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The Humble Origin (EA) Bundle...Wait...What?!

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Has Humble gone completely insane? Long gone are the days of the Humble Indie Bundle it seems with the push of Windows only bundles like this latest one, they have teamed up with EA a company who has been voted not once but twice as the worst company in America.

No you are not dreaming. Put your wallets away.

You may remember my past editorial titled "Humble Not So Friendly Anymore Bundle", so as you know I am no stranger to picking at them for decisions like this that wash away what their brand used to stand for, if you can't be bothered to read that let me just re-hash an image for you:
Looks like DRM is a friend of Humble now isn't it? Steam and Origin, come on Humble!

Let's take a look at this video for a moment, anyone remember this?
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Notice how they are being sure to hammer down our throats that they are supporting DRM Free and Cross Platform Compatible games. You clearly see this is their aim if you look at the image above and this video for their second bundle, hell look at the first bundle's video it's the same deal.

In the space of just less than two years from the initial bundle (May 2010) up until the first non cross platform bundle Humble Bundle Mojam (Feb 2012) they were all about DRM Free and Cross Platform, this Humble Bundle Mojam sparked the end of Cross Platform being a deciding factor since that was up to the developers how they released it.

Then shortly after we had The Amnesia Fortnight which was Windows only and ran alongside Humble Bundle for Android 4 (which itself was still Cross Platform and DRM Free and was the front page bundle), thus starting off a trend for Humble to spin off their original goal into something far less than being outstanding. Although probably worth noting that Amnesia Fortnight (and Humble Mojam) were game jams which are all about cutting corners to get stuff out, so it's sad, but not surprising Linux gets left behind.

You then have to take into account the Mobile only bundle, The THQ Bundle, the Deep Silver Bundle and then today’s atrocity the Origin Bundle.

So it took them just shy of 3 years to completely water down their original goals into cramming out anything they possibly can in the name of Humble. To me it doesn't count that they spin a new name on it and remove "Indie" from the title, it is the same company with the same original goals.

Is this what happens when a once great company gets a major investment from outside, they completely lose their way?

This makes me sad as a supporter and as a games tester for Humble to see them wash away a once shining beacon of DRM Free/Cross Platform goodness to Steam and now Origin (EA's own spin on a store).

The story over twitter seems quite loud, the Linux folk are speaking up and are not happy and it's not exactly surprising now is it.

This is why I feel we need stores like (All DRM Free) and Desura (Allows standalone downloads), we need a supporters of DRM Free games on Linux.

The only good thing about this is that the entire cut EA gets is going to the charities, that's really awesome and something other companies should try now and then. Let's face it though, it's all for publicity because of their terrible image and to get more customers on Origin, we aren't stupid and I think a lot of people have already realised this so it's really not that big a gesture from them in my eyes.

I encourage you to send polite emails to in support of Linux bundles and to explain why DRM Free is important. I  personally shot off an email to them and got the usual type of reply you might expect:
QuoteHey Liam,

I’m sorry if you did not find the Humble Origin Bundle to your liking.

We are always working on more DRM-free cross-platform Humble Indie Bundles but in addition to these indie bundles, we sometimes encounter amazing opportunities that just won’t fit into our previous molds. We’ve never done anything quite like the Humble Origin Bundle and we are very excited by this chance to delight gamers with amazing content while raising tons of money for charity. In this case, it just would not have been possible to distribute this content in any other way.

Again, I apologize if this bundle was not to your liking, but keep checking back for more amazing bundles to come!

Thanks for your continued support,
Support Ninja
Humble Bundle

So yes they are very excited about dropping DRM Free and Cross Platform support it seems. I am guessing that Junghwa forgot they just did a Deep Silver and THQ bundle if he/she thinks they haven't done anything like this before?

What are your views folks? Are you as miffed as me by this? I am speaking now as a former games tester for them, I handed my resignation to them today because of this.

Looking at their blog's comments on it, I am not the only one who is upset either.

Also before anyone jumps on me for this article, it's an Editorial, I have my views, I can and will share them when I feel passionate enough, GOL isn't just about what game is coming and when. If you want support charities you can at anytime you don't need Humble for that. You can count on us to attempt to speak out against things we don't like, with bad spelling and poor grammar included at no additional charge!
We do often include affiliate links to earn us some pennies. We are currently affiliated with GOG and Humble Store. See more information here.
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Whaaaat? 14 August 2013 at 7:24 pm UTC
Fucking DRM and fucking origin! Oh wait... and no Linux games again...
ZikZak 14 August 2013 at 7:36 pm UTC
That might sound rude but I'll not give it a damn. So eventually charity will get nothing.
EA is not humble, so why do they really support them ?
For me it seems that the bundles were coming too quickly one after another and now they struggle to get new multiplatform content; look they did another Introversion Bundle (though Prison Arhitect has been added).

In the end I'm glad of what they started, great idea. Now they have to refocus on the core of this original idea as there are many more other 'Bundles' sites that do not do multiplatform and DRM-free offers.
Alzarath 14 August 2013 at 7:44 pm UTC
Ah, I've been waiting for this article. As I've stated before, Humble Bundle has lost everything that I appreciated them for. DRM-free, cross-platform, pay what you want. They've added plenty of DRM-filled games, Windows-only games, and have even released games for static prices (like Prison Architect). The only thing they have left is charities, which admittedly I have no interest in.

I guess it's nice to have such cheap sales, but I've effectively lost all respect for Humble Bundle.
Mike Frett 14 August 2013 at 7:44 pm UTC
I guess if a Linux gamer really wanted some of these Game, and they worked in Wine; they could donate it all to charity and leave no tip for HB or EA. Of course, I personally prefer native and stay away from Wingames.

But yeah, HB is the place to go now for dying companies like THQ and EA. They've got their noses in Microsoft's butter and I think it's about time we turn our backs on them like they turned their backs on DRM-free and Indie devs.
motorsep 14 August 2013 at 8:07 pm UTC
Wasn't I saying something about them after HIB3 gone wrong for us? ;)

@liamdawe: Steam games on Linux don't have DRM either (unless there is some trickery to put one into engine directly)
adolson 14 August 2013 at 8:10 pm UTC
I really like Steam and prefer my games be available both in Steam and as standalone, however, I'm getting annoyed by the Humble Bundles that leave out Linux entirely. It used to be I got excited with every Humble email; now I just get disappointed.
Linux 14 August 2013 at 8:17 pm UTC
You don't get the bigger picture do you? This bundle will be the most popular ever and will bring thousands new customers to HumbleBundle who will buy next time.

This will bring so much more money for HIB that they can use to pay for devs who will port games to Linux. As you know Humble is doing this already. So in the end I believe this bundle will be benefical to Linux anyway.

+ You can what you want (=all) your money to charity.

And when there are "main" Humble Bundles released (i.e. those not limited to single company. Yeah those with humbers in it), they are always were and I believe will always stay, DRM free and multiplatform, don't you think?

I mean, stop the hate, it's (HumbleBundles) still the best thing there is.

alexThunder 14 August 2013 at 8:20 pm UTC
I don't mind that much - at least not more than I did on other non-Linux bundles. What would you like to see instead? This bundle not happening at all (realistic alternative) or the same bundle without any DRM (lol )? As for the Linux version, well, the progress going on right now (more and more games (slowly) find their way to Linux) keeps me satisfied for now - the day EA follows Deep Silver will/would be great

Quote[...]they have teamed up with EA a company who has been voted not once but twice as the worst company in America.

And you agree with that? I get, why people don't like EA, but this is ridiculous, maybe cynical.
Anon 14 August 2013 at 8:21 pm UTC

As if that was their fault...
motorsep 14 August 2013 at 8:21 pm UTC
One thing you are missing though - if they pay to port some game on Linux, those are from their loyal friends. I've yet to see anyone of those rock start indie-publishers-investors-funders to fund a random indie.

At the end of the day, it's all about money. HIB wants to make money, and nothing is easier than making money with games from largest publishers. 
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