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This is sadly a familiar story, the Linux version of Beyond Enemy Lines [Steam, Official Site] is now waiting on bugs being fixed in Unreal Engine 4.

The game currently has an opt-in beta in Steam for owners, since it's not ready yet it's not advertised on Steam directly. The developer recently gave an update on their progress with the Linux version:

Short Update for the Linux Version:
I'm currently working on a new Patch for the Windows version and was compiling a new Linux build last week as I discovered a game breaking engine bug within Unreal Engine 4.

This bug actually prevents certain key inputs to be recognized with the control setup used in Beyond Enemy Lines. So you can't play Beyond Enemy Lines while it's compiled for Linux. Windows Version works just fine.

I now need to wait for an Engine update by Epic. Once confirmed that the new build is working - you should get a full working Linux build (with DLC and Editor Support) shortly after.

It's sad that this is a repeating issue with Unreal Engine 4, hopefully it won't take too long to get sorted. The game actually sounds quite interesting, so I've held off picking it up while it's in a quite beta in the hopes of it becoming officially supported.

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pete910 18 Oct, 2017
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Shocker, another game were it's the engine bugs that is holding it up.
Come on Epic, at least recognise the linux part of your engine needs some love too.

Last edited by pete910 on 18 October 2017 at 1:47 pm UTC
Romans_I_XVI 18 Oct, 2017
Isn't UE4 open source? I know it's no small task; to dig in, understand their code, find the bug, fix the bug, and recompile. But I think it could be done instead of waiting on Epic.
Luke_Nukem 18 Oct, 2017
Tim Sweeney moans his tits off about Microsoft and Windows app store etc, but has been and still is damned slow to recognize that Linux is an alternative.
Keyrock 19 Oct, 2017
*sigh* With Epic jumping aboard the Vulkan train, I thought UE4 was going to be a great tool in advancing Linux gaming. Someday it still might be, but it sure is a long and bumpy road getting there.
Ardje 19 Oct, 2017
Ah... The same key input bugs we probably have in Ark...
I didn't notice until they bound some keys to the keypad and other "special" areas, for things like taking a shit. I had to rebind that to a normal key, and bind that to a key on the steam controller.
Luke_Nukem 19 Oct, 2017
Quoting: Guest
Quoting: Romans_I_XVIIsn't UE4 open source? I know it's no small task; to dig in, understand their code, find the bug, fix the bug, and recompile. But I think it could be done instead of waiting on Epic.

Sorry, not open source.

We all have access to the source code, it is by definition "open source". It is not however, FOSS. This is where I think people get mixed up.

Open Source is not equivalent to Free/Libre Open Source Software. It is entirely possible, and absolutely okay to have open source software that you pay royalties for, ala, UE4.

UE4 is open source, but not free as in freedom.

Last edited by Luke_Nukem on 19 October 2017 at 9:05 pm UTC
Nevertheless 25 Apr, 2018
The problems seem to be solved. A new version will be uploaded within the next 2 weeks. This new version will have all DLCs unlocked for all Linux users!
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