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Unity Confirms They Have No Plans For A Linux Editor

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Even though the request page for a Unity Editor on Linux has reached nearly 10,000 votes, Unity themselves have confirmed they have no plans for it.

Now, let's be honest, of those 9,175 votes, how many of them would actually be developers who would buy it and develop on Linux? Answer: probably far less than the actual number of votes on it.

Most of the votes would probably be from people spreading the word to other Linux users to vote on it.


@angelmixu We have no plans for a Linux editor.

— Unity Technologies (@unity3d) March 13, 2014

With things like Leadwerks, Godot, Stencyl, C4 Engine and more is Unity not having a Linux editor that big an issue?

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Linas 14 Mar, 2014
Yes, it is an issue, because it means that games will continue being developed on Windows, and Linux version will be just a port, if at all.
Maokei 14 Mar, 2014
Guess im not getting into unity development :/ helping to fund leadwerks was the right thing to do after all.
Half-Shot 14 Mar, 2014
Well, i'm not developing with unity then either. OGREs opensource anyway so meh.
WorMzy 15 Mar, 2014
This means that developers that are using Unity (probably) won't migrate to Linux to do their developing. While this isn't a big loss for end-users, it does mean that the devs are locked down to expensive operating systems, and I don't think that's a good thing.

Developers are people too, they should be able to use whichever OS they prefer.
HadBabits 15 Mar, 2014
that's too bad. I'm glad that we've got so many games from the Unity engine, but it's a shame Linux devs won't be joining their large community.
Orkultus 15 Mar, 2014
Quoting: LinasYes, it is an issue, because it means that games will continue being developed on Windows, and Linux version will be just a port, if at all.

This is true. All those games that we are STILL waiting for (Interstellar Marines, Gloria Victis, 7 Days to Die)....they wont see a Linux port until they are finished. Even then, the possibility of them canceling out that port is still there. Making Native games directly on Linux with Unity 3d, would mean that Windows and Mac would be a "Port". I know unity 3d has brought Linux alot of games, but it also seems like its still difficult for people to just simply "press the Linux port" button. If it was on Linux, it wouldn't be such a problem. As for the Mac versions...they always come out quicker because of their Mac Editor version. Im having a Love / Hate relationship with Unity. Im tired of Linux being the last "porting option", mostly because of those developers who want to finish the game on another platform first "Winddoze", and building their games with Third party plugins that dont work on Linux, so they have to spend even more time getting it to work, and then after that Linux version is released, go through another set of bugs found while playing it in Linux.

Also, having more tools like this on Linux would be awesome. I know we have plenty of Opensource game engines and a few good editing tools, but there is always room for more.
adolson 15 Mar, 2014
Lame. It is definitely an issue, even if I now never plan to use it, having put my eggs in a different basket.

I suspect they'll cave, eventually. That, or they'll slowly cease to be relevant as devs migrate to other tools. If CryENGINE allows dev on Linux, I don't know why anyone would choose Unity3D, aside from the community and probably moreso the pricing (which I have not researched, I'm just assuming it's a lopsided comparison). But as stated, there are other options.
xuwang 15 Mar, 2014
I'm not saying there isn't a bad side, but I guess the good side to this is that it will give more users to Godot and Leadwerks. I'm particularly interestested in Godot. It's Github contributions are coming from all over the place.

$ git shortlog -sn | wc -l

The first two are Okam but I think the others are independent of Okam.
rustybroomhandle 15 Mar, 2014
I'm developing using Unity. It's a really good development environment and gets stuff done. I'm running it under WINE, which is not ideal, and if I get more established as an independent developer and able to devote more time to educating myself I'd very much like to move away from it entirely.

Thing is, running the editor under Wine seems to mostly use the wine-mono stuff, making me think that shipping a Linux-native editor might not be all that much effort for them, making this attitude doubly stupid.

Would love to have my frakking votes back though! :P
zacH 15 Mar, 2014
I really hope they cave on this. It seems very silly to be able to port games to a DE like linux that is obviously set up in a manner that could still facilitate their editor's environment (mouse and keyboard) and not provide the option of using said editor in that environment.

I understand it would take some work, but it's still pretty sad.
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