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The FOSS strategy game 0 A.D. seems to be coming along very nicely

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Things on the news front for the FOSS RTS game 0 A.D. have been quiet recently but they certainly haven't been sitting on their hands, a lot of work has been going on in the background.

A game that's a real pleasure to watch grow, easily one of the most professional looking FOSS games around that may one day rival much bigger RTS games.

Since releasing Alpha 23 last year, the team haven't really said much. That changed yesterday, with the release of a brand new progress report. The silence on a lot of FOSS project news at times is quite understandable though, pulling together information on everything going on can be quite time consuming when people just want to get things done.

I shall note below some highlights below of what's coming.

Lots of new art assets went in including multiple new types bushes, trees, grass, foot-paths, papyrus and a lot more. Some shots below:

Continuing on the art there's also going to be many new Macedonian, Persian and Roman unit textures. There's a red fox model and animations, pigs got animated, new horses and other animals. New maps are coming too including Farmland, Oceanside, Temperate Roadway duel maps.

Lots of code improvements too including an improved water shader, to make the reflection and refraction a little more realistic. The map editor also gained a new tool, to allow you to choose the water height. Optimisations to the pathfinder, attack effects became moddable with an example of enabling a unit to both capture and damage in a single attack. There's also UTF8 support for map name and description, a major update to the SpiderMonkey version used for the game's scripting functionality.

The list of additions goes on for a while like units having an XP bar, new snowflakes and clouds particles and so on. Sadly though, there's no date yet for when Alpha 24 will be available but it's shaping up to be a massive release overall.

Also, for a slightly easier list of user-facing features to read over that are coming to Alpha 24 they're keeping a list here.

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Julius 13 Sep, 2019
It's nice that they improve the graphics, but it would be great if they could also innovate on gameplay or at least make modding a bit more easy (last time I checked you basically had to fork the engine for more extensive gameplay modifications).

Last edited by Julius on 13 September 2019 at 4:02 pm UTC
Mumrik93 13 Sep, 2019
It's great to see this game still making progress! Know it might still be a long while before it has it's official release, but i'm willing to wait, even if it takes another decade!
Purple Library Guy 13 Sep, 2019
Quotepigs got animated
Ooh! I've been waiting for this!
(What? I'm fond of pigs)
Salvatos 13 Sep, 2019
Are the footpaths based on unit traffic or pre-placed? I still remember how much it blew me away when I saw the former as a kid in one of the Settlers games.
sub 14 Sep, 2019
Great project.

Do they plan to include a single-player campaign?
iwantlinuxgames 15 Sep, 2019
Quoting: Purple Library Guy
Quotepigs got animated
Ooh! I've been waiting for this!
(What? I'm fond of pigs)

I'm quite fond of them myself.....without pigs, there'd be no bacon. Or Xiao Long Bao, or Cha Shao Bao, or Cha Shao Rou, or Rou Da Bao, or.....
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The comments on this article are closed.