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Stellaris is set to have some big changes with the next major update, along with some minor free content added to the Humanoids Species Pack and the Distant Stars Story Pack.

The biggest change coming in Stellaris 2.2 "Le Guin" is a planetary system re-work. There's so many differences they spread out details of it across four different development logs so it's quite hard to parse into an overview for you. See parts one, two, three, four. It really does seem like a massive change, with the old population tile system being removed. I will let them explain it better:

Before I start going into details on the actual rework, I just wanted to briefly talk about the reasons and goals that are behind this massive rework, and why we're removing tiles and building a new system instead of iterating on the existing systems. For me, getting away from the constraints of tiles has been my single most desired long-term goal for the game. It's not that I think the tile system is inherently a bad system - it works well to visualize your pops and buildings and for the early game it works well enough in giving the player some interesting economic management decisions. However, the tile system is also very constrictive, in a way I feel is detrimental to the very core concepts of Stellaris. The hard limitation of one pop and one building per tile, as well as the hard limitation of 25 tiles/pops/buildings to a planet, it severely limits the kind of societies and planets that we can present in the game.

Honestly, trying to understand everything that's changed has practically fried my brain like an egg. They recently did a livestream to go over the changes which might make it easier to parse than reading four different logs, see below:

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On top of that, the Humanoids Species Pack and Distant Stars Story Pack both got some new free content added in too!

For the Humanoids Species Pack, Paradox worked with community modder Silfae, to add in a load of new customisation options. So you now have more hairstyles, beards, colours and so on to several species so there's even more customisation to be found when picking a race.

For the Distant Stars Story Pack, they adjusted several key anomalies and events to fully flesh them out, especially those relating to the L-Cluster.

If you wish to pick up Stellaris, the best place right now is Steam directly as they're having a Paradox Publisher weekend sale.

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Swiftpaw 7 September 2018 at 7:52 pm UTC
NovenTheHeroYeah I agree about the constant trickle of DLC and it costing plenty, but for games where the lifespan of the game is several years, I am alright with this model. I have like over 3000 hours into CK2.

Sure it's possible for it to be utilized in a good way, but a) they're annoying and b) they can be used in underhanded ways. The problem is the game devs who cut games into pieces and DLCs are purely used to price-gouge gamers. Whenever a game has lots of DLCs, it immediately muddies the water and makes it difficult to tell if the amount of content is worth it, if the dev is placing critical game aspects in the DLC, etc, basically if they are doing it in a greedy price-gouging way. DLCs make things more complex and gives more opportunities for greedy publishing corporations to be underhanded, so you have to watch your back even more than you normally do until there are protective laws surrounding the use of DLCs, or getting rid of them altogether.

No one wants to be presented with even more confusion around if they should support a game project or not, and that's what DLCs do, make things more confusing, and that is and will always be annoying even when the model is being used in a good way and not a back-stabbing price-gouging way.

Give me peace of mind and trust, not "let's go on a entire annoying shopping trip to try to figure out what DLCs you need!" and suspicion.
Feda 7 September 2018 at 7:54 pm UTC
I enjoyed Stellaris initially but got bored with it pretty quickly, especially the end game.
I don't think I'll go back to it for a while. I did play it without any of the DLC's.
jo3fis 7 September 2018 at 9:14 pm UTC
Purple Library GuyI never minded the tile system that much but I also was never enthralled by it. This looks like it could be pretty good.
And really, I think it's a bit much for the conversation to be focussing on Paradox's DLCs when this is a major free update--happening how long after the game's release? Yeah, how many of your no-DLC games get that level of support? Frankly, Paradox games are just bigger than most other games. So they end up costing more; this is made more workable by splitting the cost into chunks. But your price per hour of play, your cost per amount of entertainment, on a Paradox game tends to be very competitive.
If you prefer little games that you play through once or twice in a few hours, nothing wrong with that. But that isn't a reason to diss the existence of big games that repay dozens of hours of play on the basis that they cost more than little ones; of course they do.

Totally agree.
Purple Library Guy 7 September 2018 at 9:14 pm UTC
FedaI enjoyed Stellaris initially but got bored with it pretty quickly, especially the end game.
I don't think I'll go back to it for a while. I did play it without any of the DLC's.
IMO the end game can still get a bit stodgy, but some of the DLCs do pep things up significantly.
Dunc 7 September 2018 at 11:26 pm UTC
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I have nearly 200 hours in Stellaris and almost as many in EUIV, and I don't have any of the DLC for either game apart from the stuff they've given away for free (Anniversary Portraits and Horizon Signal in Stellaris's case). I did buy some, but not all, of the CKII DLC in sales. I doubt I've sunk much more than 50GBP all told into it, including the base game, and one more session could take me over the 300 hour mark.

I think that's the important thing with Paradox DLC: you have to be very discriminating about what you buy. You don't need it all; buy what appeals to you, and what you can afford. For example, The Republic for CKII almost turns it into a whole different game, so I thought that was worth the money. Neither of the major expansions for Stellaris so far has struck me as particularly interesting. (YMMV, obviously.)

On the other hand, the changes they make to the base game over the course of its life are the sort of thing Firaxis would call a “sequel“ and charge sixty quid for. I prefer Paradox's approach.
pete910 8 September 2018 at 9:10 am UTC
The constant bitching about DLC makes me laugh and a little sad, There's nothing forcing people to by the DLC and the base game is still good.

Funny how a few years ago we were all moaning about no games on linux to moaning about DLC!

On a side note, the DLC is still playable without purchase in a multiplayer game if the host has the relevant DLC!

Have over 400 hrs in it, 99% spent in multiplayer and cant fault Paradox for the continued support and on our platform too!

And yes I have all the DLC, why you may ask, Because I enjoy the damn game!!!!!
liamdawe 8 September 2018 at 9:26 am UTC
pete910On a side note, the DLC is still playable without purchase in a multiplayer game if the host has the relevant DLC!
I think this needs highlighting again. If the host of an online game has the DLC, you all get to use it
LungDrago 8 September 2018 at 11:29 am UTC
pete910On a side note, the DLC is still playable without purchase in a multiplayer game if the host has the relevant DLC!
I think this needs highlighting again. If the host of an online game has the DLC, you all get to use it

Exactly! Played with a friend who owned all the DLC, tried out the machine consciousness that way - and now I'm buying it too.

On another note, is there any information regarding when the patch will land? I don't know if I missed it in the video but I can't seem to find that info anywhere. It would be nice to know as one of the things this patch will surely do is break old saves.

Last edited by LungDrago at 8 September 2018 at 11:33 am UTC
Dedale 8 September 2018 at 4:59 pm UTC
Aww cool ! I had not tried the multiplayer yet. It will be fun ! I really do not regret having bought that game !
DMG 10 September 2018 at 9:01 am UTC
I will agree with liamdawe. Even without DLC game is awesome, and I spent in it so much time.
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