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The Sunday Gaming Section, Linux Gaming From Around The Web

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Here is some Sunday reading for you from other gaming sites across the internet. Not much generally happens on a Sunday and we use it as a catch-up day here, so hopefully this will be a regular article.

LGC did their thing and released a new weekly cast that covers a wide array of topics with their usual finesse.

Phoronix found out that AMD graphics users should be getting an updated driver to improve Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Linux.

RockPaperShotgun took a look at the brand new Nvidia graphics chips and found them to be rather stellar. I myself am looking at a 970 now to kick my ageing 560ti to a Steam Machine.

A user called "DeleteYourLife" on linux_gaming reddit has noted that OBS Studio the live-streaming software now works on AMD open-source graphics drivers.

Also if anyone from the above sites, or anyone at all wishes to highlight their content/game/whatever on GamingOnLinux any time in an article feel free to do so, you can submit articles to us directly or just email a tip to say an article is out.

What are you planning to play this fine Sunday? Article taken from
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Half-Shot 28 Sep, 2014
That last particular one is very useful to me in the coming weeks.
Segata Sanshiro 28 Sep, 2014
QuoteWhat are you planning to play this fine Sunday?

Managed to complete the Tropico campaign, but it froze when the victory message came up so never got to see the final cutscene. Was pleasantly surprised with the game actually, not huge changes from the last two so don't regret getting it on sale, but they really refined the gameplay to a point where it's a lot more enjoyable and challenging so glad I got it.

QuoteI myself am looking at a 970

So jealous :><:
GoCorinthians 28 Sep, 2014
Mine EVGA arriving next week...though I pre-ordered at first a G1 gaming and then changed it for an EVGA SC.

Witcher 3 STEAM dayONE 4k FTW!

HadBabits 28 Sep, 2014
I've got my eye on a GTX 760; it seems to be a good jump from my GTX 645 :)
Xpander 28 Sep, 2014
i got my eye on Asus STRIX 970 ... need to replace my 660Ti..

but probably will wait till end of the year and hope the prices drop a little

also did some bencmarks against GTX 980

not bad at all.. sadly CSGO didnt want to start up via phoronix-test-suite
EKRboi 28 Sep, 2014
I think a 970 is a fantastic Idea for you Liam. I saw you were looking at a used 680 I think it was. That would still have been an improvement, but from what I know of the new Maxwell chips from nvidia they are beast. I am reading multiple reports on my twitter feed this morning of pushing a 980 to 1500MHz (reference is 1126MHz) without upping core voltage! That's just crazytown! It seems Nvidia may have given us an all out dragon in sheep's clothing ;) Can't wait to see the benches from super OC'd maxwell chips to see how it affects them and how they get better as the drivers mature. There are a couple of GTX980's in my future when the 8gb variants show up for sure.

Here's a link to a 560ti vs 970 comparison from GPUBoss, one of the best sites for side by side comparisons IMO. (Hint: theres a CPUBoss too.)

GeForce GTX 970 vs 560 Ti

As for what I'll be playing today, MOAR Wasteland 2! Once I "figured out" my fighting techniques, I've been hooked. Don't know how many hours I've put into it because I got it from GOG, but it's been too many already. My squad are now deadly bullet sponges leaving no baddie standing as we march across the wastes ;)
seven 28 Sep, 2014
i'm gonna play legends of grimrock on my old 550ti (running on fedora 20)and perhaps some wasteland 2 while watching the linux action show. aaaaaahhhhh my favorite kind of sunday
Speedster 29 Sep, 2014
Played some Shadow of the Avatar -- it was another testing-the-latest-prerelease weekend
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The comments on this article are closed.
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