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The dark narrative-focused RPG Vagrus - The Riven Realms has surpassed $40K in funding on Fig's Open Access program, so they've hit more development milestones and it seems GOG were impressed by it.

As a reminder, this in-development game is crowdfunding on Fig. Not the usual method though, Open Access is like a hybrid model for Early Access and crowdfunding all in one. So you pledge and get access to play right away, for Linux the early builds are being done through As they hit funding goals, new features and development goals will be unlocked as they push it towards being a full game.

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Feature reminder:

  • Branching narrative in the form of interactive events
  • Turn-based, tactical combat
  • A vast, hand-crafted, sandbox world to explore
  • Digitally hand-painted maps, environments, and 2D artwork
  • A colorful cast of companions with their own storylines and caravan roles
  • Over a hundred different enemies
  • Dynamically changing victory conditions and stories
  • An elaborate trade system
  • Factions you can join or fight against

GOG were so impressed, they decided they wanted it on their store. I'm not surprised though, after doing a little writeup back in July I also very much enjoyed the experience.

Since writing about it previously, they put out a fresh new release which includes a new background system for dynamic trading. They didn't want it to detract from the premise of the game and end up as a trading sim, so they went with a system that they say creates "the feel of a natural flow of goods from where they produce them to where others consume those". More about that feature can be found here.

Thanks to the current funding level the game is set to expand further with: more types of combat, idle animations, a Unity game engine upgrade and more. Want to see what else they have planned? Their Roadmap really does sound quite exciting which they actually expanded recently with more too.

Now you can wishlist it on GOG as well as Steam. While GOG doesn't have a Linux icon right now, the developer confirmed to us on Twitter that was an oversight (Update: Linux icon is there now). The full release should arrive sometime next year, which I am personally excited about as the game is already very engrossing and it has an incredible style.

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Mohandevir 6 Sep, 2019
"GOG were so impressed, they decided they wanted it on their store."

When I read about games that seems to generate hype, like this one, I'm always affraid that Epic might join the fray with an exclusivity deal. Did they mention anything about this?

In case like this, maybe GOG and Valve should join forces and think of something to secure their releases? Not as "store exclusive" but as "no exclusivity deal will prevent us from offering it on day one" thing.
Liam Dawe 6 Sep, 2019
Quoting: MohandevirWhen I read about games that seems to generate hype, like this one, I'm always affraid that Epic might join the fray with an exclusivity deal. Did they mention anything about this?
Not anything I've seen. This would likely be the absolute worst example of exclusives if it happened, since they're releasing Linux builds with every update and they've now confirmed GOG as well as Steam all while taking funding from Fig for an Early Access style model. In short, if they did, they would probably lose a lot of fans. I highly doubt they will, they seem to be getting a pretty good amount of funding on Fig as it is.
techieg33k 7 Sep, 2019
I don't see a way to offer Linux through Epic store only ether...they would still have to work with at least. There have been some devs to tell Epic to pound sand, so if they do get asked I hope they do that.
Joeyboots80 7 Sep, 2019
Wow I had no idea about this one. Looks really cool. Definitely gonna keep an eye on this title.
Sir_Diealot 5 years 8 Sep, 2019
I have met the devs this weekend at Game Dev Days Graz and they were really nice. I was glad to hear that they have a Linux build and were accepted on GOG. They simply didn't have time yet to put the game on GOG. I hope the Linux build will be available everywhere, but it's not helpful that stores have limitations.
They weren't aware that the GOG backend for Linux is different (I think it still is, I don't know) or that there is no DLC concept on itch.
I'm sure they'll try their best though, I'll make sure to support them on Fig.
Pangaea 30 Oct, 2019
Late to the party here, but I saw this game on fig yesterday, and am glad to find a few articles about it here. Sounds like a really cool and promising game, so I may well support it over there. Think that means we can play it already? Looks that way. Hadn't heard about "Open Access" before, and have heard bad words about some of the people behind fig, but this does indeed sound like a very promising game.

If others have played it, is it somewhat similar to Planescape Torment (the old classic) in the sense that it's text- (and story) heavy? Sounds like the gameplay is starkly different, but I don't mind a good bit of reading. Enjoyed that in Pillars of Eternity too.
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The comments on this article are closed.