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The first beta for Lutris 0.5 is out with a refreshed UI and GOG support

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Lutris, the 'open gaming platform' has a new beta version out that features a refreshed UI and it's looking really sleek now.

For those not clued up on Lutris, it's a game manager. One that will allow you to bundle all your games from various places into one single handy user interface. It comes with tons of options including Steam, Wine, emulators and more.

Here's a look at the new UI with the dark theme:

While it's not massively different, it does feel a lot cleaner than the older version.

Lutris also now has support for installing games from GOG as well, which is pretty handy. You can add a game to your Lutris library and when you go to install it, an option for GOG is now available. It will bring up a little window to login to GOG and then download it directly for you—love it!

If you grab the source file from this announcement, you can then run the included file to test out the new version. Simply run the file located in "/path/to/download/lutris/bin/lutris" and have a play.

Impressed with their progress, good to see it continue to mature. This latest beta certainly feels like a good step for this handy application.

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legluondunet 27 Dec, 2018
A must to to have for Linux gamers.
Nezchan 27 Dec, 2018
I'd love to see that functionality with Itch. I'm more likely to get games from them than GoG at the moment.
fenevadkan 27 Dec, 2018
Could anyone make c64 games work with it? I can run it via vice directly without a problem, but cannot do that with Lutris
Dedale 27 Dec, 2018
Oh ! Impressive if that works ! I have had mixed success with it. Finally i am able to play starcraft 1 thanks to them. I probably should go ask on their forum to solve a glitch on crysis.

Anyway very impressive. Thank you a lot ! :)
Jollt 27 Dec, 2018
Lutris is amazing and so easy to use, works really great too, thanks devs for the awesome work!
raneon 27 Dec, 2018
I've tested it just now again... Is it able to link now multiple Steam libraries? At least GOG support sounds interesting.
stan 27 Dec, 2018
Quoting: DedaleFinally i am able to play starcraft 1 thanks to them.
For what it’s worth, I installed and played Starcraft a few days ago, just using the free installer provided by Blizzard, under Wine staging 3.21. Had no issue!

It’s nice that Lutris supports GOG now, if it encourages some people to buy more DRM-free games.
jens 27 Dec, 2018
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  • Supporter
I guess I wont be popular with my opinion, but I hope that Steam Play/Proton will take that much steam that wrapping Wine/Steam on windows via Lutris will soon no longer be relevant. The reason for my opinion here is that I still think that gaming on Linux will only improve in the long term when Linux hits a significantly higher market share than the current 1%. Playing windows games outside of Proton does not increases Linux visibility.

This is just my opinion, by all means everyone is free to use Linux as one wishes. Note also that I don't talk about making Lutris irrelevant, I know that it wraps more than just Wine.

Last edited by jens on 27 December 2018 at 8:33 pm UTC
Shmerl 27 Dec, 2018
Quoting: Guestpretty sad that a 3rd party has to put gog support when GOG themselves cannot even put out a launcher.kudos to strider for this cool release.

Normal XDG menu launcher works fine for me. What exactly do you need there? Just place a .desktop file in $HOME/.local/share/applications (providing it with what to run and an icon) and you are good to go. I make these myself for Wine games as well. I find the idea of using some extra GUI applications as a launcher to be simply too bloated, when your DE already offers you quick way to launch things.

The main benefit of clients is not a launcher (that's trivial), but incremental updating.

Last edited by Shmerl on 27 December 2018 at 8:51 pm UTC
Shmerl 27 Dec, 2018
Quoting: jensI guess I wont be popular with my opinion, but I hope that Steam Play/Proton will take that much steam that wrapping Wine/Steam on windows via Lutris will soon no longer be relevant.

Not everyone is using Steam to begin with, and not everything is actually bought on Steam. So using normal Wine (either manually or through managers like Lutris) isn't going to become irrelevant any time soon.

Using Steam itself through Wine probably won't be as needed for Steam users, given that Steam now provides Proton option.

Last edited by Shmerl on 27 December 2018 at 8:57 pm UTC
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