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The Communist Dogifesto has quite an amusing setting, with Russian space dogs aboard a space station becoming really rather intelligent and taking it over. It's open source and it just had a rather big update.

About the game:

The Communist Dogifesto is a science fiction first-person shooter set on a Soviet space station in Lunar orbit, which has been used as a platform for experimentation on the Russian space dogs. Unfortunately, dogs this deep in space have more tricks in their vac suit than the scientists accounted for. Now Laika has taken over and you are the only one left who can take back the station, or at least attempt to escape with your life!

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I was actually quite impressed when I tried it before, now it's even more impressive. The developer has been listening to player feedback and so yesterday they put out quite a big patch to improve many aspects of the game.

Improvements include: the addition of in-game music including ambient soundtrack and combat music, a quicksave/quickload feature, a custom in-game cursor, better tutorial text, an end-game stats screen, improved enemy behaviour, better precision of target selection for when you're picking up items and plenty more. See the full patch notes here.

It's also currently 50% off on It's available on Steam too, but the sale is only on although buying it on itch does give you a Steam key too.

Source code along with assets is available on GitLab, purchasing a copy enables the developer to continue patching it and make more games—I like their style!

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vededev 17 Aug, 2018
Hey, thanks for the coverage! I'm the developer of this game, and I can't say how cool it is to get such enthusiastic support from the Linux gaming community. I'll make sure to keep up on the comments here in case anyone has a question or comment I can address.

I should add, if you do buy the game and enjoy it: leave a review! This helps immensely to boost the game's visibility on whatever distribution platform you've purchased it on, it's an easy free way to support the game even after you bought it ;)

Last edited by vededev on 17 August 2018 at 2:05 pm UTC
buenaventura 17 Aug, 2018
That's so cool, will definately buy on itch to support! Very interesting "businessmodel".

Edit: Hey, it's the dev! So, do you have a roadmap for planned features and stuff in the future, or are you looking at making other games? What engine is it CD made with?

Edit2: Went and bought it now at itch, nice work! It's really cool.

Last edited by buenaventura on 17 August 2018 at 3:32 pm UTC
vededev 17 Aug, 2018
Right now I consider this game to be basically finished, and I don't have any plans to add new content at the moment. Since the initial release I have been working on a new project which I hope to release around December or January again, but isn't quite in a state that I want to start promoting it publicly yet.

The Communist Dogifesto is written entirely in C, and uses SDL2 and OpenGL for input, audio, and graphics.
fabertawe 17 Aug, 2018
I just bought this on the strength of Liam's articles and the Dev's model ^_^

The game's better than I imagined, really good fun. "Blocky" graphics usually put me off a bit but they lend the game a certain style and I'm enjoying it. Excellent!
Cyril 17 Aug, 2018
I like this dev model, I bought it on ;)
Stoney_Fish 17 Aug, 2018
Good article, nice discount with a steam key too. Plays nice and draws you in to the game pretty quickly.

In "Options", the setting separately of the X and Y resolution was different, I expected a drop down list.

No issues or errors so far on Ubuntu 18.04 with nvidia.
raneon 17 Aug, 2018
Looks like I nice game, I took the offer on And thanks to the developer for providing this as free software, this is something we see way too seldom :-) The game runs without any issues.

Last edited by raneon on 17 August 2018 at 2:17 pm UTC
Purple Library Guy 17 Aug, 2018
I remember this game coming up here before. It does sound rather cool . . . but I'm still sort of on the dogs' side. Don't suppose there are any plans to play the dogs overthrowing the vile state capitalist human exploiters to set up a true Communist utopia in space?
linuxjacques 17 Aug, 2018
I too am with the dogs. Nice price and business model. I just bought this.
vededev 18 Aug, 2018
For anyone worried that they'd be playing as the bad guy: I don't want to spoil the plot or anything, but that's the basic arc of the game. Are the dogs wrong? Maybe you should just go back to Earth and let them save humanity?
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The comments on this article are closed.