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The final results of the Linux GRID Autosport tournament

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Now that the braking-dust has settled a bit, I thought I should do a little write-up on the first official GOL Grid Autosport tournament.

When I came to the GOL IRC channel one thing I noticed was the apparent lack of playing as a group. After trying to organize things a couple of times and eventually playing with some the IRC regulars, I started getting ideas for a little tournament. It was during a round of GRID Autosport that more people pitched the idea that I decided to actually make this happen.

Since GRID was pretty hot at that moment I decided it was a good game to start with. The holiday sale would allow more people to actually buy the game which would hopefully translate to more drivers attending.

After setting up a suggestion thread on the GOL forum and actually getting a special tournament sub-forum things took shape pretty fast. Furious set up a steam-group where we could setup event dates and times. By the first week of January we had our first race!

Some of you may have watched the streams and/or recordings of our races on YouTube. Xpander69 has uploaded most, if not all, of the races he's been in, for instance.

As you might be able to tell we had a blast driving around trying to not hit the walls, drive into the gravel, grass and other inanimate objects. When it came to driving into other drivers, it was a different matter all together! At some point, people started giving orders on who to take out! This did not die away in the weeks that followed and actually got worse.

What did remain constant were the names that topped the results. Sure, there were some deviations but on the whole we had 3 drivers who absolutely left the rest of us in the dust!

Before I give you the final standings I want to thank every driver that took part in the tournament! Even if you only drove for a single race you helped make this tournament a success and fun time for us all!

Thanks also to TheBoss for giving us a platform (GOL) to organize this and, finally, Feral Interactive for actually porting the game to Linux.

Finally, the results!

Driver Total
Xpander 335
sigz 329
gurnu 297
nckpau 235
Furious 218
pihevi 184
Ysblokje 173
tumocs 172
serjor 148
samsai 123
Kallestofeles 83
BigBoss/TheBoss 70
Fenix2412 70
esdf 21
blackbarney 19
RTheren 16
homerj 1

So congratulation to Xpander, Sigz & Gurnu.

Until the next tournament!
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RTheren 6 Feb, 2016
I am not the last :D

I couldn't join last 2 races (because ISP), but it was pretty amazing. Can't wait for some more carnage :)
neowiz73 6 Feb, 2016
that looked like a lot of fun :) i haven't been playing Grid that much lately, seems to much like a racing sim, although I was getting a bit better the last time i played. would be nice to catch up to you guys and give it a go sometime. I'm surprised you guys just don't play Dirt Showdown :P I'm actually pretty decent at that.
Liam Dawe 6 Feb, 2016
I would have been higher...maybe, but sadly the audio bug with USB headsets killed the game for me, I'm testing some Pulse fixes for it atm.
Xpander 6 Feb, 2016
hope to play some more, not into DIRT Showdown much tbh, its too arcady and it lacks the setup features for the races, so its just pretty much random and people can vote out if they dont like.

Grid is good :) hopefully we will have F1 2015 soon as well and maybe Dirt Rally (i really want this) at some day.
wolfyrion 6 Feb, 2016
Quoting: TheBossI would have been higher...maybe, but sadly the audio bug with USB headsets killed the game for me, I'm testing some Pulse fixes for it atm.

what Kernel you are using?
serjor 7 Feb, 2016
What!!!??? You finished the tournament in a better position than me?? I should join that last race...

Anyway, the tournament was fun, really fun, and not because of the game, it was fun because of all the comments people did before, during and after each race, so I really hope that this tournament is the first of lots of them, no matter the game, because it worths it.
STiAT 7 Feb, 2016
And I had no time :-( .. damn birthday party. If I look at the recordings I think I'd have had good chances to be second-last :-).
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The comments on this article are closed.