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The E3 2019 Linux gaming round-up

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Since there was actually more from E3 2019 for Linux than I expected, here's a little round-up of things so you don't get lost in a sea of articles. As expected, there's little in the way of AAA games but anyone actually expecting that for Linux hasn't been keeping up. Traditionally, E3 has never really given much information for Linux gamers. There were still a few fun little surprises though!

Coming this year


Coming in 2020





  • Ryzen 9 3950X and Radeon RX 5700
  • Smach Z handheld - Shipping this year, Linux by default (Windows costs extra). There's been talk of them bringing out a Switch-like dock, to enable the CPU to run faster too.
  • Atari VCS console - March 2020


Pinched by Epic Store

  • WHAT THE GOLF? - Epic Exclusive until next year
  • Griftlands - Epic Exclusive until next year
  • Afterparty - Epic Exclusive until next year, waiting to hear more info from the developer



Since Stadia will work on Linux and it's powered by Linux, here's what is newly announced for it:

  • Marvel's Avengers - Square Enix
  • Watch Dogs: Legion - Ubisoft
  • Uplay+ - an extra subscription service, with access to 100+ games. Not clear how many of those will be on Stadia.


Interestingly, we also now know why Valve are going it alone in making their own stand-alone version of Dota Auto Chess. During E3 at the PC Gaming Show, the original creator of the popular Dota 2 game mode revealed that his own stand-alone desktop game is going to be an Epic Store exclusive. It now makes more sense why Valve said, "Valve and Drodo could not work directly with each other for a variety of reasons".

On another Valve-related note that's small, Valve also put out Steam Play Proton 4.2-7 to "Fix for performance and sound regression that affected some games, like Wolfenstein: The New Order.". This was needed, as FAudio was a bit messed-up.

For those curious (we've been asked a few times about this), Paradox Interactive and Romero Games also revealed Empire of Sin, sadly though it seems to be another game published by Paradox that won't be seeing Linux support. Linux was missed out of all the press info they sent.

As for a random bit of non-gaming news, Debian 10 Buster was announced this week to release on July 6th.

Plenty more non-E3 news to come Linux gaming fans! I have a big todo-list and inbox waiting for me, which got pushed back by the surprising number of announcements over the last two days.

I will continue to add to this, as more comes out so check back often!

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Liam Dawe 12 Jun, 2019
Here we go again...not getting into it. I made my point.
Corben 12 Jun, 2019
I'm really curious if we see any benefits in the future through Stadia. Be it direct or indirect. Though it's Linux powered, I'm afraid it's all a black box. So if we hear that Uplay+ will come to Stadia, I'd imagine, wow, they must have Linux versions of their games, so they could publish them on Steam? But I doubt they've ported their catalogue to Linux, so if they don't share any insight, we won't know how this works under the hood. Maybe they are wrapping it with wine/proton. Or Google has its own wrapper.

This causes again a kind of "meh" feeling... Microsoft acquiring more studios that used to release Linux versions, Epic catching more games for exclusivity and thus not giving us Linux version (in the first place), etc... but on the other hand this is really a high level of complaining. We do have many games to play, and until the Linux market share doesn't increase, it won't become a better situation for us. It's just this... "I want it too" thing. The new and shiny cool stuff. And someone else took it, so it's out of our reach.

Well, let's keep buying our games on Steam, so they keep improving Proton and we can at least play most of the Singleplayer things. I mean, even Microsoft is publishing big things on Steam, so chances are good we can play it via Proton...

Liam Dawe 12 Jun, 2019
The thing to remember about Stadia is that games do have to run on Linux. It's literally Debian under the hood. However, most AAA titles have high levels of abstraction for APIs, since they often run on Windows, PS4, Xbox, Switch and some on Mac, so getting it on Linux with Vulkan for bigger studios isn't going to be a lot of trouble.
Geppeto35 12 Jun, 2019
Hope that Cyberpunk 2077 will work fine with either wine or steamplay quickly. Will make 2020 great for linux if so. I'm kindly lobbying for that on forum & cie

Also expect on the same scheme (if we do not have a native port): Phoenix point, Vampire: the Mascarade 2, Rune 2 (enjoy the first a looong time ago on a Suse ^^), biomutant, detroit become human, minecraft dungeons
Liam Dawe 12 Jun, 2019
Geppeto35Phoenix point
I'm still sad.
Geppeto35 12 Jun, 2019
Geppeto35Phoenix point
I'm still sad.
me too, i would say even my last year disappointment! But let's bet on steamplay or wine?
Ehvis 12 Jun, 2019
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  • Supporter
  • Top Supporter
I noticed a lot of familiar names in the Marvel's Avenger trailer. This may be one where Feral could be hired for the Stadia work, which would make it an easy target for Linux support as well.
Corben 12 Jun, 2019
Geppeto35Phoenix point
I'm still sad.
me too, i would say even my last year disappointment! But let's bet on steamplay or wine?
This and Outer Wilds... though the latter will come to Steam, and hopefully plays well at least with Proton.
But those two made me think twice before crowdfunding projects that promised a Linux version... and Bloodstained...
iiari 12 Jun, 2019
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  • Supporter
CorbenI'm really curious if we see any benefits in the future through Stadia. Be it direct or indirect.
I've long used streaming game services and have hoped and predicted it would be the future of, if not hardcore gaming, then casual gaming. I could easily see parents getting it for their kids rather than more expensive hardware. I also think it'll be great for Linux, as it'll allow us to play almost everything. I tried the streaming tech demo that Google had going a few months, and it worked really well. That said, a few things:

  • Almost none of the Stadia titles announced so far, save for perhaps the Ghost Recon title, appeal to me at all...

  • I don't find the Stadia pricing model tremendously appealing either...

  • I originally thought Google was doing their Fiber ISP to lay the groundwork for services just like Stadia. Makes them backing off of it really strange, and possibly could sabotage its own efforts... I was almost sure we'd eventually see a bundle of, "Subscribe to the Fiber service, and get 6 months of Stadia free!"

  • I was disappointed at the lack of focus in MS's streaming service announcements yesterday, as I was hoping they would be coming out strong given all their exclusive properties and studios...

Great article about the lack of detail in the MS announcement as well as some challenges to streaming (1 T of data use in 4K streaming after 65 hrs! Try that with your cable data cap!) at a Verge article here.

Last edited by iiari on 12 June 2019 at 8:57 am UTC
Liam Dawe 12 Jun, 2019
Added the big Terraria update.
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