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The Cheapskate's Corner 12 (Aug 2nd-8th) (UPDATED)

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Welcome one more week to The Cheapskate's Corner. It's August and everybody goes away on holiday... except us! We keep on working as hard as ever to discover and bring you the best deals involving Linux games. Let's begin with a brief recap of all the expired bundles and sales:


· The last Humble Weekly Sale to date that featured at least a Linux game ended yesterday night. In it you could get a copy of Gratuitous Space Battles, in case you didn't have it yet. The new one, however, is dedicated to 1C Company with only 2 out of 6 games being DRM-free and semi-cross-platform (Win/Mac). Adding in the current Humble Deep Silver Bundle, this results in a significant karma loss for Humble Bundle.

· ShinyLoot's Summer Platformer Sale is also over. It offered us some platformer games for Linux at 50% off, and eventually at a further discount: Bridge Crosser, Grimind, On The Shoulders Of Ancestors and Ostrich Island.

· Last week Steam featured a bundle, which finished some days ago. It was the Puppy Games Ultra Bundle and it included Droid Assault, Revenge of the Titans, Titan Attacks! and Ultratron at an effective 70% discount rate.

· Finally, IndieGameStand is gathering all the karma lost by Humble Bundle as it continues to feature interesting Linux games. Last week's deals included King Arthur's Gold new beta edition on one hand, and a true MagicalTimeBean bundle on the other, with Soulcaster II, the original Soulcaster and Escape Goat. The current deal is yet another Linux title. See below to discover what game is it.



Charlie's Games STOP Mega Bundle Pack STOP Still going on STOP Irukandji STOP Bullet Candy 2013 update STOP Bullet Candy Perfect STOP $1 STOP Scoregasm STOP $5 STOP Contact Charlie for Steam Desura keys STOP


The are two ongoing's bundles with either confirmed or potential Linux games in them:

· The Rugged Rogues Bundle has gone live recently and includes Tales of Maj'Eyal and Voyage to Farland at the $5 level, and Dungeon Prospector at the bonus $7 level. All the games come with Desura keys.

· The Kids & Charity Bundle doesn't include anything playable on Linux right now, but many of its games could be ported someday. In the $1-$4 level you can find 3 Teddy Floppy Ear games made with Unity: The Race, Mountain Adventure and Kayaking. The $5-$7 level offers Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? (allegedly being ported to Linux) and Woodle Tree (Linux version coming in a future release). Bold type with capital letters disclaimer: get this bundle only if you like to gamble, as you can end up empty-handed.


The debuting GamesRage website's first bundle is still going on, and it will be available for almost 8 more days. Only one out of the five Polish indie games is available on Linux. We're talking about King Arthur's Gold:


Pay at least $1 and get it both DRM-free and as a Desura key.


The DinoRubbish MegaBundle hasn't ended yet, so you can still get Pixeljam's Dino Run SE and Slakinov's Super Space Rubbish, along with their OSTs:

image image

Get the two games and the two soundtracks for only $5. About this bundle's availability, it looks like it's been going on since 2011 so it's equally expected to last for quite a long time. We'll remember you about this deal next week for the last time, so hurry up and get it now if you're interested or else you could end up forgetting about it completely.


Indie Gala's The Summertide Bundle has unlocked two of the three bonus games, but none of them is Linux-compatible. So it offers the same as last week i.e. the Wine-wrapped Oniken at the $1 level:


And Space Pirates and Zombies plus a Steam key if paying more than $3.82:


Apart from the aforementioned two games and the potential 3rd secret game there are two more titles at the base tier that will be coming to Linux according to its developer, although not in the inmediate future. They are Miner Warfare and Doom & Destiny, both developed by Heart Bit Interactive.


The Adventure - Role Playing Groupee is ending in less than 2 days and none of the bonus unlocked since last week has been a Linux game. So it will go down in history as a non-Linux bundle, although one of its games -Ben There, Dan That!- can be played natively on Linux using the AGS Linux port (we can bear witness to this fact):


Since this bundle is of the build-a-bundle type, this means you must select 2 or more games and pay at least $0.75 for each one of them. Luckily some of the other games included in the bundle could eventually come to Linux: Aztaka (whose Linux version is apparently almost done), Vox (which will be ported to Linux soon-ish, as its developers confirmed to us) and They Breathe (which will possibly be ported to Linux if its creators receive more requests).

UPDATE: This bundle already expired.


Finally the last ongoing bundle of the week is Indie Royale's The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle. It doesn't include any Linux game either, but again there are a couple of games in it which could possibly have Linux versions in the future. They are Antipole (its developer is looking into a Mac build and a Linux version should follow if it works), Little Racers STREET (it will be ported to Linux if/when it gets Greenlit) and SpyLeaks (another Heart Bit Interactive game that is planned to have a Linux port although it's not on top of their priorities right now). There's no more bonus game to be unlocked, so as we always say buy this bundle at your own risk since as there's no guarantee you are getting any Linux game in the end.

UPDATE: The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle's over and the new Starry Nights Bundle has occupied its place. Beat the current £3.50/$5.25/4€ and get Sentinel:


There are 4 other games -and at least a yet undisclosed bonus game- in this bundle, but none of them is currently available on Linux. Right now we're investigating their chances of eventually having Linux ports. Stay tuned for any news in this regard.


After last edition's outburst of new bundles and sales, calm and quietness have taken over this week.


Among the prevailing calm, we must highlight FireFlower Games', Gameolith's and ShinyLoot's Cross-Store Summer Sale. It works like this:

1) The three stores have -almost- their entire game catalogue at 25% off: FireFlower Games has applied it directly to the games, ShinyLoot applies it to your shopping cart and at Gameolith you've got to add the discount coupon GOTWENTYFIVE when checking out.

2) Buy any (or every :P) game from one of these three stores and get $1 in credit at the other two stores for every $5 spent -- up to a maximum of $5 in credits for every single purchase.

The only reference we have about this cross-store deal's duration is from Gameolith's banner, according to which the sale ends this Sunday. Needless to say, hurry up and study your options for getting the most out of this deal!

UPDATE: This promotion is officially over, but apparently Gameolith is still accepting the GOTWENTYFIVE 25% discount coupon on any purchase. We're not sure if that will earn you credit to spend on the other two stores, though.


The Green Light Bundle 4 is a more traditional kind of bundle. Like the 3 previous ones, and as the name suggests, it's a bundle composed of games currently on Steam Greenlight. Luckily for us three out of the 5 games included in this bundle are already available on Linux, with another one on its way to being ported. They are 8-bit Commando, the recently ported Escape Goat and KRUNCH:

image image image

All of them come with a Desura key as well as a DRM-free download. The other game is Constant C, which is being ported to Unity and so it will support Linux soon -- and incidentally it's also on Indiegogo trying to raise some funds in order to finish the game. Pay $5, no more no less, to get them.

You can also pay $7 to unlock some bonuses and another game, Ichi, which is available for Linux but the page doesn't make it clear if it comes with a Linux DRM-free download or not (as there's not a Linux version on Desura yet). We'd like to find out by contacting this bundle's staff, but alas there's no contact method mentioned on their page. Could you believe it?


And finally, as we said before Good Guy IndieGameStand is currently featuring yet another Linux game. This time around is Sentinel:


As usual pay what you want ($0.25 min, no Desura key this time) for it, or beat the current $1.75 average to also get the game's soundtrack. The deal will be live for about a day and a half more, so be quick to get it if you're interested!

UPDATE: Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later... After countless Linux deals, the new IndieGameStand featured game is only available for Windows and Mac. Let's hope this is only an exception before going back to fully multiplatform titles. We'll find out in little over two days.


With all major venues having bundles and sales going on, the only forecast we can make is the usual IndieGameStand's next deal prediction: it could either be Scoregasm, DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale, Pandora: Purge of Pride or SickBrick. Extending our scope to potentially coming-to-Linux games it could also be Party of Sin, a game allegedly coming to Linux. However, none of the last 4 deals were pre-announced by this website's staff, so it could be anything really.

And that's all for today! Keep an eye on this column as we'll customarily update it whenever anything new happens... and there's always something new. In the meantime, remember to regularly check our sales page for the latest and newest Linux games sales. See you next week! ;)

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Sabun 3 Aug, 2013
Another superb article muntdefems, your articles on the Cheapskate corner are so good I'm becoming poorer every time I read one... Hahaha, keep it up mate :)
s_d 4 Aug, 2013
Quoting: SabunAnother superb article muntdefems, your articles on the Cheapskate corner are so good I'm becoming poorer every time I read one... Hahaha, keep it up mate :)

Yeah, no doubt!  I have Humble's peculiar choices to thank for my wallet's safety this week...
muntdefems 5 Aug, 2013
Article updated to note the finished deals and to include the new Indie Royale bundle.

PS: Sorry for your wallets, guys! :P
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