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When I reached out to the developer of UniverCity, just to confirm Linux support was in I didn't get a reply I expected.

It's another late-night discovery, where I spend some of my free time browsing through various lists of games to see if anything jumps out at me. Since I enjoy a good management sim, UniverCity caught my eye right away.

About the game:

UniverCity is an isometric university management game. Manage your staff, professors and students and try and build the best UniverCity around! Build up your UniverCity solo or against friends and build many different types of classes whilst trying to ensure students get good grades, or maybe just try and build the best looking UniverCity.

Game Features:

  • Design your UniverCity your way. 
  • Constant development. The game is still in development with updates aimed to be released frequently 
  • Build against your friends. Multiplayer support is still in its early days but you can already 
    start up a server and play on the same map as your friends.
  • In development campaign mode

You don't often find multiplayer modes in these types of games, which is another big reason it caught my eye.

I made a post in the Steam forum to ask about the status of Linux support, like I do often and here's what the developer said:

Yep. I use ArchLinux to develop the game on and test SteamOS and Windows via a VM.

They even shared a screenshot of their development environment.

I shall be watching this with great interest, really good to start finding more developers actually using Linux as their development unit.

It will be available in Early Access on Steam on August 14th.

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murnux 29 Jul, 2018
Looks like fun! I'd be curious what engine it is developed in, or if it is a custom one.
Thinkofname 29 Jul, 2018
Quoting: murnuxLooks like fun! I'd be curious what engine it is developed in, or if it is a custom one.

Programmed it in Rust and used SDL2 + OpenGL. Would have saved a lot of time using an engine but I like to reinvent the wheel too much.
Nezchan 29 Jul, 2018
Quoting: GuestI wonder what aspects of a university the developer will model. Most people who come to my alma mater come to try to find a way to avoid menial jobs, get drunk nay become alcoholics or find a mate.

The most dedicated drunks I ever ran into were law students, with engineers running a close second.
deikatsuo 29 Jul, 2018
Looks fun
Thinkofname 29 Jul, 2018
Quoting: GuestI hope i have not steered us off-topic. But actually i am really curious about what will be simulated since in real life an university revolves a lot around stuff far from what i was expecting.

Thank you for answering us Thinkofaname. I guess i did not see your post because you are a new user.

Currently not a lot is simulated, I've been mostly focusing on getting building feeling nice but I'm hoping to get more added during early access based on feedback. I've got the basics implemented for the most part, timetables, hunger etc though. Since its early access you may wish to wait and see how it looks a bit further along since its still somewhat bare bones. I have a dev blog here where I post about the things I've been working on if you are interested.
dpanter 29 Jul, 2018
Univer... city... Hah! That's clever, I like it already. :)
Adding to my list of gonna-gets-maybes. Here's hoping for piranha-moats and brittle shark tanks so the students may get what they deserve some wee fish to look at between countless partys study sessions. ;)
Purple Library Guy 30 Jul, 2018
Aaaargggghhhhh, no no no no!!!
So, uh, I work at a university library, eh? And, there's a kind of mini-neighbourhood of low-rises that's on university turf. So the corporate-style sloganeers in upper university management decided to call the development UniverCity. I try to forget that, I try to live it down, but nooo, it has to pop up just where I least expect it! Take it away, the stupid pseudo-clever name, it burns!!!
razing32 31 Jul, 2018
I see in that dev screenshot two separate Nvidia cards
Do I smell a PCIpassthrough VM ? :)

Looks like a cool little game.
And stopping to think on the spot , the only other education themed game i can think up of is No Pineapple Left Behind .
Seems we do indeed need more games covering the topic.
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The comments on this article are closed.