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The Linux-powered Ataribox will be available to pre-order on December 14th

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I'm quite unclear on just what's going on with the Linux-powered retro console, but the Ataribox [Official Site] is going up for limited pre-orders on December 14th.

Arriving in my inbox today direct from the folks running Ataribox was this announcement:

It's Time!
Ataribox will be available for pre-order on December 14th, 2017.

You'll be the first to know before pre-orders go live.
Our team would like to offer our earliest supporters a chance to grab Ataribox at an exclusive discount, so keep an eye on that inbox. 

These deals will be extremely limited. We'll tell you everything you need to know to get the best deal soon.

Since they previously announced it would go to IndieGoGo this "fall", I'm going to assume that's what this is all about. With a wider release expected next year.

We still don't know enough about it, to really get a good idea of what it will actually have inside. We've seen the retro joystick they plan to include, we know it will have support for streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO and more as well.

What we don't know, is anything specific about the hardware and the actual software. We know it's Linux-powered, it will have access to the full Linux-OS inside and that it will use an AMD CPU, but they're still keeping very tight lipped about anything more specific.

We don't know what games it will support, apart from retro games and some apparent more current titles, again nothing has been confirmed though. There's so much we don't know about, that makes it hard to really feel excited about it yet. My initial excitement over it has faded given the lack of anything really concrete. Although, it should work with more traditional gamepads considering their plans to put newer games on it too, plus this image on their actual website shows someone using one:

One thing we can probably bet it on, is Wi-Fi built in. I couldn't imagine such a unit launching without it, for system updates and downloading games, since it will likely use an online store.

What are your thoughts on it? I would imagine when this limited pre-order campaign starts, that they will reveal more information. If they don't, alarm bells really will be ringing.

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cRaZy-bisCuiT Dec 11, 2017
QuoteWhat are your thoughts on it?
We don't know anything about the software, we don't know anything about the hardware. My thoughts? Please give me some details!
Mohandevir Dec 11, 2017
Not going to pre-order for sure.

Just like you said, we don't know enough the be hyped. Anyway, I never pre-ordered anything and I'm not going to start with an unclear 300$ (?) console...

I will wait for the official release to have a better picture of what is being offered and it's potential.

Last edited by Mohandevir on 11 December 2017 at 4:10 pm UTC
mulletdeath Dec 11, 2017
I might be interested for using this for my parents' TV for those propietary streaming services depending on the details, but I don't feel compelled to pre-order much of anything these days.
Kuduzkehpan Dec 11, 2017
It sounds like another steam machine but from atari. And i dont feel there is/are any developers for this console.
stretch611 Dec 11, 2017
Everything about this console has been hyped up. Yes t runs linux... yes it looks cool, but where is any substantial information. The fact that they are looking for pre-orders without any technical specs makes it sound like a money grab to me.

Does it have a kodi install? or steam support? what titles come with the emulator? These are just the minimum that anyone should know before ordering. Without answering this minimal set of questions makes it sound like vaporware, or that it won't live up to even a minimal level of hype. Anyone buying before these three questions are answered will surely get screwed.

Anyone that has any technical knowledge would like some actual specs on top of that. After all, they want to know how well the console will actually perform the job it claims to do.

You don't need much to run kodi... I have it running in 1080p resolution on a 10 year old AMD sempron 140 with only 2GB of RAM. It actually works well despite being one of the last single core processors..

Atari 2600 emulation can probably done with ease on a old generation phone. It predates the first IBM computer by 5-10 years... Stella (Atari emulator) has been around for over 20 years now and I do not think computing resources was ever a problem for it. A current gen processor could probably run a dozen iterations at the same time.

However, Steam support is the big issue that needs horsepower;if the system specs aren't up to the challenge, only the bare minimal set of games will work well. Even without steam. If they go with their own store, the will be a lack of native linux titles if they skimp on the processor or GPU.

All hype and no substance does not bode well if this has any chance of success.

Edit: typos

Last edited by stretch611 on 11 December 2017 at 4:41 pm UTC
ziabice 7 years Dec 11, 2017
My thoughts? Seems a lot like a "we don't have money and we need beta testers, please hand us some money and do the beta testing" thing...
Asu Dec 11, 2017
need moar info.
mahagr Dec 11, 2017
I will check it out, though if the specs aren't decent for a computer (mobile Ryzen with decent integrated graphics), I will not even consider this...
ElectricPrism Dec 11, 2017
Money in hand, but I'm not putting it into the box until I know

A ) What Hardware it has -- CPU, GPU, Storage (Is it SSD M.2, etc.. 5400rpm won't cut it for me.)
B ) What Games can it play Day 1.
C ) How easily can I play using my Xbox 1 / Dual Shock 4 / Steam Controller ( I Imagine I will hate the Joystick thing)

There's a market for a "plug and play linux gaming console", I heard that the Alienware Steam Machines were having technical issues overheating amongst other things which choked the market out, I hope this Atari doesn't have similar technical issues with that fanless design.

Last edited by ElectricPrism on 11 December 2017 at 6:06 pm UTC
Koopacabras Dec 11, 2017
Quoting: Asuneed moar info.
yes I would like to know what distro is running. Is Atari jumping in the ubuntu wagon? or are they are aiming to make something more custom?
can I hab moar info pleez?
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