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The Cheapskate's Corner 17 (Sep 5th-11th)

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The Cheapskate's Corner is out on Thursday for the second time in a row but this time, in sharp contrast with the previous week, we aren't bringing much new stuff. We're sorry to inform you there's not a single Brand New Deal this week, for one. For lack of new deals, let's review the already expired ones:


· The Humble Weekly Sale devoted to Paradox Interactive ended just a copule of hours ago. In it you could get many Steam-only games, only Crusader Kings II being available for Linux. On our last edition we complained about this fact, but today's new Weekly Sale is worse: no Linux content whatsoever. Well, at least all the games are available DRM-free and are semi-cross-platform for Windows and Mac. :|

· Groupees' Be Mine 9 has also expired recently. Its final Linux games count is as follows: Particulars, The 39 Steps, and Ittle Dew as already available titles; Depths of Peril, Splatter, Eador: Masters of the Broken World, and Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages could be hitting Linux in the future with different levels of likelihood -- please take a look at our latest edition for more details.

· Last week we were offered two interesting deals by Steam. First there was Greenlight's 1st Anniversary sale, in which you could find many discounted greenlit games for Linux. And shortly after, Natural Selection 2 was put at 75% off and was selected for last week's Free Weekend, so anyone could install it and give it a try before purchasing it. If you didn't, now's too late!

· And finally, IndieGameStand keeps on offering games with Linux versions. During the last 7 days they featured both Pandora: Purge of Pride and Elliot Quest. Unfortunately, the current deal is only available on Windows so we won't be talking about this venue at least until next Monday when the new deal will go live.



Alright, Charlie from Charlie's Games got the better of us as he still doesn't give up on his Mega Bundle Pack. We've been talking about this deal since issue #4 and we guess that if you still haven't got it you won't do it in a million years. So that's the last time we remind you that paying what you want -$1 minimum- you'll get Irukandji, Bullet Candy, and Bullet Candy Perfect, and if paying $5 or more you'll also get a DRM-free copy and a Steam key for Scoregasm. Additional Steam and/or Desura keys can be requested to Charlie himself via email, as usual.


Last week we forgot to mention there's a third ongoing's bundle with Linux content, so we're including it now:

· The Rugged Rogues Bundle contains Tales of Maj'Eyal and Voyage to Farland at the $5 level, with Dungeon Prospector at the bonus $7 level. All three games come as Desura keys.

· The SciFi Bundle includes at the $5 tier the soon-to-come-to-Linux Constant C, and at the $7 Bundle+ level there's Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire alpha, both games coming in the form of Desura keys. Plus Beyond Beyaan was confirmed to be heading to Linux, so this one will eventually end up being a 3-title bundle.

· Finally, the Phoenix Horror Bundle offers you The Cat Lady for $5; remember that this game can be played natively on Linux using the AGS Linux port. Additionally, the bundle also includes the first 2 episodes of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, the first one in the $5 tier and the second one in the $7 Bundle+ level. Both games are allegedly coming to Linux whenever the developers finish the 4 games for this series and upgrade their Unity license to v4.


Bundle Stars' Atomic Indie Bundle encore has been prolonged for 3 more weeks, so you can still get SpaceChem for $5 or your local equivalent. However, even though we're cheapskates at heart we like to reward those developers who care about Linux and we try to avoid purchasing bundles with only a Linux title in them. That's why we'd like to encourage you to get this game on ShinyLoot instead: it costs the same, it includes a DRM-free version apart from the Steam key, and the developers will receive a way higher chunk of your money. That way everybody wins. :)


As you could get from our comment on the previous deal, ShinyLoot is still celebrating their Launch Sale, and will be doing so until October 6th. I works like this: most of their games catalogue is on sale at a minimum of 15%-25% off; then there are Weekly Deals where a bunch of selected games are offered at 50% off; from Friday to Sunday it's Weekend Deal time; and finally from Tuesday to Thursday there are insane 80-85% off Daily Deals. That's a really good reason for checking this site every day!

image's Digital Games Late Summer Deals is ending on Sunday, so hurry up if you're interested in one of these 12 11 discounted games that are available for Linux:

image image image image image
image image image image image image

All of them are between 50% and 75% off and they come as a Steam key. Remember that you must set a valid US address in your Amazon profile before you can effectively purchase any game on

UPDATE: As Linas points out, be careful if buying Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers as nothing else has been known about the matter since the initial announcement one month ago.


As we said at the beginning of this column Groupees' Be Mine 9 is already over, but there's still another bundle of theirs going on. It's the Capsule Computers Indie Bundle, where you can get Three Dead Zed (DRM-free + Desura code) for a minimum of 1 dollar, and SpaceChem (DRM-free + Steam key) for a minimum of $5:

image image

Besides these two games, the bundle includes two more titles that will eventually come to Linux. The first one is Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman, it's located at the $1 level, and as we said earlier it will be ported to Linux once the whole series is released (just one episode to go). The other one is Lost Marbles, you need to pay $5 or more to unlock it, and according to its developers it will be ported to Linux as soon as they upgrade their Unity3D license.

The next bonus game to be unlocked is Cognition Episode 2: The Wise Monkey, so the comments for Episode 1 apply here as well. Finally, there's yet another unannounced bonus game, so that makes a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 games you can get with this bundle. The deal will stand until next Thursday so there's plenty of time to wait for the last bonus to be announced and decide whether this deal appeals to you.


Here's a new section where we'll put all those bundles with no Linux content among their games, some of which could eventually be available for Linux. Thus, purchasing any of those deals would be like gambling at the roulette. :P


Indie Royale's latest bundle, The Debut 4 Bundle , does include a Linux game: Aeon Command. However its retail price is somewhat lower than the bundle's price, so it's not worth it for this game alone. This is where the roulette comes into play, as two of the other titles included in this deal have some chances of being available for Linux someday:

· Block Story: according to the developers, they will do a Linux version once they upgrade to Unity 4. However, that statement was made on March 29 and nothing has happened since, so take it with a pinch of salt.

· Bollywood Wannabe: the creator told us a Linux version is something she wants to do as soon as she can, but she doesn't have the time or money to do it right now.

So here you have it. By the way, the bundle costs around £3/$4.75/3.50€. Would you gamble your money in it? If you would, do it quickly as it's going to expire in about 12 hours!


Indie Gala's new deal, The Indie Gala Flashpoint  is another roulette-bundle. None of its games has been released for Linux yet, but some of them could be in the near future:

· Knytt Underground: the game is in beta stage for Linux, and hopefully it will be available either on Desura or on Steam when it's finished. The only question is when will that happen?

· Musaic Box: according to the developers it would be easy to port it to Linux in the near future since they already ported it to OSX. They didn't provide a ballpark date, though.

· Hammerfight: although it's already been ported to Linux, it's not available in this bundle as only Steam/Desura keys are provided. And unfortunately there seems to be some legal work to be done to get the Linux version into Steam, but the developers are not sure they want to go all that road...

· Ignite: the developers told us they are still working on the iOS port, but that the Linux port will come some time after that. They couldn't give us an estimated date either.

Plus there's 3 more Steam games to be unlocked in the second week, so stay tuned for any update to this article or for the next issue of The Cheapskate's Corner in case any of these 3 games concerns us as Linux gamers.


As much as we wish for new unexpected deals to come up in the following days, we cannot think of anything right now. So we're just going to stick to our customary IndieGameStand watchlist: SickBrick or Party of Sin -- the latter only allegedly coming to Linux.

And so ends this rather skinny issue of The Cheapskate's Corner. We'll meet again next Thursday, although we expect to be updating this column more than once before that. If not, don't forget to check our sales page to keep track of the best deals involving Linux games. See you! ;)

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $   UPDATE   $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


As per Bob's request we'll mention Steam's latest sale, a mini-bundle in its own right: the Wargame Franchise Pack at 60% off. It includes Wargame: European Escalation and Wargame: Airland Battle:

image image

You can grab it for £16/$22/22€ until next Monday at 5PM UTC, so if you get it now you can devote the weekend to some intense RTS gaming action.

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bob 6 Sep, 2013
did you see on steam that wargame airland battle is on sale and for linux?  good deal like 50% off,  did you like that game? i think it got good reviews
n30p1r4t3 6 Sep, 2013
I thought the last HWS was steam key only.
Speedster 6 Sep, 2013
Broken link for post about Cognition coming to linux, should be

Phoenix Online have the opportunity to get started on updating some of their custom code to Unity 4 using funding from the Moebius project, since they have re-used some Cognition code in Moebius where it made sense (they are both adventure games after all).
Linas 6 Sep, 2013
I would be careful about listing Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers as a Linux game. The developers have been awfully quiet about the Linux version since the original announcement.
ZikZak 6 Sep, 2013
I just noticed that HammerWatch is finally available in my HIB account for GNU/Linux and DRM-Free \o/
Anonymous 6 Sep, 2013
Just wanted to say Knytt Underground is available for Linux, though it is in beta. So, if you purchase it somehwere, ask the developer to give you access to it. The game works perfectly. Actually, it works so damn well, I am somewhat confused at the fact it is still in beta.
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