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The Witcher 3 Is Reportedly Really Coming To Linux

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A redditor emailed in to highlight a post they made on reddit after going to SDCC where they spoke to the developers of The Witcher. The developers confirmed to them a Linux version of The Witcher 3 exists.

Take this with a grain of salt of course, as nothing is confirmed until the developers announce it themselves. Although if you remember a big splash image of The Witcher 3 coming to SteamOS did end up on Steam recently, and was quickly taken down.

The last we heard from the developers directly was an email stating Linux had not been announced.
QuoteCDPR probably is busy on TW3. I ran into some devs at SDCC and they confirmed to me that there WILL be a linux version of TW3.
Now all we need is a linux version of the goo- er, first Witcher game!

They had The Witcher 3 shirts on, their lanyards had the company on it, and they looked polish, so I asked them if they were perhaps CDPR devs. They said that they were, and so I shared that I was a fan and thanked them for atleast showing some interest in linux; I then asked them if the rumors that there would be a linux version of TW3 were true, and they said yes. (Definitely a polish accent, and I had seen other devs for other studios there; so I have no doubts that they were really from the studio)
They then gave me one of the leftover grab-packets that they had from the thursday panel and went on their way.
And just to be clear, they didn't say "Yes" when I asked if the rumors were true, but rather "there is a linux version of The Witcher 3".


Time to start wishing/hoping for a native port. Article taken from
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FutureSuture 31 Jul, 2014
Call me a customer with money to spend, but I would really like the whole trilogy on Linux.
Eike 31 Jul, 2014
I'd already start singin', with the Tune of Bob Marley...
No native - no buy.

No, to be honest: Witcher 2 has improved a bit with the new beta, but not enough to play it on reasonable settings. For really demanding games, wrappers will give less performance, and you haven't got performance to waste there.
neffo 31 Jul, 2014
An anonymous redditor posting that he spoke to some Polish sounding people, and that they said it was happening. That is about the least convincing game confirmation I have heard since "my dad works for Nintendo".

I'd email CD Projekt and ask them.
Liam Dawe 31 Jul, 2014
Like I said folks take it with a grain of salt, but given the image that was on Steam's home page it's easily possible.

Also remember we do have comments rules. I've already deleted one comment in here name calling let's not start now.
mirv 31 Jul, 2014
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Also wanted to add in here that they may well plan for a Linux version right now, but a lot can change between now and when the game is released. There's also been no proper info as to whether it might be a native, or wrapper-based release.

I know for sure that until there's a Linux version available for immediate download and playing, I won't be buying the game. Even then, depends on the price point too (I'll more than likely wait for a sale - full price is just a little bit high for me).
WorMzy 31 Jul, 2014
Quoting: neffo"my dad works for Nintendo".

Half-Life 3 confirmed!

I'd like to see the Witcher 3 come to Linux, as a native port, but I'd probably buy a wrapper version if that's the best they can do. Either way, until it's officially launched on Linux, I won't be buying it.
Segata Sanshiro 31 Jul, 2014
I played around 30 mins of the last one (actually worked pretty well for me), will never play it all the way through or buy the sequel though. Found exactly what Yahtzee experienced with the game:

View video on
Liam Dawe 31 Jul, 2014
That video was amazing hah.
lave 31 Jul, 2014
dat youtube video atleast shows me im not alone with my witcher2 experience. loved witcher1, really wished i could love witcher2 aswell and the story and all really makes me wanna play it.. but i just cannot force myself to bear that horrible combatsystem, laggy controls and movement.

as a result i stopped playing even before that first boss sequence and instead watched a letsplay (which i enjoyed more than playing myself..)
Segata Sanshiro 31 Jul, 2014
Quoting: lavedat youtube video atleast shows me im not alone with my witcher2 experience

It's true, the fact that you need to familiarise yourself with countless different controls, game mechanics, menus and spell names completely gets rid of the suspension of disbelief needed for a story-rich RPG to work. Rather than being absorbed by the story, it feels like the game is holding the story captive and sends you a couple of fingers in the post when you jump over one of its hurdles.

Take the Elder Scrolls series, they mostly have pretty simple and forgettable stories, but the fact that you don't have to navigate 20 menus every time you fight an enemy makes it far more enthralling and enjoyable despite the weak story.

It's really frustrating, because a few design decisions ruin what would otherwise be a very good game. It's like having a good car with a rubiks cube as a steering wheel.
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