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Trine 3: The Artifacts Of Power Linux Beta Released

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After waiting a while, we now have access to Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power in beta form. There are a number of issues though. You can find the announcement post here.

I've been very interested in trying it out, but the negative reaction the game does have me a little worried. People haven't been happy with how long the game is, and the story seems to be cut quite short.

About the game
Experience a fairytale world of breathtaking sceneries and face a myriad of physics-based puzzles, wonderful contraptions, dangerous foes and enchanting creatures.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is a platforming game of action, puzzles and adventure, and the sequel to the award winning Trine and Trine 2. Reunite with the familiar heroes - Pontius the Knight, Amadeus the Wizard and Zoya the Thief in an all-new adventure, now for the first time in full 3D!

Playable in single-player or in co-up with up to three players, both locally or online.

Issues quoted below:
QuoteLinux & OS X known issues
* Rendering: When using full screen and smaller resolution than desktop resolution, black borders appears and image isn't scaled to full screen
* Rendering: Fog at the start of The Astral Academy is brightly yellow coloured
* Rendering: Water is flickering near the big watermelon in The Three Heroes - Pontius level
* Rendering: Some of the lights' and glows' edges are visible e.g in the The Astral Academy
* Rendering: Anti-Aliasing causes subtitles to clamp together
* Rendering: Graphics glitching when underwater in Academy Outskirts
* Rendering: The Chronicles of the Guardian page turn effect is upside down (fixed already internally, fix will be added to next build)
* GUI: Keyboard tooltip texts goes outside of the tooltip graphics
* Launcher graphic settings doesn't change all rendering settings internally for the game (game isn't that optimized as it could)
* Crash: Linux: Segmentation fault when exiting the game (happens to some users)
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad is not usable is you delete user binds manually
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad "START" button doesn't work
* Binds: Linux: Xbox360 gamepad X and Back buttons don't work on "Join an Online Game"
* Binds: Linux: Steam controller doesn't work perfectly
* Binds: Linux: Amadeus (Wizard) accurate levitation upwards with gamepad doesn't work
* Binds: Linux: Show previous hint bind doesn't work
* Launcher: Linux: Launcher's highlight for controllers is not properly visible
* Launcher: Linux SteamOS: Drop-down menus don't work properly
* Launcher: OS X: Cancel button doesn't actually close the launcher, the process still stays in the background (normal X close works)
* Binds: OS X: Xbox360 gamepad binds doesn't work by default

You can find Trine 3 on Steam. Article taken from
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sergio74 5 Oct, 2015
Can't belive yet there are lots of games with Xbox pad issues. Xpad shoul be either replaced with xboxdrv or made more flexible and managed with a per-app settings GUI
M@GOid 5 Oct, 2015
For the Xbox One gamepad, I (re)discovered that if you start the game in Big Picture mode, the games recognizes it as a generic gamepad and works 100%.

This makes it work in titles that didn't work with it before, like the Aspyr ports (Borderlands, Geometry Wars 3), Super Meat Boy and (after the Unity 5 upgrade) Assault Android Cactus.
linux_gamer 5 Oct, 2015
Will be cool with the Steam controller I will get on 16th. Hope that that the controller binds are ok.
Avehicle7887 5 Oct, 2015
Can't wait to buy this :-) Frozenbyte has always been an awesome developer towards Linux users.
Mountain Man 5 Oct, 2015
If it's priced right then the short length doesn't bother me. I really enjoyed the first two Trine games.
mirv 5 Oct, 2015
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  • Supporter Plus
I'll probably wait a while until the issues get ironed out. On the plus side for me, there'll likely be a sale by then as well. I may have purchased it straight away when it was originally released if there was a GNU/Linux version - which just goes to show how important those initial sales are.
Still, at least it's finally on the way!
Guest 5 Oct, 2015
Quoting: Avehicle7887Can't wait to buy this :-) Frozenbyte has always been an awesome developer towards Linux users.

Hahaha... No, they haven't. Back in the old days when they got famous through Humble Bundle they were complete assholes towards Linux. I bought all their games and only a few actually worked and they never fixed it. However, nowadays they are much more Linux friendly (and competent).

Instabought this game.

Edit: Game runs fine. Works with Bumblebee & seems solid.

Last edited by on 5 October 2015 at 4:57 pm UTC
Cybolic 5 Oct, 2015
Ooh! Shorter! Excellent! I find most games too long for me to finish before I'm swamped in other games and work again, so a shorter length sounds perfect to me.
fraghopper 5 Oct, 2015
QuotePeople haven't been happy with how long the game is, and the story seems to be cut quite short.

The main article says it's too long and the story is cut short. That seems to be a contradiction. Does it mean "formerly, people felt the game was too long, so this revision cuts the story short in response" or does it mean "the game is too long, and to make matters worse, the story does not even get resolved." ?

Anybody know?
tuubi 5 Oct, 2015
Quoting: fraghopperAnybody know?
I guess Liam's wording was a bit ambiguous. People have been unhappy about the game's length, as it's quite short. The developer has said they had to cut down on content due to budget issues.
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The comments on this article are closed.