it definitely needs more work. HYPNoSIS also feels like it has potential, but it needs more "meat" to be enjoyable, like puzzles or collectibles. Cannon Simulator didn't appeal much to me once the novelty of it wore off, but maybe it could have been if there had been more stuff to do besides loading and firing a cannon.

Liam: War of Toys is my favourite for what could be the perfect base for an FPS game, it reminds me of the old toy soldiers games, but in first person. The soldiers falling apart when they die is lovely. I really hope they continue developing it.
Comments on this article are now closed.
Cheeseness 11 December 2014 at 10:34 am UTC
As an aside, Liam was excited enough by War of Toys to reach out to the developers and ask if they had plans to continue development. Apparently they do.

The Probably Archery developers have put their title, Paint the town Red up on Greenlight offering Linux support and are hoping to have Linux builds available at some point soon.

There are likely to be more and more titles offering Linux builds over time (when 7DFPS ended, about half of what's here now did), so feel free to peruse the non-Linux games as well and let developers know what you appreciate!
HadBabits 11 December 2014 at 6:03 pm UTC
View PC info
  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter
Excellent work as always, Cheese I might try to brush up on my programming today!
flesk 11 December 2014 at 8:12 pm UTC
View PC info
  • Contributing Editor
  • Supporter
Yeah, great article.
Cheeseness 11 December 2014 at 11:04 pm UTC
Thanks guys! If either of you (or anyone else) gets involved with 7DFPS next year, let me know. I'd love to see more Linux using developers participating

Also, if anybody gets a chance to try out any of this year's games, I'd be keen to hear some more opinions!
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