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Torchlight & Torchlight II Look Set For Linux & Steam

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Morning! We begin today with some big news folks. It looks like both Torchlight & Torchlight II are due to be released on Steam for Linux.

We recently ran an article wondering what happened to Torchlight Linux, as it seemed to be forgotten about, so be sure to read up on it.

The first Torchlight game came to Linux as part of a Humble Indie Bundle 6, but it never made it onto Steam for unknown reasons. So, if this turns out in our favour then people who missed out will not only be able to get the first game, but the rest of us will be able to play the second too.

For those that don't know the Torchlight games are action RPG games that are commonly compared to games like Diablo. They are good fun, and easy to get into.

Both of the game have recently been updated on SteamDB to show this:

QuoteChanged Depots
41501/name: torchlight content › torchlight Windows
41504/config/oslist: linux
41504/name: Torchlight Linux
about 9 hours agoChanged App Config
launch/2/config/osarch: 32
launch/2/config/oslist: linux
launch/2/executable: Torchlight.bin.x86
launch/3/config/osarch: 64
launch/3/config/oslist: linux
launch/3/executable: Torchlight.bin.x86_64

And then there is Torchlight II
QuoteChanged Depots
200711/name: Torchlight II ContentWindows
200714/config/language: english
200714/config/oslist: macos
200714/name: Torchlight II Mac
200715/config/language: english
200715/config/oslist: linux
200715/name: Torchlight II Linux

This isn't confirmed yet, but it's great supporting evidence.

*sniff* *sniff* I think I can smell a new Humble Bundle brewing don't you? It's been a few months since a new Humble Indie Bundle was launched and I imagine Torchlight II would be a decent game to include for Linux & Mac gamers especially. Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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Rutine Jul 16, 2014
Wow, Thanks everyone for your comments, it's much appreciated :)
Based on everything you are saying I will probably give Torchlight II a try.
Thanks again for all your answers !
FutureSuture Jul 16, 2014
I really hope Torchlight for Linux hits GOG as well. GOG has given the game away for free twice now. Unfortunately, Edward Rudd, porter of Torchlight for Linux, didn't know that GOG was to support Linux later this year, casting doubt on the Linux version hitting GOG in the near future. I also hope Torchlight 2 hits GOG sometime as it still hasn't. At this rate, Torchlight 2 will be out for Linux before Torchlight 2 is out on GOG.
aironeous Jul 17, 2014
Torchlight 2 with the synergies mod is worth playing. It's bigger, random, more content and densely populated with trash and PVE to fight. You are constantly pulling.
intok Jul 17, 2014
I missed the HIB with TL1 in it, but I found an official HIB torrent for it out of curiosity, I liked the game, but it had too many bugs in the version that I had found. If this is true that both games are coming to Steam on Linux count me as one of the first to buy both as I love this style of game.

Though the problem is what gear to hold on to and what to get rid of... I always had so much equipment, but never knew what to sell and what to upgrade as often as soon as I would get stuck and upgrade an item I'd get a mob drop in the next dungeon that blew it out of the water...
oldrocker99 Jul 17, 2014
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  • Supporter Plus
I've played a lot of Torchlight II on Steam for Windows via wine. It's bigger and better than the first, and the bottom line is that if you liked the first one, you'll like the second one even better.
Projectile Vomit Jul 18, 2014
I can not wait!
LowEndGeek Jul 21, 2014
I've beaten the ever lovin hell out of the first one but it doesn't matter. It's still one of my favorite dungeon crawl, hackie slashie games and this is great news.
seven Jul 21, 2014
when when when when?????? i cant wait
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The comments on this article are closed.